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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Ever Had A Craft Party?

Have You Ever Had A Craft Party ? Today We Did!

Today, My girls and I had our very own Craft Party. A Treasure Box Craft Party in fact. We got together and sat around our table for a few hours of girlie fun.

Each Craft Party kit offers an ideal party time solution for keeping up to six kids entertained. Each kit  contains everything you need for an easy and fun activity that lasts for around 1½ hours. You can paint and decorate a cute heart-shaped treasure box and then make a funky charm bracelet to put inside it with the Craft Party Treasure Box Party kit. We used the self-adhesive jewels and paints to decorate the boxes and created cute bracelets to go with them using the beads and charms provided. The kit contains an instruction sheet which shows you how it’s done and each child can create their own personal gift to take home! Treasure Box Party is just one of the Craft Party range available from Interplay. In your Treasure Box you will get:

6 x Heart boxes
6 x Assorted charms
3 x Pots of paint (2 colours)
6 x Lengths of stretch cord
6 x Paint brushes
6 x Sheets of tissue paper
Self-adhesive jewels
Instructions for supervising adult
Beads (4 colours)

We had fun painting our own Treasure Boxes with our Pink and Purple paints and decorating them with all the pretty sparky stickers. We each made a pretty bead bracelet with a silver charm on too. I think the whole activity lasted well over two hours but that included waiting for the pain to dry before we added our stickers. Chloe and Lily loved this, being the girlie girls that they both are. This was the perfect activity for them. They were surrounded by Pinks and Purples, pretty beads and Sparkly stickers. The perfect Sunday afternoon treat in our case but I can easily see how these are perfect for parties. Imagine how happy all the little girls would be enjoying these.

My girls were so pleased with their finished Treasure boxes and adore their new beaded bracelets. You can see how ours turned out in the picture above, I think we did a good job.

The Treasure Box Craft Party box retails at £19.99 and is aimed at girls aged 5 and over.

Mummy Of 3 Diaries LOVED this activity and gave it a fun filled 4/5. It's great how you get enough in the box to supply 6 kids with what they need to make their very own Treasure Box and Beaded Bracelet Treasure. Perfect for parties or even for family fun time like we had. Either way the Interplay Craft Party was a huge hit and we all had a great time doing it.

I Surprised My Kids With A Day At @DraytonManor

I Surprised My Kids With A Day At Drayton Manor Theme Park

Do you ever have one of those days where you wake up and think, Lets do something today? Well Yesterday was one of those days for me, I woke up full of beans and decided to take the kids to our local theme park Drayton Manor. The weather forecast was very warm but full of rainy showers but I wasn't going to let that stop us. We jumped in the car around 9.30am and set off for a fun filled day out. The kids had no idea, I'd told them we were going to the shops as I'd run out of bread hehe. A little white lie wouldn't hurt them, I just wanted to see the look on their faces when they realised where we had actually gone. We arrived around 10.15am just in time for the rides opening at 10.30 and just in time to see the sun come out too.

Our first stop of course was at Thomas Land, where it was full steam ahead from the word go!  Ryan stood there in awe with his his mouth wide open, he'd never seen a place like this before. All three of them  squealed with excitement, keeping it secret was so worth it just too see that. My girls had been before (they're the lucky ones) but for Ryan and I it was our very first visit.

We rode every ride possible and had so much fun! Thomas Land really is a fun filled, Magical place. There was so many rides perfect for my little people all they were in one place which was handy. Ryan loved the rides so much so, we had to physically remove him after each one had stopped as he really didn't want to get off. He kept pointing to the sky shouting "Go High, I want to Go High" bless him, he was so good. No moans, no tears, no tantrums. Nothing, he was so well behaved the whole day. In fact they all were (to my surprise). Thomas Land was fun but there was so much more to see and do in Drayton Manor so off we went.

We visited the Zoo and saw all the animals. There was wild cats and huge Tigers, Monkeys and Birds. So many beautiful creatures to see, we had a great walk through talking about the sounds that they all made. We had lots of giggling and Oo Oo sounds as we passed the monkeys. Big growls and Raahhh 's as we watched the Tiger resting in the afternoon sun. So many precious memories were made for me and this is what it's truly about.

