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Monday, 9 July 2012

Have You Seen @TipsyFeet ?

I Love Tipsy Feet!

I was a complete Newbie when it came to these Tipsy Feet shoes but boy am I now a huge fan. Last week I was sent my very own Silver Fold able Shoes to try and test out for myself. From the moment they arrived in their swanky silver bag I was in love! I hadn't even opened them and I was smitten already, when I did open them I was even more amazed. I'll show you what I mean:

They arrive to your door looking like this:

Inside this cute packaging you then find this, a very cute little silver bag with handy wrist strap:

Inside you then find your Gorgeous Tipsy Feet shoes which fit so nice. They look great and are so nice to wear. I can't wait to go out again just to wear them in public.

So we have great packaging, a lovely purse sized bag to carry them out in and Gorgeous fold-able shoes in any design you choose BUT that's not all. Your handy little Tipsy Feet purse actually opens out into a larger shoe carrying bag so that you can take off your "Feet Hurting High Heels" and change into your Comfy Flats without having to worry about where you're going to put them. It's such a great idea, I can't believe I never knew all this before.

There are loads of Tipsy Feet designs to choose from but which will you choose? For just £24.99 you're getting a bargain. Check out the new 2012 Range now!

I LOVE My Tipsy Feet. A well deserved 5/5 for them!

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