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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Welcome To Woolenstocks

Introducing Woolenstocks & Woogo

Woogo was in search for comfort and healing for his sore feet in the Himalayas. He came across a tribe of merry people who were dancing around a little house in their village. They were wearing the most colourful and delightful slippers he had ever seen.
The tribes-people saw Woogo with his painful feet and provided care for him. They got their group of skilled artisans to stitch up a new and special pair of slippers for Woogo. After a few days of hand-crafting the slippers, and hours of love and attention invested in the making of the slippers, they placed them onWoogo’s feet. He immediately began to feel better and the next day, he too, joined in the festive dances. Woolenstocks, the slippers, had nurtured him and he was grateful for this unique discovery.
Woolenstocks are 40 hours of pure love and effection. They are all hand made and very unique. Specially crafted with wool and fibres to keep your feet warm and cosy. There's so many wonderful designs and styles to choose from, for adults and children alike.

These are the beautiful "Little Woogos Donkeys" They are 100% Felt wool and fake fur made by hand. Each slipper takes 40 hours to make. The colours and stitching will always vary as they're all made unique. This is great if you're looking for something special and different, these are a real one of a kind which makes them so amazing. Ryan was sent a pair to try out which are so cute. I think they are really adorable, the little donkeys are so sweet and fluffy. They did make me smile. Ryan on the other hand was a little wary, he's not used to wearing such decorative slippers and so he thought they were a toy. After getting him to wear them for a while, he did get used to them and soon learnt they they were in fact made to be worn on his feet. He wore them indoors, around the house and they kept his little feet nice and warm and snug. I think he actually quite likes them now that he's got used to them.

Woolenstocks don't just make slippers, they also make outdoor boots. These are a pair of Adult ones that I was sent to try out for myself. First off, I loved the colour, they're so pink and girlie which I really love. They have a solid base and beautiful embroidered patterns up the side. The cute flowers on the front are also a great added girlie touch. There are loads of Adult boots to choose from, there really is something there for everyone. You might not like bright pink as I do, but fear not - there are lots of more neutral colours for you. I wore these out to show them off the day that they arrived but unfortunately it rained and I got all wet. I had no idea if my new boots were going to be waterproof and keep my feet dry but I soon found out. These ones aren't waterproof, my poor feet soon became very soggy and wet which was a shame as I was enjoying the warmth from the wool, keeping my tootsies toasty. They are lovely boots, very unique and really different which I like as I like to stand out from the crowd. I put my boots on top of my radiator to dry out which they did after a few days and I've learnt I won't be wearing them outside when it's raining again. 

I love the styles and the concept behind Woolenstocks boots and slippers. I gave Ryan's Donkey pair a fab 5/5 but unfortunately I scored my adult outdoor boots a 3/5 as the whole soggy feet thing really put me off. I had imagined that the warm,cosy outdoor boots are meant for winter really which normally consists of lots of rainy days here in England. So it's just a shame that I can't wear them all winter long as I would have liked. Something as beautiful as these should be shown off all year round.

You can check out Woolenstocks on Twitter @Woolenstocks or Like them on Facebook.

I was sent a pair of each of the slipper/boots that I reviewed above for free for the purpose of this review but this does not in any way influence my review. All the opinions and views expressed are my own.

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