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My Family

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Introducing EQ8 ~ a natural energy drink

EQ8 ~ a natural energy drink

Introducing EQ8 ~ It's a natural energy drink which contains no synthetic ingredients and contains less than half the amount of caffeine found in other energy drinks. It contains natural caffeine derived from the green cocoa been.

It also comes in two great tasting variants - Cranberry & Apple (one of your five-a-day) and Orange & Passion Fruit. All made from natural fruit juices too! EQ8 can give you a natural lift that is sustained rather than a quick burst of energy. Perfect for us Busy Mums who are always on the go when we're dashing around after the kids all the time. But if you're like me and care about what you're putting in your body, then these new EQ8 Energy drinks could be just what you need.

I used to love Energy drinks regularly but after discovering how much sugar and caffeine they contained I tried to avoid them, until now. The EQ8 range looks great and tastes pretty nice too. I was sent two flavours to try out for myself, Cranberry & Apple and Orange & Passion Fruit. Both were delicious, real fruit flavours with that added energy boosting bonus. I did prefer the Orange & Passion Fruit myself as I'm not a huge fan of Cranberry but both tasted fine. I think I would definitely buy them to drink again. I gave EQ8 a well deserved 4/5 and a fab thumbs up.

EQ8 is now available to buy in selected Morrison's and Sainsbury's stores nationwide.

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