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My Family

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Content & Calm offer Perfect Travel Solutions

Content & Calm offer Perfect Travel Solutions This Summer.
Meet Content & Calm, the wonderful creators of these awesome TrayKits. There are 4 different designs, two for the girls and two for the boys. Each TrayKit costs a retail price of £24.99.

 Tray Kits are made for you too:

Take It - All-in-one kid’s carry-on backpack and play-tray solution – perfect

Pack It - Pens, paper, toys, electronic games, make-up, snacks... on the go fun – packed!

Strap It - On board, the TrayKit can strap to the tray table or hang from the seat in front in a car & opens up to reveal an expendable raised sides play surface - no more toys rolling on the floor! (Car hanging strap included.)
Not only do the TrayKits look fantastic but they also do their job so well. My three are having so much fun with theirs, each TrayKit gets used to carry their favourite things in when we go out and about. Ryan likes to put his crayons and paper in his along with his juice cup. Lily keeps her purse and dolls inside hers whilst Chloe hides her diary and iPad in hers. Each is used for different purposes but all are loved equally.

 My three often stay at their grandparents house which makes the TrayKits even more useful as they like to pick a few items to take with them. It's like their own little over night bags. I'd never heard of TrayKits before but I'm so glad that I did discover them as now we really couldn't be without them. The designs are so cute and my three really do love carrying them around. Even my little man Ryan carries his own everywhere, bless him.

From a parents point of view, TrayKits are amazing. They strap neatly onto the back of your seats allowing the children to play freely in the back. The tray sides keep everything on the tray and not on the floor which is a great added feature. The Tray Kits have rucksack style straps which make it easy for the kids to carry their own. I give the TrayKits a very well deserved 5/5 as they're just perfect the way they are. I wouldn't change a thing!

As well as TrayKits you can get gorgeous TrayKit Traveller Sets like these for £21.99. This set consists of matching Travel Tags, Passport Holder and Journal.

You can buy all of the above separately in all of the four available designs or you can get them all as one big set like this TrayKit Traveller Collection for £39.99. 

Check out the Whole Collection for yourself.