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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Ever Had A Craft Party?

Have You Ever Had A Craft Party ? Today We Did!

Today, My girls and I had our very own Craft Party. A Treasure Box Craft Party in fact. We got together and sat around our table for a few hours of girlie fun.

Each Craft Party kit offers an ideal party time solution for keeping up to six kids entertained. Each kit  contains everything you need for an easy and fun activity that lasts for around 1½ hours. You can paint and decorate a cute heart-shaped treasure box and then make a funky charm bracelet to put inside it with the Craft Party Treasure Box Party kit. We used the self-adhesive jewels and paints to decorate the boxes and created cute bracelets to go with them using the beads and charms provided. The kit contains an instruction sheet which shows you how it’s done and each child can create their own personal gift to take home! Treasure Box Party is just one of the Craft Party range available from Interplay. In your Treasure Box you will get:

6 x Heart boxes
6 x Assorted charms
3 x Pots of paint (2 colours)
6 x Lengths of stretch cord
6 x Paint brushes
6 x Sheets of tissue paper
Self-adhesive jewels
Instructions for supervising adult
Beads (4 colours)

We had fun painting our own Treasure Boxes with our Pink and Purple paints and decorating them with all the pretty sparky stickers. We each made a pretty bead bracelet with a silver charm on too. I think the whole activity lasted well over two hours but that included waiting for the pain to dry before we added our stickers. Chloe and Lily loved this, being the girlie girls that they both are. This was the perfect activity for them. They were surrounded by Pinks and Purples, pretty beads and Sparkly stickers. The perfect Sunday afternoon treat in our case but I can easily see how these are perfect for parties. Imagine how happy all the little girls would be enjoying these.

My girls were so pleased with their finished Treasure boxes and adore their new beaded bracelets. You can see how ours turned out in the picture above, I think we did a good job.

The Treasure Box Craft Party box retails at £19.99 and is aimed at girls aged 5 and over.

Mummy Of 3 Diaries LOVED this activity and gave it a fun filled 4/5. It's great how you get enough in the box to supply 6 kids with what they need to make their very own Treasure Box and Beaded Bracelet Treasure. Perfect for parties or even for family fun time like we had. Either way the Interplay Craft Party was a huge hit and we all had a great time doing it.


  1. good idea for rainy days, nice to read reviews first.x

  2. I wish they did a boy version of things like this

    1. Aw they do boys sets too hun, check out Interplay and there's Volcano sets, Weird Science and more x I almost wish my son was older so we could play with those too :)

  3. Craft party sounds very interesting and a very creative themme for any kid's birthday party, no wonder the kid is a boy or a girl making craft is loved by all the kids.