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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

FitFolio Cases for the iPad 2

FitFolio cases for the iPad 2

It's a Stylishly slim iPad 2 case from Speck has a custom-fitting cradle and built-in multi-position stand which comes in a choice of five great colours.

A little bit more about the FitFolio :

They only fit the iPad 2.

They are Super slim, form-fit and functional.

The Custom-fit hard shell cradle holds your iPad 2 in place.

It's Padded cover folds into multi-angle viewing or typing stand for working, reading, gaming, presentations, and more.

A Two-way bungee cord keeps this iPad 2 case closed or secures cover to back of case when open.

"The slim, form-fitting FitFolio has your iPad 2 covered with serious protection and smart style. It features a custom-molded cradle with soft-touch matte finish that holds your iPad 2 firmly and safely in place. The vegan leatherette cover with soft microsuede lining provides padded protection--and folds into a stand with multiple angles for typing, video-watching, FaceTime and more. A two-way bungee cord keeps your FitFolio closed, or conveniently secures the cover to the back of the case when fully open."

Last week my eldest daughter Chloe was sent her very own FitFolio iPad 2 case to use on her own iPad. Being only 9 years old I often worry that she's going to drop it or damage it by not being careful. Until now she's had a plain, whole covering black case to ensure her iPad stayed protected at all times but now she has a super stylish Purple FitFolio and her iPad is still secure and safe. Chloe loves it, It's so much nicer than her old one and still does a great job of protecting her iPad. I must admit I've been pretty impressed with it to, I was a little worried as it was quite thin but we've had no problems what so ever. 

The FitFolio iPad cases are great. They fit nicely and look super. They keep your iPad safe and secure at all times and offer a great stand feature which comes in very useful. Here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries, Chloe and Myself gave them a fab 4/5.

My Monster Pet Igloo

Monster's Pet Igloo ~ 2 in 1 Cat Carrier & Loo

Last week here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries we welcomed a new member into our family. Meet Princess our new family pet, Isn't she lovely? Monster Pet Supplies helped us bring her home in style with the their gorgeous Cat Igloo which comes in a choice of four lovely colours. Luckily we were sent a nice pink one for our new girlie little Princess.

The Cat Igloo can be used as a cat carrier for when you need it and a cat loo which is pretty cool If I do say so myself. The whole design of the Cat Igloo is fun yet practical, it looks great and really does it's job well. Princess had a very comfortable and more importantly, safe journey home and now has an ultra cool private loo. There's no mess as they can't flick any cat litter out which is great. They get privacy and we get less smell, with the Monster Cat Igloo everyone's happy!

There's a huge safety handle at the top for good grip and three secure safety fastening clips at the sides and back to make sure your cat is safe at all times.

The Igloo Snow Silica Sand Pet Litter comes in 1.5kg bags for £7.58, this is what I used in her litter tray and It's really great. It doesn't smell and absorbs really well.  It's a soft white cat litter that looks just like snow! It's ideal for use with the Igloo 2-in-1 cat loo and carrier. It's a 100% natural litter made from only sand, water and oxygen.

Monster Pet Supplies have made our little Princess one lucky cat. She now gets to travel in comfort and style and enjoy her very own private loo.

Check out Monster Pet Supplies for all you pets needs!

Delicious New Seabrook Bread Crisps

Introducing The New Seabrook Bread Crisps

I'm a HUGE fan of crisps and do enjoy a packet of Seabrook 's every now and again but there's a new kind of crisp in town and I must say, It tastes great! The new Seabrook Bread Crisps are so delicious that I ate the entire drum all to myself, oops.  The breaded crisps are available in four variants: Farmer Fred's Cheddar Cheese & Red Onion, Trawlerman Ted's Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar, Fireman Frank's Sweet Chilli and Saucy Sue's Tangy. They come in 100g drums which is the perfect size for sharing but If you're like me: you won't want to share.

