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Saturday, 29 September 2012

@Golden_Bear_Toy Talking Poppy Cat #Review

Talking Poppy Cat.
The Talking Poppy Cat is brough to us by Golden Bear Toys and is perfect for a mighty hug. She's so soft and squishy, the material really feels lovely. Not only is she a lovely looking Cat bear but if you squeeze her tummy, she gives you a big surprize comeing to life to say one of 5 favourite phrases from the show. She is suitable from birth so this gorgeous plush toy really is suitable for all ages. She's 24 cm tall and loves an adventure just like her charachter on the show. I was sent one of these a few weeks back (for the purpose of this review) and I must admit Ryan quite likes her. He likes toys that speak so he was quite happy to interact with it. Lily who's 5 wasn't so impressed. She was happy to give it a hug but after hearing all the phrases a few times, soon got bored. This gorgous Poppy Cat toy really is perfect for the younger ones as it's easy to use and then easy to enjoy.

Poppy Cat is a lovelable little character and I'm sure she would bring a smile to any young childs face. I asked Ryan just yesterday "What adventures will you and Poppy Cat go on today?" He sweetly replied "Bed" , bless him. This Talking Poppy Cat toy costs just £9.99 which is a very reasonable price for an interactive toy and is available from Golden Bear Toys and many other good toys stores across the UK. Poppy Cat gets a well deserved rating of 4/5 from us here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries, It's perfect if you have any Poppy Cat fans in your house.

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