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Monday, 2 April 2012

Meet Abigail - Hallmark's Newest Story Buddy

Introducing Abigail - The Perfect Easter Gift for your little bunnies. Meet the latest addition to join Hallmark's Story Buddy Range.

Abigail is the perfect gift for your little bunnies this Easter, she's a real girls’ girl. She loves tea parties and playing dress up and through her adventures learns the vital life lesson that being herself is the absolute best she can be.
Abigail comes complete with her own story book, ‘Abigail and the Balance Beam’ which follows the chatty bunny trying to make her mum extra proud of her by performing gymnastics. As passages from the book are read aloud, Abigail springs to life and joins in the story!

Additional books featuring the exciting adventures of Abigail are also available including, ‘Abigail and the Tea Party’; a tale of a special tea party hosted by Abigail’s mummy and ‘Abigail and the Lost Purse’ which follows the discovery of some dress up clothes that later turns into a fun girlie game. 

Hallmark's Story Buddy's are a wonderful idea. They're soft and cuddly like a normal bear but they interact with a story book that comes with them. My Lily is only 4 and is currently learning to read at the moment. I helped her with this story as it does have some bigger words than she's used to. The story is delightful, it's about a chatty little bunny trying to make her mum extra proud of her by performing her favourite hobbies, gymnastics. As you read certain passages from the book out loud, Abigail springs to life and joins in the story! She has many cute little phrases which she says as you read the highlighted bits of the story. They appear in a different coloured text at the bottom of each page like shown in the next picture. It's a good idea as Lily knows which parts Abigail is going to respond too.

We had a lot of fun reading with Abigail, she really does bring the stories to life and makes reading out loud that little bit more special. I have found that Lily loves to make Abigail talk though and has memorised the highlighted parts and sits there saying them over and over again. It's very cute ( also cheating ) but I'm trying to encourage her to try reading the whole story.

We LOVE Abigail and think she's adorable. She's a great way to get your children to read out loud. Here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries we give her a huge Thumbs up and a very well deserved 5/5. She'd be the perfect Easter gift this year if you're looking for an alternative to chocolate.

She is priced at £19.99 and Abigail is available from April 2012 in Hallmark stores and at Hallmark. The additional books for Abigail are also available from the same outlets priced at £5.99 each.  

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