I was sent a drum of Farmer Fred's Cheddar Cheese & Red Onion flavour to test out and I must say they are so delicious. The bread crisps are like tiny little bites of flavoursome heaven. I enjoyed every one! The flavours are fantastic and the bread pieces them selves are so crunchy and tasty. One you taste one, you will want more. I would stop and tell you more about them but I'm in a bit of a hurry, I have a bus to catch so I can go get some more!

I LOVE these new Seabrook Bread Crisps - They get a HUGE thumbs up from me. They were so good in fact, I even ate all the crumbs from the bottom of the drum! 

Monday, 25 June 2012

The Mob!lers Check out the Leeds Olympic Torch Festival

This weekend the Mob!lers checked out the Leeds Olympic Torch Festival.

This weekend the Samsung Mob!lers and I headed to the Leeds Olympic Torch Festival. This was a pretty big event and Coca Cola were given the lead sponsorship role but Samsung stood their ground and took pride and place down the right hand side of the main stage. 

With an expected crowd size of 30,000 people the Leeds Olympic Torch Festival was a huge deal for the big brands and companies sponsoring it. There was three brands there this week; Samsung, Coca Cola and Lloyds TSB. I had a good look around and checked out what each was getting up too. I must add, I had a Fantastic day!

Samsung had a Samsung GALAXY Note Studio where people could get their picture drawn by an artist using the Samsung Galaxy Note in a characterised style, the pictures I saw were looking pretty great. The cues were very long but we kept the crowds company whilst they waited. Samsung also had a separate line of people waiting to get their photograph taken with an Official Olympic Torch. The line was a little long for me to get mine done so I was very jealous of all those lucky people who did get theirs. Maybe next time ;)

Samsung's Flags flew high around the sides of the Samsung area. Everyone waved Samsung Flags and banged together Samsung's Bam Bams which were a huge hit with the kids and adults alike. Normally the Samsung stand would also have a PIN (pop up Samsung store) where visitors could pop in and play with the actual devices them selves and not just Demo Models like most shops will have. Unfortunately due to the weather and heavy rainfall which had fell in the days before, it just wasn't safe enough to put it up which meant that poor Leeds missed out this time. But fear not, the crowds all still looked like they were having a great time at the Samsung stand, smiles and cheers filled the air as local families came together to celebrate and anxiously await the arrival of the Olympic Flame.

The Coca Cola stand offered free bottles of coke to anyone who cued up for one, free frisbee like drums for others who played their selected games and also offered people the opportunity to get their photographs taken with an Olympic Torch. There was a happy vibe around the stand but the cues were very long. A little too long which was a little off putting.

The did have a team of promotion like staff running around in a really random way trying to get the crowd to join in with their crazy antics. One group were doing silly dances with flags whilst another was playing imaginary basketball. Mob!ler Stacey did have a go and made us all laugh. Such a random thing to see but so much fun to watch. You can see Stacey sporting a blue Samsung jacket amongst the Coca Cola reds.

The Lloyds TSB stand was a little more quiet, it too had a cue of people waiting to have their picture taken with an Official Olympic Torch but then it had a Charity based feature where people could fill out a small card and then post it into one of four slots, each of which was allocated to a local charity. One ticket was to be drawn out at random and that charity was going to get a lovely 5,000 pounds but not only that, the person's ticket they pull was going to win a Fantastic prize of 4 Olympic tickets. I quite liked this idea as there was something in it for the crowd yet it was a great way of raising funds for the local charities too.

Once we'd checked out all the brands had to offer we decided to head down to the stage area, we were so lucky and got to enter the VIP section to watch the show. The Leeds headliners of the Samsung Show was Twist and Pulse and the awesome Diversity. They both put on an amazing show and the crowds went wild. 

So overall we had an Amazing day! You can see the Mob!lers next weekend when we join in with the Birmingham Olympic Torch Festival. If you're a Samsung fan or a WANTED fan then you don't want to miss it. The Samsung Mob!lers are going to do Samsung proud!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Check out the Celebrity's Space Hoppers Auction & help raise funds for Barnardos #Charity

Celebrities have come together to design Space Hoppers to raise funds for children’s charity Barnardo’s

Celebrities including Jeff Brazier, Chloe Sims, Eliza Doolittle and Georgia Salpa have come together to showcase their creative talents by customising space hoppers as part of a national online auction to raise funds for children’s charity, Barnardo’s. 

