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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Banana’s in Pyjamas Funhouse Playset

 Banana’s in Pyjamas Funhouse Playset

This Bananas in Pyjamas Fun House Playset is a 2 storey fun house which folds out to reveal lots of fun play features inside. There are posable B1 and B2 figurines dressed in their blue and white stripey pjyamas (of course) and there is also lots of moveable furniture including: 2 x beds, a sofa, chair and kitchen table and 2 x stools. 
The Bananas in Pyjamas Fun House is a replica of the house that B1 and B2 live in on Cuddles Avenue. As B1 and B2 walk down the stairs there is an added musical surprise as the stair case starts to sing the famous Bananas in Pyjamas theme tune. This is a very sweet feature for little ones but a slightly annoying one for us mummies. My little man Ryan sat there pressing the little button over and over again. Ilet him off though as he was just so cute trying to sing along. You can store all the accessories inside the Bananas in Pyjamas funhouse once you have finished playing. The Fun House itself is 20 cm high and 15 cm wide which is a nice size. It's aged at children aged 3 years and over and requires 2 x AAA batteries which are not supplied. 

We were sent our very own Bananas in Pyjamas Fun House to play with last week (for the purpose of this review) Ryan is only 2 and a half but absolutley LOVES this toy. He gets so excited everytime he sees the box and just wants it out all the time. It's a great toy for getting his imagination going but I do have to watch him because of the small parts and him being under the recommended age limit. The only thing that bothers me about this toy is the fact that it's so easy to pull apart. I know it's aimed at children 3 and over but even Lily (who's 5) kept spliting it up which meant that I had to keep putting it all back together. I must admit it has put me off getting it out now as mummy has had enough of hearing "Mummy, come fix it please" So if there was one thing I could improve it would be a stronger walls and floor connection. Maybe even a whole sold house altogether. That aside though, Ryan does love this toy. Much more so than I actually thought he would. Lily ahs played with it a few times but Ryan has been putting up a fight insisting that it's his, poop Lily. She's just dying to get her hands on it to play without him chasing her away. I took a few pictures of them whilst they were playing in action:

As you can see, they had a great time and lots of fun. Both Lily and Ryan gave this Bananas and Pyjamas Funhouse Playset a top marked 5/5 where as Mummy sadly gave it only a 3/5 because of the time I had to spend putting it back together for them. This Funhouse Playset retails at £34.99 and is available from Golden Bear Toys and other big toy store.

@Golden_Bear_Toy Talking Poppy Cat #Review

Talking Poppy Cat.
The Talking Poppy Cat is brough to us by Golden Bear Toys and is perfect for a mighty hug. She's so soft and squishy, the material really feels lovely. Not only is she a lovely looking Cat bear but if you squeeze her tummy, she gives you a big surprize comeing to life to say one of 5 favourite phrases from the show. She is suitable from birth so this gorgeous plush toy really is suitable for all ages. She's 24 cm tall and loves an adventure just like her charachter on the show. I was sent one of these a few weeks back (for the purpose of this review) and I must admit Ryan quite likes her. He likes toys that speak so he was quite happy to interact with it. Lily who's 5 wasn't so impressed. She was happy to give it a hug but after hearing all the phrases a few times, soon got bored. This gorgous Poppy Cat toy really is perfect for the younger ones as it's easy to use and then easy to enjoy.

Poppy Cat is a lovelable little character and I'm sure she would bring a smile to any young childs face. I asked Ryan just yesterday "What adventures will you and Poppy Cat go on today?" He sweetly replied "Bed" , bless him. This Talking Poppy Cat toy costs just £9.99 which is a very reasonable price for an interactive toy and is available from Golden Bear Toys and many other good toys stores across the UK. Poppy Cat gets a well deserved rating of 4/5 from us here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries, It's perfect if you have any Poppy Cat fans in your house.

New dolly is more interactive than ever before!

New dolly is more interactive than ever before!

