My Family

My Family

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My Monster Pet Igloo

Monster's Pet Igloo ~ 2 in 1 Cat Carrier & Loo

Last week here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries we welcomed a new member into our family. Meet Princess our new family pet, Isn't she lovely? Monster Pet Supplies helped us bring her home in style with the their gorgeous Cat Igloo which comes in a choice of four lovely colours. Luckily we were sent a nice pink one for our new girlie little Princess.

The Cat Igloo can be used as a cat carrier for when you need it and a cat loo which is pretty cool If I do say so myself. The whole design of the Cat Igloo is fun yet practical, it looks great and really does it's job well. Princess had a very comfortable and more importantly, safe journey home and now has an ultra cool private loo. There's no mess as they can't flick any cat litter out which is great. They get privacy and we get less smell, with the Monster Cat Igloo everyone's happy!

There's a huge safety handle at the top for good grip and three secure safety fastening clips at the sides and back to make sure your cat is safe at all times.

The Igloo Snow Silica Sand Pet Litter comes in 1.5kg bags for £7.58, this is what I used in her litter tray and It's really great. It doesn't smell and absorbs really well.  It's a soft white cat litter that looks just like snow! It's ideal for use with the Igloo 2-in-1 cat loo and carrier. It's a 100% natural litter made from only sand, water and oxygen.

Monster Pet Supplies have made our little Princess one lucky cat. She now gets to travel in comfort and style and enjoy her very own private loo.

Check out Monster Pet Supplies for all you pets needs!

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