Live now, the auction on Ebay is part of the Mini Babybel ‘Bounce for Barnardo’s’ space hopper charity activity, which recently saw a new World Record being set by a nine year old Londoner, Skylar Kelly. Skylar managed to bounce 50 metres on a space hopper in an astounding 28.51 seconds at the recent Mini Babybel event, hosted by Jeff Brazier. 

People at home can also get involved by biding for their favourite celebrity-designed space hopper. And all funds will go directly to Barnardo’s to enable the charity to continue its mission to transform the lives of more than 190,000 children and young people in the UK each year. 

Adorned with feathers, glitter, boggly eyes and even a bikini, each space hopper has been personally designed by the following celebrities.  But which celebrity space hopper will fetch the most money for Barnardo’s?

How Can You Join in?

Bounce for Barnardo’s Auction Details:

Live at Ebay – links found on

Open from Thursday 21st June for 10 days

All funds raised from the auction will go directly to Barnardo’s

For those who want to try their own hand at the bouncy sport, Mini Babybel is giving away 15,000 bouncy space hoppers to cheese lovers across the country until early July 2012.  Just collect up to four special packs of Mini Babybel (24 little cheeses in total) and enter the codes on to claim a free space hopper*, complete with fun stickers to personalise it.  It sounds like lots of fun. 

Monday, 18 June 2012

It's Surprise #Competition Time

Win A Surprise Box Full Of Goodies!

It's been a little while since I ran a nice competition so here goes, who wants to win a box full of surprise goodies? I'm not going to tell you what's in the box but I will tell you that you won't be disappointed if you win! I'm going to keep it simple and run it until the end of the month to make sure everyone has time to enter. So, how do you enter?

To ENTER - Simply make sure you FOLLOW my Blog and then leave me a single comment answering the following question - 

What would you like to find in the box?

For an Extra Entry you can:

 Tweet the following tweet and then leave me a separate comment letting me know you have done so.

"I want to #win the Surprise Box with @MummyOf3Diaries & @v82chris "

This Competition will END on Saturday June 30th
1 winner will be drawn at Random using Random.Org
Open to the UK and Ireland only



Congratulations x Please DM me (@v82chris) Your details.

What's Your Favourite Jelly Bean?

Introducing The Jelly Bean Factory - What's your favourite Jelly Bean?

With 36 Flavours to choose from - what's your favourite Jelly Bean flavour? 

Down at the Jelly Bean Factory they’ve got 36 great reasons to love Jelly Beans. Mad about  berrylicious flavours? Can’t get enough of tropical treats? Or maybe you go gaga over liquorice and cinnamon? Whatever tickles your taste buds, they've got a bean for it.

They're Jelly Beans are so yummy they're gobbled up in no time. Still, they have to keep them somewhere until you get your sticky mitts on them!

 They've got cups, tubes, boxes with windows, cans, triangle packs, canisters, jars, bean machines, all bursting with jelly goodness! 

Great for gifts, perfect for sharing, even better for just chomping yourself!

And to top all that they are kosher, halal compliant
and suitable for vegetarians.

This week I've had a very serious job to do, well maybe not but I did a have a very yummy job to do. I became an official Jelly Bean Factory, Jelly Bean taste tester. How lucky am I? I was sent three lovely Jelly Bean Factory products to try out, here's how I got on:

Here I have a 100g Tube of Gourmet Beans and a 200g Pot of the same. Both include a 36 flavour gourmet selection which I must admit taste amazingly good. There's so much choice to choose from but my favourites have to be the Marshmallow, which is too die for. The smooth Strawberry Smoothie and the Tasty Tropical Punch. I enjoyed almost all of the flavours, I'm not a fan of the Liquorice at all but that's not just in Jelly Beans. I hate Liquorice with a passion, It's just not for me. With 36 flavours to choose from, there really is something for everyone to enjoy. The flavours I may not like, someone in my family will so no beans go to waste.

