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My Family

Saturday, 7 July 2012

4M ~ Design your own Jigsaw Puzzle

Design your own Jigsaw Puzzle with 4M

Renowned for its highly successful 4M craft and science kits, Great Gizmos continues to take creative play to another level with exciting new additions for 2012. The Design, Paint or Make Your Own projects feature modern day twists on traditional crafts and are perfect for arty and creative kids. Amongst the many new items for 2012 is the Design Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle, which allows boys and girls to create their own puzzles with individual designs or secret messages, and colour them in for friends. 

My middle daughter Lily was very excited about this review  as she's now 5 and loves to jigsaws. She's quite a pro at doing them now as she's been doing them since she was just 3. Together we sat down at the table and took a look inside the box to see what we had to do.

Inside the box there are three plain jigsaw puzzles and 4 felt tip pens, So far so good. Lily took two of the puzzles and gave me one to try too, we all know how I like to have a go too. The felt tips worked really well and didn't run out even after colouring in three whole puzzles which I thought was pretty good. Lily really enjoyed herself and now has a new jigsaw to play with too.

 Lily made her first puzzle for Daddy which isn't surprising as she's such a Daddies girl. I wrote the words "I Love Daddy" for her and then she coloured it in and decorated her puzzle as she liked. I on the other hand went for a more simplistic design of balloons and banners which you can see below. It was quite nice to be colouring again, I had forgot how much fun it could be.

And finally, Here's Lily holding up the two finished puzzles to show you all.

The Design your own Jigsaw Puzzle kit was great fun and again such a wonderful yet simple idea. It's suitable for ages 3 plus and really does provide the kids with an hour or two of creative fun. Mummy Of 3 Diaries gives it a fantastic 5/5 and a big thumbs up. The only downside was we've run out of puzzles to do, Oh well. We might have to buy another kit so that we can do it all over again!

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