Girls will be over the moon this Christmas when they set their sights on the new BABY born Interactive doll!  She is the only doll in the UK that has eight life-like functions and an amazing ten accessories, which will be sure to keep your little ones amused.The new BABY born dolly can interact with her accessories and this triggers various effects such as sound, light or motor functions.  What’s more she doesn’t require any batteries. 
This new doll is fully movable, she can drink from her bottle and if you feed her she will need to use her potty.  Just like a real baby she can also cry real tears. Plus, little mummies can enjoy splashing around with her during bath time or in the pool, as she’s a fully bathable water baby too.  Caring little ones can watch their BABY born close her eyes and fall into a blissful sleep when given her dummy.  She really is a beautiful baby doll and comes in a gorgeous box.

 My Lily (aged 5) was delighted when I gave this too her ( I was sent a Baby Born Doll as a sample for the purpose of this review) her little face lit up with pure excitment. Lily isn't a huge fan of dolls but she does have a soft spot for dolls that she can play with in the bath and this one deffinatley ticked that box. Lily loves bathtimes so I'm sure Baby Born will be having lots of bath time fun. Baby Born is a great dolly, she's very easy to play with and even more easy to fall in love with. She has lots of fun accessories which make playing with her that little more enjoyable. Lily loves the whole potty using thing, she thinks it's just so cute. (I wouldn't agree, but I'm not a 5 year old girl) Baby born is brought to us by Zapf Creations who make many wonderful dolls. 

I'm sure the new Interactive Baby born will be on lots of little girls Christmas lists this year. Lily has added lots of Baby born accessories onto hers now. Lily gave Baby born a loving 5/5 and I gave her a well deserved 4/5. Baby born is a lovely looking doll, ot has some great accessories and keeps little girls happyily entertained which is a bonus. A thumbs up from all of us here.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

It's Wine O'Clock @findmeagift Style

Verseur Multi Tool Corkscrew 

After a stressful day in the Mummy Of 3 Diaries household, Mummy occasionally winds down with a glass of chilled wine for which she calls "Wine O'Clock". It's Mummies time to relax and take a few minutes for herself, once the kids are all asleep in their beds of course. I don't drink wine very often which means I tend to waste a lot of it. I open a bottle, have one glass and then leave the rest on the side to be  neglected and forgotten about. Well, that was the old Mummy! The new Mummy has got a fabulous new friend from Find Me A Gift who's come to rescue me, from myself mainly. Check out the awesome Verseur Multi Tool Corkscrew.

About the product: 
Has a Single-motion cork screw mechanism to slide out the cork preventing tugging.

Multifunctional wine utensil.

On-board black rubber stopper for preserving leftovers.

Made from stainless steel and black rubber.

Suitable for wine lovers.

Flawless and easy-to-use.

The Verseur Corkscrew is a multi-component wine utensil that allows you to open, serve and protect your favourite bottles of wine. The Reddot 2012 Award winner Verseur has an on-board bottle opener, foil cutter, pourer and a tight-fitting stopper. How awesome is that?

For a gadget loving, Wine drinking Mummy this is a perfect gift idea. If I received this wonderful gadget as a Christmas gift, I know I'd be one happy Mummy. Well, lucky for me I'm already one happy Mummy as the lovely people over at Find Me A Gift sent me my very own Verseur Corkscrew to try out (for the purpose of this review). 

Here's how I got on:

I took one bottle of wine and one Verseur Corkscrew and ended up with a perfectly filled glass of delicious wine! Well, you kind of knew that was going to be the case. The good news is though that with the easy to use attachments, I was not only able to open my bottle easily and quickly. I was also able to pour it smoothly and then seal it back up afterwards to preserve it for another time. Now, that's what I call impressive. The Verseur Corkscrew is everything I need for Wine O'Clock and more! There will be no more left over, wasted wine in my house from now on. The Verseur Corkscrew has saved the day, well it's made my wine last to see another day anyway.


To conclude, the Verseur Corkscrew is a fantastic little wine drinking gadget. It has my full appreciation and a well deserved 5/5 rating. It so easy to use and looks great. It's every wine drinkers dream, or at least mine. If you're struggling to buy your ones a gift this Christmas then why not check out Find Me A Gift, there really is something for everyone.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Growing Too Fast #Poem

Growing Too Fast

It seems like only yesterday,
My little man was born.
He was so tiny and small
I remember watching him sleep in the morn.

My precious little baby boy,
My one and only son
Lying there in front me
Our journey had begun.