The Jelly Bean Factory have introduced a new addition to their Jelly Bean range - The family fun filled Pop-A-Bean can. It's a cute little can filled with 125grams of delicious Jelly Beans.

The Pop-A-Bean can is great fun and very easy to use, you just break away the seal around the side and you're ready to go. You simply lift the little pink flap at the top and pull the pot upwards, this raises the whole pot of jelly beans so when you then drop the pot back down you are left with a jelly bean or two on the top to enjoy. What a novel idea, It gives you just one or two beans at a time which not only makes them last longer but also gives you the opportunity to savour each flavour individually. It's a great way of stopping you just taking a handful and popping them all into your mouth at once (which I do sometimes) which is very naughty.

The Jelly Bean Factory scores a massive 5/5 here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries. It's been great fun tasting them all and I must admit, Jelly Beans have never tasted so good!

Check out the Jelly Bean Factory for yourself and maybe let me know, What's YOUR favourite flavour?

Monday, 4 June 2012

The #Samsung Galaxy #S3 - Review

The Samsung Galaxy SIII 

Designed for humans - Inspired by nature

Ok so let's check out what's in the box, I have the Marble White version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII which is lovely. You might be holding out for a Pebble Blue version which is gorgeous too but not as sexy as the White. I had the Galaxy SII in white so this is a good progression step for me.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII runs on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and boasts a fantastic 4.8"
HD super Amoled screen. On first impressions I LOVE the feel and design of this phone, It's so smooth. Just so nice to stroke, that might sound a little weird but if you've held one, you'll know exactly what I mean. The GSIII has a 2100mAh Battery and a super fast Quad Core Application Processor - which makes internet browsing, game playing and pretty much every action you do on your new phone just super fast. Let's see the size closer up:

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is only 8.6 mm's thin and feels so lightweight, weighing in at just  133grams. It's 70.6mm wide and 136.6mm's tall. It's a pretty awesome size. The phone itself isn't actually much bigger than the previous Galaxy SII but the screen itself it a lot bigger, clever stuff. I'll show you what I mean which a quick comparison shot.

The Galaxy SII is shown on the left whilst the new Galaxy SIII is on the right. The SIII is so much nicer to look at with it's rounded edges and smaller home screen button. What do you think?

The Galaxy SIII has a fantastic camera with super fast opening speeds of less than a second so no more missing those important shots you want to take. The rear camera is an 8MP camera while the front is a 1.9MP. The camera does some pretty amazing stuff on the SIII though like the Smart Stay feature which allows your phone to monitor your eye movements and keep the phone on whilst you are looking at it, no more going dim whilst you are reading or playing a game any more. Just pure, Galaxy SIII enjoyment. The Camera now has a Best Shot feature where 8 shots are taken in a row and then you are shown the best photo to use, how cool is that. You can also take lots of other great photo's using some of the other wonderful features but I will talk more about them a little later on.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII comes in 16 / 32 / 64GB Memory - I have the 16 GB version.

I've made a chart to show you all the specifications in one place, it might make it easier for any comparisons you want to make or see:

