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Friday, 18 May 2012

The QuickSmart Easy Fold Stroller

The QuickSmart Easy Fold Stroller

The QuickSmart Easy Fold Stroller is said to be unlike any other on Earth. Its revolutionary new folding system is ready to go in seconds. Check out My Review and see how we got on but be prepared for the truth. What you see is what you get with me.

First off, How it comes. Lets see the Box and what's inside:

The box isn't very big which is a great start, It instantly shows how small the Stroller will be. It's not too heavy either as I managed to lift it to bring it inside after my delivery guy dropped it off at my doorstep for me. Very helpful guy (not) Good job it was light otherwise it would have been a shuffle and pull job. 
Inside the box, this is the first view you get. Everything is neat and compact and looks great. It's all wrapped safely in a clear plastic covering with the instructions manual placed on the top which makes life a little easier as it means no digging through the box to find it. The manual clearly states that no assembly is required which was awesome news and then meant I could freely just pull out the stroller from the box, knowing lots of bits wasn't going to fly everywhere.

Here's a closer look at how it looks once out of the box. It's small, very neat and compact. You get the Easy Fold Stroller, a rain cover and an easy to carry case/bag. What do you think so far? I must admit at this stage I was pretty excited and also very impressed with what I'd seen so far.

It was easy to put up, I simply flicked unfolded the front and flicked out the lower end. It was very straight forward and I had a brand new stroller up and ready to use straight from the box in minutes. That is impressive!

The seat has a nice pattern on it and a 5 point harness for added safety. You have two slots at different levels so you can adjust the straps depending on the age or size of your child. Ryan is almost 2 years old now so I instantly moved my straps up to the higher level to give him a longer length strap for more room and comfort.

This picture shows the foot rest bar which is quite far out at the front of the stroller. It's just about the right size to rest their little feet on but unfortunately Ryan's little legs aren't long enough just yet. Luckily for him he likes to sit with his feet up anyway so it's not a problem and with most strollers the child's legs often just hang down over the seat. There are 4 small wheels at the front as you can see, they can be set to straight or swivel which is always a nice option to have.

This rear view picture shows you the rear wheels which there is two of and these are much larger than the front ones. The Brakes can also be seen here, they're little red levers that work very well. There's one on each side but worth together so you only have to press your foot down on one of them and they both work. I took the Stroller on the bus last week on a shopping trip to test out how good the brakes are. I activated the brakes and then left Ryan sat in his stroller whilst I took a seat next to him. We managed a whole bus journey with his stroller staying firmly in one place. I didn't have to get up and hold onto him at any point so the brakes work very well. They passed the moving bus test which is always the best way in my opinion to see how well they work. 

The QuickSmart Easy Fold Stroller has a basket but it's very small. I managed to hold a nappy and a pack of wipes in it but then it's full.  It's not great if you want to carry a lot with you on a day out as this stroller also has a bar handle to push it which means you can't hang bags on your handles either. With no handle bars or shopping basket it does make life a little harder. I found myself using a JD style bag where I could put what I needed in it and then hanged it over the handle bar. It wasn't great but it did the job.

This shot shows the high handle bar which I found made pushing the stroller a bit more comfortable but I have always liked my handles high. You can also the strollers hood which is actually very large. When it's down it covers the whole of the child inside which can be great for blocking the sun and even the rain. There is a lift up flap on the top of the hood which allows you too look through and check on your child which is a nice little added feature although myself and Ryan use it more often to play "Peek A Boo" but we're just silly.

Here's Ryan getting comfortable in his new QuickSmart Easy Fold Stroller. He seems to really like it, I've been giving him the choice of which stroller he'd like to use each day and so far this week, he's chosen the QuickSmart every day. I have to be honest and say that compared to my Nuna PEPP the QuickSmart stroller is a little harder to push and control. I've found myself turning when I've wanted to go straight and then not turning when I've wanted to. The front wheels seem to get stuck sometimes as they are quite small which can be a pain but overall it's a fantastic stroller.

QuickSmart Easy Fold Stroller. It's very stylish and looks great, I've had several compliments on it this week already. Everyone has wanted to know what it was and where I got it from, which is great I guess.
I would score it a 3/5 but I think Ryan would score it a 5/5 as life inside it is much more comfortable than life pushing it I guess. 

You can find Where You Can Buy one depending on where you live in the world. For the UK they are available through Mookie Toys and Amazon.

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  1. Oh I'm just about to post a piece on finding an easy fold stroller for use on the tube and your blog came up on google!

    How easy was this to fold? and would you think you be able to use it on a tube or train?