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My Family

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tea For Two Anyone?

Afternoon Tea for Two at Coombe Abbey With BuyAGift

Afternoon Tea for two? Oh Yes Please, was my response when I was contacted by Buyagift to try out one of their local Experience on line deals. I was given the opportunity to visit the delightful Coombe Abbey in Warwickshire for a Tea for Two. Myself, Ryan and my friend Vanessa dressed up and set off for a nice afternoon which it most certainly was.

When we arrived, the grounds were so lovely. We were surrounded by huge green trees and fields full of well mown grass. A long country drive led us down to the house. It was HUGE! The words, Beautiful and Stunning really don't do it enough justice. 

Once inside we were greeted with a warm friendly welcome at Reception and given directions to the Garden Bar where we were to have our treat. I must admit I was getting very excited by this point, I'd never had a proper afternoon tea before. I was a complete newbie to posh places like this but I didn't feel out of place at all. The Garden Bar was quite busy, beautifully laid tables filled the room covered in amazing looking food and treat filled cake stands. I couldn't wait to see ours. We were seated at a table and shown the Menu, the lady showed us exactly what we would be getting and asked us to pick which Tea or Coffee we would like.

Our Menu for the afternoon included: A very large fruit scone, a variety of cakes, a selection of delicious sandwiches and, of course, a choice of speciality teas.

Doesn't it all look Delicious? We had Smoked Salmon, Ham and Mustard and Cheese and Pickle sandwiches were all so lovely. I'm not a Salmon fan myself so I swapped that one for Vanessa's Ham and Mustard which was very tasty. The Scones were huge and so fresh, they just crumbled in your mouth. The must be some of the most perfect scones I have ever tasted. We also had a selection of small cakes, a Chocolate and Caramel topped short bread, a juicy chocolate dipped strawberry. A wafer cone filled with yummy yoghurt and a delightful little pastry filled with cream and fresh berries. We were in for a real treat, everything was amazing. 

Ryan was so well behaved, bless him. He joined in with our Tea by eating the sugar cubes and then shared half of my Scone. He particularly had fun re arranging the cake stand once we had finished. He was quite the little gentleman, I was very proud.

Overall I have had a wonderful day and I would love to do it all over again. I'm thinking of taking my Mum and my Sister to enjoy this experience real soon. If you like afternoon tea in beautiful surroundings with amazing food and great staff then this is definitely one for you.

The Afternoon Teas at Coombe Abbey is currently on offer at Buyagift for just £25. That's Afternoon Tea for Two people for a bargain price. If you live in the West Midlands, I'd snap it up while you can because with Buyagift, Tea has never tasted so sweet.


  1. We got married here, its utterly utterly gorgeous and brings back to many happy memories :-)

    1. Aw wow, what a beautiful place to get married. It's stunning :) I hope you had a wonderful day x

  2. The stand is quite wise set....its seems a great way to flaunt all kind of delicious food we want to have.