I took over 120 photos during our visit so I won't show you them all, just the best ones. I wouldn't want to bore you with all my family snaps, I'll just save them for my "Proud Mummy" Family Album. One of the highlights of my day however was a little trick we played on the kids. I know, I know, I'm a mean mummy but I just couldn't resist and it was so funny, I'll show you what I'm talking about but I know you'd have done it to if you could.

After drenching the kids in the Splash Zone we settled down for dinner to recover. We enjoyed a Family Meal of yummy chicken and Curly fries for all. The price wasn't too bad as £22 fed and watered us all plus dinner time gave the kids a little time to rest and dry off. We didn't stay seated for long though as we hit the rides again! This time we enjoyed the bigger rides like the Pirate Adventure, Carousel and Bumper Cars. The whole family had a fantastic time, I guess we're ALL big kids at times and still enjoy all those classic family favourites ourselves too.

The whole day flew by and before we knew it, it was 5PM and we only had one hour left before the rides were stopping. We did one last dash around, jumping on every ride that had no cue for one more go. Even though we had been there for over 7 hours already I think we could have lasted a tiny bit longer. We literally left dead on 6PM as the rides were shutting down for the night but it didn't really feel like we'd been there the whole day. I guess time really does fly when you're having fun! I'd never been to Drayton Manor in a family trip before but I can now honestly say I would do it all again. We had such a wonderful day and from all the photos I've taken it looks like we had a whole weeks worth of fun all in one day. Drayton Manor is the perfect place for families to enjoy a fun filled day out. Summer is almost over but there's  still a week or so left to go if you want to check it out for yourself and they have a special offer on at the moment too.

Drayton Manor are having a Fireworks Weekend 3rd & 4th November 20123rd Nov 2012 which looks like fun, I might even go along with my family myself. 

My visit to Drayton Manor was paid for but all the opinions expressed are my own and was no way influenced by this.


Silent Sunday 26/08/2012

Silent Sunday

Friday, 24 August 2012

The @TescoBabyClub Event Is Back! 28th August until 30th September.

 The Tesco Baby Event is back - 28th August until 30th September.

I wanted to be one of the first people to tell you that Tesco is now holding its amazing Baby Event, in-store and online at From 28th August until 30th September to offer mums like you, amazing savings across baby and toddler products.

There are some fantastic deals across Tesco’s baby product line from everyday products such as half price on selected Huggies nappies, Johnson’s Baby wipes at 95p and better than half price on our Johnson toiletries, as well as 3 for 2 on Heinz baby food to fill your little ones tummies.

Starting on Tuesday 28th August the Tesco Baby Event offers you fantastic savings on all your baby essentials as well as prizes to win every day. Shop in store or online at from Tuesday 28th August for some brilliant baby bargains.

As well as great savings, the Tesco Baby Event will be bringing you brand new competitions every day from 28 August to 30 September. Follow us on Twitter at @TescoBabyClub and for daily updates and to enter. Check every day at so you don't miss out. Good luck!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Brother PT-1080 ‘Back to School’ Label Printer

Brother PT-1080 ‘Back to School’ Label Printer

"Label everything that matters with this hand-held labelling machine" 

Brother’s PT-1080BTS is an affordable hand-held labelling machine, perfect for home, school or in the office. Printing durable, long-lasting labels, there’s no end to the possibilities – from school books, lunch boxes, pencil cases, CD covers, food storage and filing cabinets – in fact you can label just about anything that matters.

Some Of It's Key Benefits:
  • Save time up to 10mm per second
  • Durable labels up to 12mm, able to handle extreme conditions
  • Convenient built-in cutter
  • Easy to use ABC keyboard
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen
  • Includes 12mm black on white tape (4m) and 6 x AAA batteries.

The PT-1080 produces tape and fabric labels, which can be used to label a variety of items – from school clothes and shoes, exercise books, pencil cases, lunch boxes and CD covers.

The Brother PT1080 is priced at £29.99, including a three year warranty, and is available from major high street retailers including Argos, Tesco, PC World and Currys.

We were sent our very own "Back To School" labeller last week (free of charge for the purpose of this review) to test out and review. I've never used a labelling machine of any sort before so I was a little worried about how I would get on but I needn't have been. The Brother labeller was very easy to set up, it was simply inset the batteries and pop in the labels cartridge. There was no messing about trying to line it up or put it in a certain way. It was just pop it in and go!