From the very beginning
I held him so tight
Hand in hand, side by side
It always just felt right.

He grew and grew each day
But we never grew apart
He's still my special little boy
He's still my beating heart.

Yes I love my girls this much
But Ryan was my last
Everything was different this time
I hung on to the past.

He's growing up so fast
Mummy isn't ready
He seems so independent
Always oh so steady.

Such a cheeky, happy boy
Always full of fun
He's a charming little toddler now
A new adventure begun.

Our routines may change
Our lives may move on
But he's my proudest moment
He's my son!

Ryan may be only two
But he's no longer my baby
He'l soon be growing more
And driving me crazy.

He's such a tender, loving soul
He's such a sweet, kind boy
I know he's going to make me proud
And fill my life with joy.

This Mummy isn't ready
But I doubt she ever will
As long as I have his hand to hold
I know he'l love me still.

Will Baby Annabell be on your list this Christmas?

Zapf Creations - Baby Annabell

Baby Annabell is a baby up to 12 months old and reacts like a real baby thanks to her amazing lifelike functions like a real baby. Baby Annabell is just like a real baby, with realistic baby sounds and movement. She babbles, gurgles and sucks on her dummy. When drinking from her bottle she makes sounds and her mouth really moves. Lay Baby Annabell down and gently touch her cheeks, she will yawn and fall asleep. Most of the time she is happy but if she is woken by a noise she cries real tears. 
With a wide range of accessories the whole role play concerning love, care and responsibility is rounded off perfectly. Because of the very realistic behaviour patterns, this branded play concept encourages the development of social skills of children playing with Baby Annabell lovingly taking care of her. 

 My Lily (aged 5) has her ups and downs with dolls, one minute she can't get enough of them and then the next, she's just not interested. I was excited to see how she would react to this gorgeous new Baby Annabell doll. She arrives in a beautifully illustrated box and comes dressed in a sweet little baby grow outfit and hat. This new interactive Baby Annabell doll is very sweet, every little girls dream. Lily's eyes lit up when she saw her, I could straight away that she would be smitten, for a while at least. This Baby Annabell retails at £44.99 which is about average for a doll of this quality. She's very well made and so beautiful. She looks, feels and reacts just like a real baby. I know I would have loved a dolly like this when I was little.

Baby Annabell is so loveable, what little girl wouldn't want to love her and look after her? I'm sure she's going to be on a lot of Christmas lists this year. If she does end up on yours, I'd buy early to avoid disappointment as they often tend to sell out. 

Mummy Of 3 Diaries tester Lily has given Baby Annabell a huge 5/5. She's perfect! Lily and I don't agree very often but on this occasion, I would have too. Baby Annabell so just too adorable to resist. If I was a little younger, I know I would definitely want one myself.

iBallz The Ultimate Tablet Protection

The Ultimate Tablet Protection
As the world becomes increasingly tech savvy, more focus is placed on the development of ICT in schools and colleges. Many schools and local authorities in the United Kingdom have turned to the use of Apple and Android tablets as a classroom aid, using specially designed applications to enhance core learning and to incorporate advanced technology into learners’ everyday lives. My daughters primary school is just one of the schools to have incorporated tablets into learning practices. Her school has used the iPad to target mathematical learning in foundation years and are rolling this out to other subjects and older year groups due to the success of the technological investment. There is no denying that investing in technology requires a significant financial outlay and with tablets changing hands of pupils of all age ranges on a daily basis the devices need to be not only user-friendly but highly protected too.

iBallz has created a range of shock absorbing harnesses and cases for iPads and other popular tablets to ensure that these educational tools will withstand drops and  remain safe from sticky surfaces or surrounding spillages. iBallz Original, SSP £19.99, features four shock-absorbing balls that fit over the corners of a 10inch tablet and are held in place with an elasticated cord. The balls keep the tablet elevated from any flat surface meaning that your tablet will not make contact with the floor when dropped or a desk if something is spilled. iBallz Mini, RRP £19.99, are a slightly smaller version and fit most 7inch tablets, including the Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 7” and Motorola Xoom.

