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My Family

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Make it, Wear it, Share it with My Clippy

An exciting and stylish new addition to the Flair Create portfolio is My Clippy. Inspired by designer Calypso Rose and her stylish plastic pocket bags and accessories, My Clippy allows girls to design and create personalised cards that can be displayed in the clear pocketed accessories provided in each set. Each product comes with a different theme, from vintage to disco, allowing girls to mix and match themes between sets to create their own unique look!

For spring, fashionistas can pick from a range of accessories to display their card designs, choosing from a bag with a removable strap which can become a pencil case with the Bags Of Style Kit.

The My Clippy bag can be a handbag or a totally YOU pencil case. We love being unique! The brighter and louder the better. Create fantastic My Clippy art cards with these cool papers, templates and embossing tool. For extra style add your own photographs and pretty bits to the cards - no two will ever be the same. Share and collect your My Clippy art cards and customise your My Clippy bag. Keep your bag looking cool and stylish by changing it every day!

Priced at £14.99 you get a fab box full of creative goodies to keep your budding designers entertained. My Chloe is 9 years old now and she loved this. It's lots of fun and really easy to use, she managed to create her bag all by herself. No adult help was needed which was great for me as I could just leave her to it. I've never heard her so quiet, she sat at the table and got stuck in, it was rather nice to get some peace. The only problem was, I only had one kit which meant my 5 year old Lily threw a big tantrum because she couldn't have it. We were kindly sent a Clippy Bags Of Style kit for the purpose of this review and must add, that were so pleased we were. It's a fab little toy and well worth the money. Not only does it help your children to be creative but it's also lots of fun and you get to show off what you've made at the end. The bag is designed so that you can create new looks over and over again so the fun doesn't have to end.

The My Clippy Bags Of Style kit got a huge thumbs up from my girls!

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