The labels themselves were very simple to produce, you just typed in what you wanted your label to say and clicked print. Once printed, which literally took a few seconds you could then click the cut button which then neatly cut your label for you. I thought this feature was pretty cool.

We printed labels for Chloe's Pencil Case saying "Chloe's Hands Off" and bedroom door stating "Stay Out". You can easily get carried away and print labels for everything, I found myself printing a few extras for myself like one for my Coca Cola bottle saying "Hands Off" and also one for my iPad saying "Mummies". Lily just wanted lots of labels saying "Princess Lily" that she could stick on herself, I did draw the line after three. I'm sure she would have stuck many more onto the front of her T shirt but I didn't want to waste all our labels on her silliness.

The Brother PT-1080 Label Printer is a great buy for the price of £29.99. It's well built and very easy to use. It has so many uses and you really can make labels for every need. So, It's not only life saving (school wise) and practical but It's also lots of fun. I give this label printer a well deserved 5/5, it does the job it says it does and it does is well. There's nothing I would change or want to improve, it's great just the way it is.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Review ~ Poppin Hoppies

Poppin Hoppies

Poppin Hoppies from University Games  is a game of crazy popping madness where the characters randomly spring into the air for children to try and catch.  Your own Hoppie figure is made up of coloured puzzle parts and players must catch the corresponding Poppin Hoppies to collect the pieces.  The winner is the first player to catch enough Poppin Hoppies to complete their puzzle figure.  Stockists include Amazon and Argos. 

We were sent our very own copy of Poppin Hoppies for the purpose of this review but all the opinions expressed about it are my own. Poppin Hoppies is a fun filled game made up of bright colours, anticipation and lots of squeals. My girls and I LOVE this game, it's so much fun. We never get tired of waiting for them to pop, no matter how many times we play. Our hands just reach out eagerly trying to catch one at the right time. I must add it's a little easier for some than other, I'm great at this game whereas Lily (aged 5) has much slower reactions.

Poppin Hoppies is a great game, it's so simple to play and really is great fun for all the family. My youngest Ryan was a little young to play so we gave him the job of fetching the Hoppies as they bounced off the table, he was happy enough with that.

Poppin Hoppies gets a fantastic 5 out of 5 from all of us here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries. It's Exciting, Easy and Fun! What more could we have asked for.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Ainsley Harriott creates the perfect BBQ #AinsleyBBQ

Ainsley Harriott creates the perfect BBQ

Ainsley himself helped prepare some fantastic hampers, filled with everything you could need to create the perfect BBQ – two quick and easy recipes and all the ingredients, along with lots of Ainsley Harriott Cous Cous! I was lucky enough to be sent one of these hampers a few weeks back  and "Oh My" were they wonderful. I received a gorgeous picnic style hamper basket filled with everything I needed to enjoy a BBQ treat with my family.

I'd never tried Cous Cous before so I was very excited to get stuck in. My Mum and I decided to make the Fragrant Beef Koftas with Raita recipe which looked delicious! 


1 x 100g sachet of Ainsley Harriott Moroccan Medley Cous Cous

350g (12oz) lean minced beef

4 spring onions (finely chopped)

10ml (2 tsp) garam masala

½ tsp ground cumin

120ml (8 tbsp) thick Greek yoghurt

5cm (2in) piece of cucumber (grated and with excess water squeezed out)

1 ripe tomato (finely chopped)

1 garlic clove (crushed)

salt and freshly ground black pepper


STEP 1 -  Soak the bamboo skewers in water for 20 minutes.

STEP 2 -  Mix together the minced beef, spring onions, garam masala, cumin and 30ml (2 tbsp) of the Greek yoghurt. Season to taste.

STEP 3 -  Roll into 6 pieces, each about 7.5cm/3 inches long. Push each one on to a 15cm/6inch bamboo skewer which have been soaked in water.

STEP 4 -  Meanwhile, make the Ainsley Harriott Moroccan Medley Cous Cous according to the instructions on the sachet and keep warm.

STEP 5 -  To make the raita, mix the remaining Greek yoghurt in a bowl with the cucumber, tomato, garlic and seasoning.

STEP 6 -  Pre-heat the grill to its hottest setting. Cook the beef koftas for 10-12 minutes on the grill rack, turning occasionally until nicely browned and cooked through.

STEP 7 -  Divide the Ainsley Harriott Moroccan Medley Cous Cous between two plates and arrange the beef koftas on top. Drizzle over the raita before serving.