The lightweight design of iBallz has been specifically developed for young people ensuring that tablets can be used without additional weight and bulk. Padded corners increase comfort when using the tablet in a classroom environment and you can even use the iBallz to hang your tablet on the wall like a picture frame, ideal for a teacher to demonstrate various tasks on the tablet. The flexible nature of the iBallz allows you to reposition the balls to tilt and rest your tech at the optimum typing angle, adding extra comfort for users. For additional protection iBallz offers the iBallz Lid, RRP £24.99, an extremely popular product with schools. The Lid is a unique folding sleeve for all models of iPad. Created to work with the iBallz Originals, the sleeve wraps around your iPad and stays attached while in use offering extra protection for tablets. It can be carried one-handed thanks to its glove-like design. A sturdy stand allows for vertical and horizontal tablet orientation and a mesh pocket is integrated for storage of small accessories to keep them safe. For ease of recognition there is also a card holder for storing an identification card for students or establishments. A Hard Case is also available, with an SSP £29.99, a lightweight moulded sleeve for all models of iPad designed to work with the iBallz Original. A removable hand strap allows for convenient carrying from classroom to classroom.

My eldest daughter Chloe (aged 9) has got an iPad2 that she got through a school programme last year. She's been using it at school and at home for the past 6 months. I have often dreaded the thought of what would happen if she had dropped it but I don't have to worry about that any more. Her iPad is now protected with both the iBallz shock absorbing harness and case. The squishy foam balls which now surround her iPad corners mean that if she drops her iPad it won't actually touch the floor which is great news. The case is lined with a lovely soft fur and fits really nice. The only problem is, there's no camera hole which means she has to take her case off everytime she needs to take a photograph which she does quite a lot during school. She still loves this case and thinks it makes her iPad look very cool but it is a slight pain having to take it on and off all day long. Luckily it's easy to do so she doesn't mind too much. The iBallz products are cool looking and very easy to use. They're reasonably priced and quite a good buy. Chloe is happy to keep her new iBallz harness and case on so that's a good sign. I'm sure she would have removed it and put her old purple case back on if she wasn't happy. Chloe gives the iBallz products a fab 4/5 where as I would have to give them a 3/5. The iBallz products are doing their job though and are keeping Chloe's iPad safe which is the main thing so Mummy Of 3 Diaries gives iBallz a Thumbs Up! 

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Spice Up Your Home This Winter With Persil

Spice up your home this winter with Persil's NEW Limited Edition Warm Spice washing up liquid.

Cooking and baking with family and friends is great fun, especially during the festive season.  But, no-one really relishes the clear-up afterwards. Thanks to the all-new Limited Edition, Warm Spice Persil washing-up liquid, the clean-up just got a little more enjoyable. Persil’s Warm Spice washing up liquid has warming notes of ground cinnamon, hints of cloves and additional scents of citrus, creating a fabulous fragrance which will add the perfect festive feel to your kitchen this winter. Persil’s Warm Spice washing-up liquid also has a vibrant red colour to match its festive aroma. Persil washing-up liquid not only cleans your dishes, bowls and utensils with ease, removing even the most stubborn baked on food and grease, but also refreshes your washing-up bowl and kitchen with a fabulous festive burst of fragrance each time you use it. So, there is no need to worry about making a mess in the kitchen this winter. Whether it’s making mulled wine with friends or cooking a full roast dinner for the family, don’t worry about using every piece of crockery, cutlery or cooking tool you have, as you can enjoy cleaning up the culinary chaos with the new Persil Warm Spice washing-up liquid. Persil washing up liquid retails at just £1.00 for a 500ml bottle, so keeping your dishes sparkling clean and beautifully fresh is now even better value and more fun than ever before. Persil washing-up liquid is available from all major supermarkets.

This new Persil Warm Spice washing up liquid is lovely. As you can see from my picture it makes lots of lovely bubbles from just a small amount used and even better, it smells divine. It's a gorgeous bright red colour which I love and it really does make washing up that little bit more enjoyable. I won't say it makes it fun as that would be lieing but it does make it more pleasurable with all them lovely bubbly bubbles and that warming spiced smell. I just washed up to try it and the sink was full. I think I might not put off the washing up for so long next time. For just £1 a bottle, it's a bargain. I know I'll be sticking with Persil. I have sparkling clean dishes, a fresh smelling kitchen and a smile on my face. Perfect.


