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My Family

Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Birmingham Sky Ride & Meeting Stacey Solomon

The Birmingham Sky Ride & Meeting Stacey Solomon

Today I had, the most wonderful day. In fact it's been the best Sunday I've had in a long while. My Dad, eldest daughter and I went along to the Birmingham Sky Ride this morning where we completed a very tiring but fun 10 kilometre bike ride. The estimated 45 minute trip took us a good hour and 30 minutes but we got there in the end. Going down the hills was so much fun but going back up just wasn't so much fun, Chloe and I actually pushed our bikes up most.

There was lots of fun activities going on around the University Campus site, something to keep everyone happy. You could relax in the Bike Cafe areas or try your skills at the Cycling speed test (I skipped this part) There was plenty of free water available for all and also lots of lovely little Soreen fruit cakes too. We collected our Sky Ride Bibs and headed over to collect our bikes which we had reserved for just £3 each for two hours hire. It was well worth it. Here we are ready to set off, we stayed to the side a little to let the mad starting rush pass us by. We though we'd go for the more, slow but steady pace.

We were a little hot and sweaty when we got back, but we were all in one piece and feeling pretty pleased with ourselves. Chloe relaxed listening to some music:

My Dad chilled out at the cafe being his usual silly self:

I was too excited to sit down, I had been waiting for this next bit for the past few weeks and here it finally was. Eeek!!!

Stacey Solomon ~ X factor Finalist , TV Presenter and all round lovely lady was here and waiting to meet us. When we had been invited to join in the Sky Ride fun we had also been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity of meeting and interviewing Stacey Solomon. The moment finally arrived and a lovely group of Bloggers and Myself were taken through to a private Media area.

All the questions I had lined up in my mind, vanished the moment I saw her. She's so pretty and very very tanned. I was  very jealous. She sat on a simple chair with her eldest son on her lap, in the middle of a circle of empty seats for us. Luckily for the me, the other three ladies had come prepared with lots of fantastic questions to ask. One of the main things I wanted to know really was why Stacey liked riding her bike so much. She told us how she'd always loved riding her bike with her son and how the Olympics had inspired her to "Get up and Get on her bike". 
Stacey was so down to earth and sat there chatting with us for around half an hour. She made us feel very welcome and really at ease. I just wish I'd remembered my questions.

One of my favourite answers she gave was to a question asked about "How she keeps so fit?" She smiled, laughed and replied " I don't diet, that's not something I enjoy" She's a real inspiration to all us women. She's slim and beautiful but not by dieting and running herself into the ground, she was so normal and just like us. We asked her how she coped with all the events, TV and Music stuff she's doing at the moment, she made me laugh with her reply " I'm really good at falling asleep in moving vehicles" She is so genuine and so nice, I think I like her a lot more now after meeting her than I did before. Just before we left, we got to have our photograph taken and our Sky Ride Bibs signed:

Stacey has a new single coming out in October and a brand new album coming out in November, she said we should expect so different sounds this time as she got to write her own stuff. I know I'm looking forward to hearing it.

So overall, I've had an amazing day. The Sky Ride was awesome, the venue was fab and Stacey Solomon was so lovely.

What did you get up to this weekend??


  1. Sounds like a fun day out! X

    1. Aw it really was. I think I might do it all again next year :) x