OMG was it amazing! I LOVE Cous Cous, it's so light and fluffy and full of delicious flavours. The taste sensations were delightful, I just couldn't get enough! The  Moroccan Medley Cous Cous tasted so much better than I had dreamed it ever would. I now can't wait to work my way through the rest of the Cous Cous range. How exciting!

Thanks to Ainsley Harriot we had a wonderful BBQ filled with delicious food and wonderful flavours. The recipe was so easy to follow, the Cous Cous was so easy to make and everything was just fantastic. We couldn't have asked for anything more.

Follow the #AinsleyBBQ hashtag on Twitter if you would like to get involved and maybe share some of your Ainsley BBQ tips or stories.

Monday, 20 August 2012

#Samsung Mobilers At Hyde Park Final Torch Festival #London2012

Samsung Mobilers At Hyde Park Final Torch Festival

On July 26TH 2012, the Samsung Mob!lers attended the last Olympic Torch Festival at London's Hyde Park, what an AMAZING event it was too! This was our fifth and final Torch Festival which marks a very sad end to our Samsung Summer activities but also  marked the start of something great. The London Olympics 2012 were about to begin!

We began our morning visiting some of the sites that London had to offer, always a high point of our visits. By mid afternoon we were getting hyped up and ready to go but there was one last thing we wanted to see and that was the Olympic Flame being passed out on the streets. We joined the crowds lining the roads and waited eagerly as the time passed. The crowds were so full of fun and life, children waving flags and families celebrating in true British style.

The moment arrived and the flame arrived being carried by some very famous Torch Bearers. Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley from Absolutely Fabulous!!! They were AWESOME, I really couldn't believe my eyes. I LOVE that show so much and was so pleased when these pair just strolled past. The crowds went wild with delight and who could blame them!

After all the excitement of seeing the Olympic Torch passing by it was soon time to head to Hyde Park for our last ever Torch Festival. The Hyde Park line up was set to be a BIG show so as you can imagine we were all very excited by now. The crowds filled Hyde Park with cheers, flags and emotions. It was an amazing site to see everyone all coming together to celebrate this fabulous occasion. The London 2012 Olympics had united everyone in Pride and Hope!

The final Cauldron was lit with an emotional speech from one of Coca Cola's Future Flames and the crowds went wild. The Party continued late until the night. Men, women and children alike enjoyed the live music and simply enjoyed the celebrations.

My highlight of the London 2012 Olympic Torch relay had to be the moment I got my hands on a real Olympic Torch!!! I was in heaven, I was so proud to be British and got all emotional just holding it. I almost didn't want to give it back but the security guard insisted. Here's ME in my Samsung Mobilers uniform with the Olympic Torch:

This summer has been amazing and I owe it all to Samsung. I LOVE being a Mob!ler and am so proud to have been a part of the Mol!lers Olympic Torch Relay!

It's Zippo #Competition Time

Zippo Competition Time

I have a Zippo Hand Warmer ( pictured on the left above ) which is sleek, metallic and indispensible for British evenings that have a tendency to cool off. Once lit the Zippo Hand Warmer stays toasty for up to ten hours, snuggled in its personal pouch and slips easily into pocked and gloves. It's a great gadget for late night BBQs and camping trips. Part of the extended Zippo outdoor lifestyle range –  they're so much more than just lighters!

I also have a Zippo Flex Neck Lighter ( pictured above on the left ) It's your perfect bendy necked friend ready for any adventure including camping, BBQs and kids too! With the nifty safety switch, the whole family can join in with the fun. 

Both of these fab gadgets are up for grabs by one of you, my lucky readers. To Enter simply use the RaffleCopter form below ( It may take a few seconds to load so please be patient )

 The competition will be judged by an independent judge and BEST story will win. (IT's NOT ME) This Competition will run until Monday 10Th September. Good Luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Review ~ Mini Memory Game

Mini Memory Game

This Mini Memory Game is brought to you by  Ravensburger, which can be found in the Memory  section on their site. We were lucky enough to be sent a Hello Kitty design version for my girls to play and It couldn't have arrived at a better time.  The Summer Holidays have been a long, hard struggle already. It's so hard to keep the kids entertained every minute of every day but when this Mini Memory game arrived I found a new saviour. My girls love this game, it's one of their favourites as it's so easy to play and now with pretty Hello Kitty pictures it's even better!