Silent Sunday 23/09/2012

Silent Sunday

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The MEEP Launch!

The MEEP Launch

Last Wednesday Ryan and I was kindly invited to the UK launch of a brand new Android based kids tablet. The MEEP, I was so excited by this invite that I travelled all the way to London from Birmingham just to be there for an hour and I'm so glad that I did! Not only did Ryan and I have a great day out travelling on his favourite type of transport "Trains" but we also got to check out an awesome new gadget that from the 1st of October is going to be loved by all.

I am a HUGE Android fan, just in case you didn't know. Mummy LOVES everything Android so I was very excited about this event. I've been thinking about getting my middle daughter Lily a tablet for Christmas as she's always trying to get hold of my iPad but I wasn't quite sure which one I should go for. The kids ones can often look quite child like which she's didn't want, she wanted one "Just like Mummies". The MEEP Tablet is so much more grown up looking, it does have a plastic casing for added drop protection but this can be removed to leave a very grown up looking tab, just like mummies. As soon as I saw the MEEP, I just knew it was the tablet I needed. Lily (aged 5) was going to love it. With all the features of a grown up tablet but with complete parental control, I was sold.

The MEEP Launch for me was a fantastic day, I got to meet lots of lovely people from all over the country and of course there was lots of Tea and Amazing Cakes! Oh My God was there cakes! Gorgeous, Delicious, Beautiful Cakes. I was in Cake heaven!

Even though there was cakes everywhere, I must admit that I was so good and only had one. Yes, that's right - I had one cake! They were so cute, way to lovely to eat. The room was also filled with balloons and jars of yummy sweets. It was every childs dream come true. It was like being in a candy shop, there was even little Pic n Mix bags to take your sweets home. Awesome!

I got to play with a MEEP and check out some of it's awesome new accessories. I must admit, I could quite happily see myself playing with this tablet. When my kids have gone to bed of course. After watching a video and seeing a quick demo and enjoying lots of chat it was sadly time to head home but not without a fantastic goody bag we were handed. I was given the most amazing gift bag ever. It had a sweet blue balloon tied to it and inside there it was: our very own MEEP! Eeek ~ Lily is going to be so happy when she sees it! 

I don't think Ryan even minded not getting his hands on the MEEP just yet, he was just happy to be on a "Choo Choo" as he calls them. Thank you so much to Focus PR who invites us to this awesome event. We both had such a great time, a true event to remember!

MEEP, The NEW Super Cool Tablet From @os_uk

MEEP - The NEW Super Cool Tablet!



Top of the Christmas list this year, MEEP! is the new super cool tablet from Oregon Scientific which offers amazing apps, a series of fun accessories and a secure connection to the internet. Designed specifically for children aged 4 – 9, MEEP! provides the same user experience as an adult’s tablet. It has a built-in camera, touch screen and Wi-Fi, in addition to the colourful design, added parental controls and a host of age-appropriate, exciting features available from the MEEP! marketplace including games, E-books, movies, music and learning activities.   

 MEEP! is also the only tablet to offer complete parental control, accessible from any PC, iPad, smartphone or other device with a browser and internet connection. Giving parents total peace of mind, MEEP! allows them to control the way their children access the internet, approve friend requests on the Kids Communicator and add credit to their MEEP! marketplace account to help control spending habits.    

With a dedicated social space for kids, MEEP! gives users the chance to communicate freely with one another under complete parental control. Kids can chat and communicate with other MEEP! users who have internet access and a web browser.   

Enhancing the MEEP! experience further, kids can purchase and swap the colour silicon sleeves and buy additional accessories like the piano, drums, microphone, joystick, steering wheel and game-pro case.  

For more information please visit MEEP. Launching 1 October 2012 MEEP! can be purchased direct MeepTablet.Co.UK and is widely available from leading retailers such as Amazon, Argos, Smyths and Toys R Us, RRP £129.99.

Monday, 17 September 2012

My Busy Pictures Photo Block #Review

My Busy Pictures Photo Block

I was recently asked if I would like to review an acrylic photo block from Busy Pictures which I was more than happy to agree to. I love having photographs of my family on show around me. I have sereval lovely canvas's of my three kids on my walls but I've never thought about putting their pictures into Photo Blocks. In fact I wasn't even sure if I knew what a Photo Block was.

