My Family

My Family

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Family Time at Frankie & Benny’s

Frankie & Benny’s have launched their new Menu's so we Today we paid them a visit to check them out.

We went to our nearest Restaurant which is the Frankie & Benny's Erdington next to the Showcase Cinema's which has a great location on a main road and next to a great entertainment venue. On arrival we were greeted warmly and shown to our table. The kids were each given a "Hobbies Juniors Fun Pack" which was a great little activity pack which included a puzzle book,a multi coloured pencil crayon and a Puzz-L Game. The kids were quite pleased with these and they came in handy later on.

The New Menu's looked pretty tasty and there really was a lot to choose from so even fussy eaters like myself had a tough job deciding. My other half has a BIG appetite and normally goes for the Mixed Grill or a big steak but they were quite pricey - over £20 in fact so he opted for the BBQ Double Cheese Burger instead and I chose a safe option, Chicken Carbonara.

My Chicken Carbonara looked fantastic, it got top marks for appearance! It also tasted pretty good too. I love Pasta and very often go for the pasta options at any meal we go for so I've had my fair share of good ones and bad ones. I can honestly say that this dish was great. Lots of tasty pieces of chicken which were good sized chunks not hidden little pieces. The pasta was cooked perfectly and the sauce was plentiful but not too much so. I really enjoyed my dinner, it was very satisfying. My other half had mixed opinions on his meal though as he was a little disappointed with the portion size of his meal. He likes a big dinner so maybe this wasn't the best place to bring him for dinner. He did however really enjoy his burger, the home cooked style burgers were very tasty and went down a treat. He had to say that his meal definitely was quality rather than quantity but he could have eaten a bit more, a few extra fries on his plate might have helped.

There was 2 Children's Menu's. One for Kids which was for small children like my Ryan who is aged 2. This option costs £3.95 and you get a choice of meals, a drink and a dessert. There is then a Juniors Menu for hungrier kids which costs £7.55 and also includes a drink and a dessert. I bought two of these for my girls who are aged 4 and 9. The meals were a good size but too me all 3 were exactly the same size - there was no difference between Ryan's Kids portion and Chloe's Junior portion. Just over £4  more in price though. Chloe chose the Junior Chicken Pasta Bake and Lily went for the Junior Hot dog. Ryan had the Kids Chicken Pasta with a Cheese sauce.

All of the kids meals were very nice, they looked great and tasted really nice too. The kids were more than happy to finish all their dinners. We had no trouble with any of their meals at all. The girls really enjoyed their desserts too, one had a Kids Brownie Sundae and the other 2 had a Kids Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae. The Sundaes' came with a cute little packet of chocolate buttons too with the kids though were great. Ryan loved these! A great little added touch. The Menu also says that there is FREE Apples for all children too but unfortunately when we asked for one we were sadly told that they had run out and didn't have any more. Ryan loves apples so this would have been a nice treat for him, maybe next time.

Our overall Experience of Frankie & Benny's was one of delicious food and friendly service. The waiters / waitresses were very helpful and accommodating. One problem we did have was the wait for our food. Unfortunately it took a good 40 minutes before our food was served. It was a good job we had those activity packs to keep the children entertained as it was hard work trying to get them all to stay seated and sit still for such a long period of time. Once the food arrived it was all great in flavour and taste, maybe a little small in portion sizes in some of the meals and I did feel the Junior meals maybe lacked a side with their pasta dishes. ( Just my opinion ) For £7.55 I would have expected that Chloe's Pasta Bake maybe had come with a piece of Garlic Bread or something to go with it seeing as Lily's Hot dog had fries and dips as well as a pot of fried onions. If I was going to visit Frankie & Benny's again I would definitely buy 3 Kids meals and not the Junior ones as I felt that they were no different in size just a big difference in price.

Our Receipt was as followed, this will show you a full price list as it was:

1 Junior Chicken Pasta Bake - 7.55
1 Kids Lemonade - 0.00
1 Kids Brownie Sundae - 0.00
1 Junior Hot dog - 7.55
1 Kids Lemonade - 0.00
1 Kids Ice Cream Sundae - 0.00
1 Kids Chicken Pasta - 3.95
1 Kids Blackcurrant Juice - 0.0
1 Kids Ice Cream Sundae - 0.00
1 Coca Cola 16 oz - 2.45
1 Lemonade 16 oz - 2.45
1 Dough Balls Side - 3.95
1 Onion Rings Side - 3.95
1 Chicken Carbonara - 9.95
1 BBQ Double Cheeseburger - 12.95

Total Costs - 54.95

For a Family meal for 2 adults and 3 children the total was a bit higher than we normally pay but we was in an Italian Restaurant so we had expected the prices to be a bit more. The food was good, the service was great and we would definitely go again. Just next time it's going to be a meal for 2 and no kids.

You can check out Frankie & Benny's New Menu's for your self on line!

We were given a £50 voucher for the purpose of this review but all the photo's taken and opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I love Frankie and Benny's and always find it good value for a family meal out!x

  2. Hi, Thanks for your comment :) We did have a great meal - It was delicious x I'd love to visit more but with having 3 kids I guess I won't be able to afford it too often ;) x

  3. I was surprised by the burger photo. At our local F&B you get loads more chips with a burger. Now our son is bigger and eats an adult meal, we only get the set menus, which are really good value!

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