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Monday, 18 June 2012

What's Your Favourite Jelly Bean?

Introducing The Jelly Bean Factory - What's your favourite Jelly Bean?

With 36 Flavours to choose from - what's your favourite Jelly Bean flavour? 

Down at the Jelly Bean Factory they’ve got 36 great reasons to love Jelly Beans. Mad about  berrylicious flavours? Can’t get enough of tropical treats? Or maybe you go gaga over liquorice and cinnamon? Whatever tickles your taste buds, they've got a bean for it.

They're Jelly Beans are so yummy they're gobbled up in no time. Still, they have to keep them somewhere until you get your sticky mitts on them!

 They've got cups, tubes, boxes with windows, cans, triangle packs, canisters, jars, bean machines, all bursting with jelly goodness! 

Great for gifts, perfect for sharing, even better for just chomping yourself!

And to top all that they are kosher, halal compliant
and suitable for vegetarians.

This week I've had a very serious job to do, well maybe not but I did a have a very yummy job to do. I became an official Jelly Bean Factory, Jelly Bean taste tester. How lucky am I? I was sent three lovely Jelly Bean Factory products to try out, here's how I got on:

Here I have a 100g Tube of Gourmet Beans and a 200g Pot of the same. Both include a 36 flavour gourmet selection which I must admit taste amazingly good. There's so much choice to choose from but my favourites have to be the Marshmallow, which is too die for. The smooth Strawberry Smoothie and the Tasty Tropical Punch. I enjoyed almost all of the flavours, I'm not a fan of the Liquorice at all but that's not just in Jelly Beans. I hate Liquorice with a passion, It's just not for me. With 36 flavours to choose from, there really is something for everyone to enjoy. The flavours I may not like, someone in my family will so no beans go to waste.

The Jelly Bean Factory have introduced a new addition to their Jelly Bean range - The family fun filled Pop-A-Bean can. It's a cute little can filled with 125grams of delicious Jelly Beans.

The Pop-A-Bean can is great fun and very easy to use, you just break away the seal around the side and you're ready to go. You simply lift the little pink flap at the top and pull the pot upwards, this raises the whole pot of jelly beans so when you then drop the pot back down you are left with a jelly bean or two on the top to enjoy. What a novel idea, It gives you just one or two beans at a time which not only makes them last longer but also gives you the opportunity to savour each flavour individually. It's a great way of stopping you just taking a handful and popping them all into your mouth at once (which I do sometimes) which is very naughty.

The Jelly Bean Factory scores a massive 5/5 here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries. It's been great fun tasting them all and I must admit, Jelly Beans have never tasted so good!

Check out the Jelly Bean Factory for yourself and maybe let me know, What's YOUR favourite flavour?


  1. A Bottle of Whisky tweeted as @Deshumphreys xx

  2. A Bottle of Whisky tweeted as @Deshumphreys xx

  3. Fave Jelly Beans
    1. café latte
    2. coconut
    3. mint sorbet
    4. French vanilla
    5. strawberry smoothie

  4. There should be a rogue baked bean flavoured jelly bean that is hidden among the beans, disguised with a different colour!
    Oh, and cinnamon jelly beans should have a colour that stands out more. I can't tell you how many times I've bitten into a cinnamon bean that looks like a cranberry and apple bean. It burns my mouth :( I also dislike liquorice.