Mini memory is a set of 48 high quality memory picture cards, making 24 pairs in total. The cards feature different images of the featured characters. The game play can be varied to suit different ages and abilities; for younger children use fewer cards like I did. The memory cards are made from sturdy high-quality card, laminated on both sides with a colour print. Each card measures approximately 5 x 5cm and are aimed at boys and girls from 3-5 years. 

One of the new boys designs is the Moshi Monsters which is also very cute.

My girls LOVE this game. It's fun, easy and very addictive. I can happily leave Chloe and Lily sat at the table with this game and leave them too it. We do get a little cheating going on every now and again when one of them tries to turn over more cards than they are allowed or they try to fix where they put the cards at the start but that's easily fixed with a quick "Play nice or I'll take them away" ;) Works every time. I took a few pictures of my girls playing last week.

Mini Memory is great fun, my girls give it a fantastic 5/5. The pictures are cute and colourful, the game is simply yet fun and my girls just adore it. Any game that keeps them happy, keeps me VERY happy so a huge 5/5 from me too. I quite like playing this one myself too.

The Birmingham Sky Ride & Meeting Stacey Solomon

The Birmingham Sky Ride & Meeting Stacey Solomon

Today I had, the most wonderful day. In fact it's been the best Sunday I've had in a long while. My Dad, eldest daughter and I went along to the Birmingham Sky Ride this morning where we completed a very tiring but fun 10 kilometre bike ride. The estimated 45 minute trip took us a good hour and 30 minutes but we got there in the end. Going down the hills was so much fun but going back up just wasn't so much fun, Chloe and I actually pushed our bikes up most.

There was lots of fun activities going on around the University Campus site, something to keep everyone happy. You could relax in the Bike Cafe areas or try your skills at the Cycling speed test (I skipped this part) There was plenty of free water available for all and also lots of lovely little Soreen fruit cakes too. We collected our Sky Ride Bibs and headed over to collect our bikes which we had reserved for just £3 each for two hours hire. It was well worth it. Here we are ready to set off, we stayed to the side a little to let the mad starting rush pass us by. We though we'd go for the more, slow but steady pace.

We were a little hot and sweaty when we got back, but we were all in one piece and feeling pretty pleased with ourselves. Chloe relaxed listening to some music:

My Dad chilled out at the cafe being his usual silly self:

I was too excited to sit down, I had been waiting for this next bit for the past few weeks and here it finally was. Eeek!!!

Stacey Solomon ~ X factor Finalist , TV Presenter and all round lovely lady was here and waiting to meet us. When we had been invited to join in the Sky Ride fun we had also been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity of meeting and interviewing Stacey Solomon. The moment finally arrived and a lovely group of Bloggers and Myself were taken through to a private Media area.

All the questions I had lined up in my mind, vanished the moment I saw her. She's so pretty and very very tanned. I was  very jealous. She sat on a simple chair with her eldest son on her lap, in the middle of a circle of empty seats for us. Luckily for the me, the other three ladies had come prepared with lots of fantastic questions to ask. One of the main things I wanted to know really was why Stacey liked riding her bike so much. She told us how she'd always loved riding her bike with her son and how the Olympics had inspired her to "Get up and Get on her bike". 
Stacey was so down to earth and sat there chatting with us for around half an hour. She made us feel very welcome and really at ease. I just wish I'd remembered my questions.

One of my favourite answers she gave was to a question asked about "How she keeps so fit?" She smiled, laughed and replied " I don't diet, that's not something I enjoy" She's a real inspiration to all us women. She's slim and beautiful but not by dieting and running herself into the ground, she was so normal and just like us. We asked her how she coped with all the events, TV and Music stuff she's doing at the moment, she made me laugh with her reply " I'm really good at falling asleep in moving vehicles" She is so genuine and so nice, I think I like her a lot more now after meeting her than I did before. Just before we left, we got to have our photograph taken and our Sky Ride Bibs signed:

Stacey has a new single coming out in October and a brand new album coming out in November, she said we should expect so different sounds this time as she got to write her own stuff. I know I'm looking forward to hearing it.

So overall, I've had an amazing day. The Sky Ride was awesome, the venue was fab and Stacey Solomon was so lovely.

What did you get up to this weekend??


Silent Sunday ~ 19/08/2012

Silent Sunday