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Friday, 20 April 2012

Green Science - Windmill Generator

Windmill Generator

You can build an amazing wind turbine and learn about renewable energy with this Windmill Generator kit! Watch the LED light glow as it is powered by free energy from the wind. Earning the Teacher's Choice Award 2009 in Learning Magazine, the Windmill Generator is a superb gift that makes learning fun. The Make a Wind Turbine kit includes an experiment guide for making a Windmill Generator that lights an LED lamp. Get some high voltage inspiration with a science game that kids will learn from and love. The science experiment contains a rotor, tail, toy motor, housing, LED lamp, screws, fun facts and detailed instructions. Learn about how we can produce wind power through wind turbines, without the need for batteries!

The picture above is what's inside the box.
The picture below is what it should look like once it's all put together.

It's a pretty cool way of getting up close and personal with science and seeing how it really works. A great family activity that also helps your kids learn at the same time. I must admit I generally avoid toys / kits like this as I'm simply just not very good with them. But from  experience I've found, It's always the toys I don't like, that the kids love. This was no different. To me it was fiddly with lots of odd pieces but to my kids it was an exciting new challenge. It doesn't cost a lot to buy, it's available on line from as little as ten pounds which isn't a lot really for the hours of amusement you get out of it. If you're kids like building and creating, or simply love to see how things work. Then this is the perfect toy for you!

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