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Monday, 21 May 2012

Are Huggies Pull Ups The Perfect Training Pants?

Huggies Pull Ups 

Ryan is almost two which means the dreaded "Potty Training" battle is about to begin. Ryan being my only son has got me a little worried, my girls were so easy to potty train. I have my fingers crossed Ryan will pick it up just as well. Ryan's not quite ready to start his official potty training just yet but we thought we'd try and get him used to wearing some big boy pull ups instead of his usual nappies. Here's how we got on:

Huggies Pull Ups come in Disney Princesses for girls and Disney Cars for boys. They're very cute for throw away training pants. Ryan loves Cars so these were a huge hit with him straight away. He loved stepping into his new pants, he lets out a little giggle every time. It's like he thinks they're naughty as he gets out of having to wear a nappy which he's starting to dislike as he often pulls it off *sighs. I thought I might be safer with these but unfortunately he can pull these off too, little monster. I can see I'm going to have quite a challenge on my hands this time around.

The Pull Ups themselves are great. They look good and they don't cost too much to buy. They hold their contents quite well but not as well as a nappy but I guess that's to be expected as they're not nappies. They're training pants, they're made for catching the odd accident and not every wee. Overall Ryan is happy to wear these Pull Ups, they haven't caused any irritation or skin problems. They're easy to step into and even easier to rip back off. They're quick and easy to dispose off too. Ryan and I gave Huggies Pull Ups a fab 4/5.

Huggies Pull Ups also come in "Night Time" pants. Again, they look great and are very easy to use but as Ryan isn't quite ready for full on Potty Training these aren't quite for us yet as they fill quite quickly and then leak if not changed. This wouldn't be a problem for children who do use the potty but for Ryan, it's just a little too soon.

If you're like me and worry about when to start, You can check if you're child is ready for Potty Training over at the Huggies website. There's plenty of tips and hints available too. 

So, Are Huggies the perfect training pants?? Yes but only if your little one is ready for it.

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