Network/Bearer and Wireless Connectivity
GSM, HSPA + 21
EDGE/GPRS (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHZ)
HSPA + 21 (850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100)
WiFi Direct
DLNA, MHL 1.0, HDMI 2 Support
KIES, KIES Air support
Operating System
Android 4.0 ( Ice Cream Sandwich )
720 x 12800 (HD)
Quad Core Application Processor
1.4 GHz CPU Speed
USB 2.0
3.5 pi 4pole, Stereo
Micro SD (up to 64GB)
Micro USB available
MHL available
Physical Specification
8 Mega Pixels Camera Resolution Rear
1.9 Mega Pixels on Front
Accelerometer, Geo-magnetic, Gyro, RGB light, Barometer Sensor
Assisted GPS / GLONASS available
Pebble Blue or Marble White
Audio and Video
MPEG4, H.264, H.263, VC-1, DivX, VP8, WMV7/8, Sorenson Spark, DivX 3.11
Full HD (1080p) Video recording & Playback
Recording up to 30fps
MP3, AMR-NB/WB, AAC/AAC+/eAAC+, wma, ogg (vorbis), FLAC, AC-3, apt-x
Services and Applications
Samsung Apps available
Dependant on region
Game Hub
ChatON available
ActiveSync available
B-to-B compatibility: Sybase / Webex / Device encryption / Cisco etc.

I think that pretty much covers the basics of the Samsung Galaxy SIII for now. I can tell you it's a pretty awesome device! It has so many amazing features and lots of cool accessories but I will be talking about them at a later date. The Samsung Galaxy SIII has got to be top of the Phone wanted list right now, I know I would be on it if I didn't have mine already ;)

So what do you think? Do you think the Galaxy SIII sounds like the perfect phone for you??
If you have any questions about the GSIII please do ask, I'll be happy to help.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Samsung Mob!lers & The Olympic Torch Relay In Liverpool

This Weekend The Mob!lers Hit Liverpool For The Olympic Torch Festival

It's been a VERY busy weekend for us Mob!lers as not only did we all head up to Liverpool to Demo at the Olympic Torch Festival, we also got our brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 's!! 

We arrived in Liverpool late on Thursday night, enjoyed a quick catch up and a delicious meal out together which is always fun when your in the company of the Mob!lers. We played with our new toys ( Ours Galaxy S3's ) until late into the night, well It was just too hard to put them down. I will be telling you more about the Awesome GS3 in my next post but for now lets get back to our fun filled trip to Liverpool.

Friday morning was spent seeing the sites of Liverpool and drumming up support for the new GS3 whilst we were at it. We staged some great photo shots and really just had a great time. The sun was shining and all was good in the Mob!lers land. Check out some of our shots:

This shot has to be one of my favourites, us Mob!lers really do know how to get into the tightest spots, Mike even managed to squeeze into this bin which was very amusing. Later in the day we headed to the Festival site which was at the Pier, a beautiful spot to hold it if I do say so myself. The Mob!lers were all Branded and dotted around the Samsung Stand. We had lots going on at our stand, You could win Olympic Tickets by simply showing your support for the Samsung Sponsored Olympians which was great fun as I got to see meet so many lovely people.

We had thousands of visitors to the Samsung PIN where everyone got to play with the new Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note for themselves, there was lots of excitement inside. Visitors could get their photo's taken with the Official Olympic Torch or get their Characterised photo drawn on a Galaxy Note which was pretty awesome, I know next time I'd like mine done. Unfortunately we didn't quite get enough time on this leg of our tour. 

Check out the Awesome reflection in the PIN. You can see the crowds passing by in the reflection, I was told that there had been 21,000 visitors that day which is pretty cool. I helped manage the cues, handed out lots of freebies and got to show off my new Galaxy S3 to anyone who wanted a go. The atmosphere was electric and everyone had a great time. It was fantastic to see so many people turn up to support the Olympics and see the Torch at the Festival. Everyone was dressed up and waving flags and banners and streamers, it was a truly beautiful day. The sun shone on us all day and everyone had a great day. 

Up on the main stage the crowds enjoyed dancing acts and local group acts as well as the main guys Twist and Pulse. The Wombats also played live which was so amazing, the tunes were rocking! Liverpool was just the first of five Olympic Torch Festivals that us Mob!lers will be attending and reporting about. Unfortunately I won't be attending the next leg in Edinburgh but I'll be back with the team in time for Leeds. So watch this space more Olympic Torch Relay fun and so much more of our Mob!lers antics.

Now who's ready for meet the Samsung Galaxy S3??


Silent Sunday - 03/06/12

Silent Sunday