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My Family

Monday, 21 May 2012

It's Time For Bella To Take Over The Blog

Your Mission - Should you choose to accept it: 

"Here is your very own parcel from Monster, make sure you keep it all to yourself and either give them all a good 'go' at the same time or savour each on it's own, It's your choice! We know you'll review with as much honesty as possible, we are sure you are that kind of dog"

Hmmm ... Sniff Sniff ... I wonder what's inside the box? It smells kinda ... funny! Oooh here comes Master now. I'm sure she'l open it for me. Are you ready??

WOW, check out all them toys! Are they mine? All mine? *wags tail with excitement. I'm one lucky girl, I am. Master can I have a closer look? Can I? Can I? Please!

Oooh we're moving, I wanna see, slow down, I can't see. ( follows master into the garden ) The garden must mean playtime - Yippee, lets go.

Oooh let me at them, let me at them! There's just so many, what do I choose? Let me have a good sniff and I'll tell you. I have it, I have the one I want. Wahoo, Come catch me. ( Running off with my new stuffed friend )

Check out my new buddy - a Happy Pet Migrator Mallard Plush Dog Toy he looks like loads of fun. Fluffy, squeeky and easy to kill. Wahoo he was fun, well for the whole ten minutes of play I got before I did this - Oops I didn't mean to, he just wasn't built for a jaw like mine I guess. Shame really as he was my favourite too. He got a 5/5 for fun but sadly a 1/5 for life as he fluffed it pretty quickly. Ten minutes with me and he was done.

Ok so the Mallard's fluffed it, what's next? Let me see, back to the box. Hmm, second favourite has gotta be the Good Boy Mighty Beast It's pink and girlie like me for a start. It's chewy and firm and has a hole in it too, ooh wonder if master will put some treats in there for me. 

I like this toy, well I did until I chewed all the nobly bit off it ( haha ) I couldn't resist, they were just there and I really couldn't stop myself. Oh well, another one half eaten. Least I still have the body of it to come back to later. Not sure how long it will last with me though, It's putting up a good fight so far but I'll get there. He got a 3/5 for fun and a 3/5 for life as he's still standing ( for now ) There's a bit more play left in this one still.

Master must love me, I have so many great new toys. Just look at me in the garden enjoying the sun today, It's been the best day of the summer so far!

Okay, so what's left? What haven't I sniffed at yet. Oooh what's that one? Master says it's a KONG Extreme , that looks interesting or at least it will when It's not empty. Kongs are great when they're full but pretty boring when they're empty. Guess I'll come back to this one later when master fills it up. Hope she does it soon, I'm hungry. Is it dinner time yet?? Fun rating - When full - a 5/5 but when empty a sad 1/5. Life rating though 5/5, I don't think I'll be destroying this one any time soon, It's a tough old nut!

Ok where was I? The mallard fluffed it and the Mighty Beast is leggless, the KONG is empty ( boohoo ) which leaves ... the bones! Hmm, now what am I supposed to do with these. I can't eat them, they don't roll or move! They just kinda sit there and do nothing, am I missing the point? 

Master's threw them a few times but to be honest I don't wanna fetch them today. Maybe tomorrow. I never say never. There's two of them over there, a large Happy Pet Tough Toy Rubber Bone 8" and a Nylabone Chicken Bone For Powerful Chewers Small. They're both pretty boring to me, I don't like bones unless I can eat them that is. They're made well, Master says they're very tough and will last forever. I say they'll last forever because they're just gonna sit right there! I don't like rubber bones, did I mention that? Hmm ... Is it dinner time yet?? I'm hungry. Fun ratings 1/5 - I don't like bones, they bore me. Life rating, 5/5. They're gonna last for a long time, they are. They're pretty tough looking, I may have a go at them next time I get bored but not today as I'm all played out. *Yawns , I'm so tired, I am.

It's been a long day but It's been fun. Thank You Monster Pet Supplies for my awesome mission. It's been so much fun, I've not played like this in ages. We must do it again some time. But next time, NO bones okay! Woof!

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  1. Brilliant post :)The Migrator got what for! Unfortunately I don't think there is such thing as a super tough plush to withstand some gigantic chewing!

    Glad she looks like she's having fun, good post!

    With love from Monster