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My Family

Monday, 21 May 2012

Fathers Day Gifts From The Cocoon Collection

The Cocoon Collection - Fathers Day 

Dad's Beer Festival

If you're looking for something special this Fathers Day then look no further than Cocoon Collection. The gifts are stunning! There's something for every Dad out there. My Dad, LOVES Beers which is why I chose the Dad's Beer Festival gift set. Doesn't it look fantastic. It has all my dads favourite things in it. Beer, Savoury Biscuits, Pickles, Mustard and more Beer!

The best thing about Cocoon Collection is the wrapping and packaging. Their gifts are wrapped to perfection. It arrived beautifully wrapped in a gorgeous gift box with blue ribbon - the gifts were presented in blue shredded tissue paper inside a large white gift box, finished with a hand tied blue organza ribbon and a personalised gift tag. All of which was then wrapped in a Huge white box, sealed with a gorgeous blue bow. I'll show you just how good it looked:

I'm actually away on Fathers Day this year so today we decided to celebrate our Fathers Day a few weeks early. Cocoon Collection made my Dads day! Just look at the suspense on his face as he opened his gift. He was like a big kid at Christmas. 

The Dad's Beer Festival Gift box contains a dazzling array of presents for Dad:

A Dad Pint Glass - a lovely keepsake especially for his favourite beer!
A bottle of Old Hooky - a 500ml bottle of premium real ale!
A bottle of Badger’s Legendary Hopping Hare Ale - decidedly drinkable, with a crispness to be savoured.
A bottle of London Pride - a bottle of pride to savour from Fuller's
Savoury Biscuit Selection - the perfect partners for cheese.
A jar of Sweet Onion Relish - by Mrs Bridges. A relish which cries out to partner cheese.
A jar of Dijon Mustard - smooth & strong. Just how a mustard should be.
Purple Ronnie’s Reasons Why You’re a Super Dad - the perfect little book for the perfect super dad!

Cocoon Collections offer Superb gifts, amazing packaging and Top quality products. Their gifts are sure to make anyone lucky enough to receive one smile. The only small downside is the price, the Dad's Beer Festival gift box costs £39.99 which is quite a lot to pay for the 8 items you receive. You cannot fault the products or the gift as a whole so I guess you are paying the higher price for the great service. 

I loved the gift and I know my Dad did too but would I pay £39.99 for it? I'm afraid I wouldn't as I don't really have that kind of money to spend on a Fathers Day gift. In my family we normally stick to a limit of around £20 so that we all spend the same. Gifts and presents don't matter so much in our family as it's always the thought that counts! 

Cocoon Collection offer gifts of all sizes and all price ranges so please don't be put off ( as I know I'm often a little tight) Why not have a look for yourself and check them out. You can find Cocoon Collection on Twitter where who knows, you might even win a great gift for yourself! If you're not on Twitter then pop on over to Facebook and check them out there!


  1. That looks fab! The kind of gift my dad really appreciates - but I agree the price is a little too much for me. I'm very thrifty and would probably look for something similar for a lower value, however if I had money to spend perhaps I'd splash out on this :)

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