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Friday, 17 August 2012

Poundland’s Back to School Blogger Challenge

Poundland’s Back to School Blogger Challenge

The Summer holidays are now half way through and us mummies are already starting to think about the Back To School rush. Do we wait until last minute and join the chaos of the last minute madness or do we do it now and beat the rush?

Today, my girls and I took part in the PoundLand Back to School Blogger Challenge. Our mission was to get everything we need for going back to school in September or as much as we could for £10. This September Chloe will be starting Year 5 and Lily will joining Year 1, they're getting very excited already. We headed to our local PoundLand this morning in Erdington to get stuck into our challenge. Who wants to see how we got on?

I gave each of my girls a shopping basket with wheels which were pretty cool and let them have free reign of what they wanted to choose. Each had to pick ten items that they thought they would need for their new school start. Chloe was old enough to pretty much be left to it but I did have to keep a firm eye on Lily who was trying to fill her basket with toys. After a good half hour or maybe more we finally had our items and we were all pretty pleased with their choices.

Ok so lets see how they did - first off, here's what Chloe picked with her £10:

First off she picked a lovely Tinkerbell bag to carry all her new school stuff in and then she went on to pick some very sweet Barbie items like a branded notebook, pencil case and a stationary set. She chose a new 2012/2013 diary and lots of creative items like felt tips, pencils and glitter art supplies. If I'm honest she could have got all the basics she had needed for going back to school with a £5 budget, £10 was way too much for her. She picked her first five items : Bag, Pencil Case, Notebook, Stationary Set and Lunch drinks bottle and then struggled to pick the rest. These five items alone would have been more than enough. The next five items she choose were more fun, creative ones like the felts and pencil crayons. All of which she will use when she goes back to school but they're not a must have. Pound Land has so much choice, there's lots of different branded characters for both boys and girls. There's a whole range in each character available so even the fussiest child would be happy.

Next Lily got stuck into her challenge, she picked:

Lily fell in love with a pretty pink Sleeping Beauty bag and went for the Peppa Pig Pencil Case. She then picked a lovely set of pencils in a set that came with a stamp set and rubber. She also picked a Barbie A5 Notebook the same as Chloe and a bright pink drinks bottle. Lily chose a selection of felt tip pens, crayons and Colour Changing Markers. Lily likes her drawing if you couldn't tell from all the art supplies she picked. Again five pounds would have been plenty but with ten pounds she was able to spoil herself and choose everything she wanted.

My girls were very lucky to have been involved in this wonderful PoundLand Challenge, we use PoundLand almost daily so this was perfect for us. My girls are now very happy and completely kitted out all ready for September, they can't wait to go back to school just to show off all their new things. When I asked each of my girls which was their most favourite thing out of all the ten items that they had choose, this is what they said.

Lily said  couldn't choose just 1 but finally agreed on her Barbie A5 notebook and Barbie Felt Tip Pens. They're bright and colourful and she simply just loves Barbie!

Chloe went for her Pack of 2 Scribble Pads and a 24 Piece Colouring Set. They come in a very sweet pink coloured design with bunnies on. Chloe loves to doodle and draw so these were perfect for her. She can now keep all her drawings and poems safe in one place.

PoundLand has everything your child needs for going back to school this September, the only thing we couldn't find which we would have liked would have been a lunch box or lunch bag but then again these would normally cost much more than a pound. If you're looking to kit out your kids in stationary supplies then look no further than PoundLand because the value is great, the quality is awesome and the choice is amazing!


  1. Love Poundland, great bargains to be had! Your children must be the same age as mine, as both my boys are starting Year 1 and Year 5 in September as well! :-)

    1. Aw we buy all sorts from Poundland, I buy my food treats and snacks, my kids get their books and small toys :) We have a nice large store not far from us which is fab.

      My girls are 9 and 5 now, getting older too fast for my liking x