Acrylic photo blocks are fun and compact with the contemporary Acrylic style. Acrylic Photo Blocks show your favourite photo wherever you are -  for your desk, mantlepiece, fireplace or windowsill - suitable anywhere they are the new paperwieight that will give you so many smiles! They are free standing and weighty enough to not fall over. They're luminous, showing your favourite photo reflecting through the acrylic with depth and shine. Complete with our neat compact presentation box this is a gift that will bring happiness and smiles.

 They sounded so good and at the moment they have 50% Off too. The site was very easy to use and my order was complete in minutes. The Photo Block did take quite a while to come (around three weeks) but I guess all good things come to those who wait. When it arrived I was stunned, it's so beautiful and the colours are amazing. The effects are so good, my old photograph now looks like a piece of art. I have three little models now sat on the fireplace. Well, not on my fireplace but my Mums. We gave our Photo Block to Nanny as a surprise gift which she loved. The lovely Photo Block now has a new home and stands proud for all to see.

Busy Pictures lets you turn your photographs into gorgeous pieces of art. There are so many amazing ways to display your pictures so why not check out for yourself and see how you can display your loved ones today. There's some real deals going on and lots of savings to be made. Our Photo Block looks stunning, I'm sure yours would too.

We were allowed to order our Photo Block for free for the purpose of this review but all the opinions expressed are my own and in no way influenced by this.

Poppy Cat and Friends Character Set #Review

 Poppy Cat and Friends Character Set
These lovely pre-school characters are aimed at boys and girls aged 3-5 years. The character set is a 4 piece figure set  and Includes all your favourite Poppy Cat Characters for your child to create their own adventures with. The set includes Poppy Cat, Alma , Zuzu and Owl.

The Poppy Cat and Friends Character Set retails at £9.99 and is available from Golden Bear  and all other good Toy Shops. It's a very sweet little set that will be enjoyed by all Poppy Cat fans. I know my little man enjoys running around with his. We were sent a set of these to play with (free) for the purpose of this review. Ryan's a little young to enjoy them properly yet but for now he's happy just waving them at the TV every time Poppy Cat comes on.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Meet Lovely Lottie - Snow Queen Doll #Review

Lovely Lottie - Snow Queen Doll

Meet Lottie, she’s super cute and great fun to play with. Most of the time you’ll find her outdoors, playing in the garden, taking part in a pony flag race, on big country walks with her dog, Biscuit the Beagle, or going to a cool festival. She’s small with a height of 7” (18cm) and super cute, so you can take her anywhere – she loves to do new things and see new places. If there’s a chance to climb a tree, jump in a puddle, get muddy or kick piles of autumn leaves around in the park, you can be sure Lottie will be right there! Her beautiful hair is really soft and strokable and she loves to dress up in fancy dress or go and do ballet. She’s got lot lots of pretty clothes to choose from too – in fact, she dresses a lot like you! All her clothes and accessories have lots of fun details you’ll love. 

Whatever you decide to do with Lottie you know you can always be bold, be brave, be you!

There are six different Lottie Dolls to collect, including the lovely Snow Queen Lottie who we received last week to review. She is simply adorable. She comes is a beautifully designed Snow scene painted box and comes ready dressed in a gorgeous pale blue and white Snow Queen dress with Tiara. She also has her very own little bag and a beautiful sparkling silver masquerade ball mask.

Snow Queen Lottie is now being very happily cared for by my five year old daughter Lily. Lily is not a huge fan of dolls but she is a huge fan of princesses and queens so this Snow Queen Lottie has been gratefully received. I'm not quite sure if they'l be jumping in any muddy puddles or playing outside in the leaves as Lily is much more interested in taking Lottie to parties and having more girly fun indoors where it's nice and clean. I don't think Lily is too keen on the idea of Snow Queen Lotties dress getting dirty. I'm sure what ever adventures they do have, both Lottie and Lily will have an amazing time.

 Lily loves her new Snow Queen Lottie doll, I might have to get her another from the Lottie collection to go with it. Snow Queen Lottie gets a 5/5 from Lily and a very well deserved 4/5 from Mummy Of 3 Diaries. Why not check out the Lottie Dolls for yourself.