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My Family

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Prawn Cocktail Pom-Bears

Introducing New Prawn Cocktail Pom-Bears

There's a New Flavour of in town. Pom - Bear has added Prawn Cocktail to its already delicious line up of flavours! and We were sent a bag to try. We regularly enjoy a bag or two of Pom - Bears in our house, we love the Cheese & Onion flavour the best. They're simply yummy. I buy these as they are suitable for all my children now matter their age of what eating stage they are at. Pom - Bears are made to melt in your mouth and come in awesome teddy bear shaped crisps. Perfect for any child or adult in my case as I enjoy them too. I quite like Prawn Cocktail flavour so I was very excited when I heard that Pom - Bear were adding it as their new flavour.

Delicious and crunchy but no sharp edges. Great tasting crisps that the whole family can enjoy. Need I say more? Attractive logo's and brightly coloured packets, all helps to stand out on those crowded supermarket shelves. We've always bought Pom - Bear crisps in my house and will definitely continue to do so. I think we're gong to have to start buying the Prawn Cocktail as well as the Cheese & Onion from now on. 

Each bag contains less than 100 calories, are suitable for vegetarians and are gluten free too. You can buy them from most leading supermarkets and they cost just £1.39 for six packs! What a bargain.

The Teddy Bear shaped potato snack gets a fab thumbs up and a very well deserved 5/5 from everyone here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries!

We were sent a sample of these Prawn Cocktail Pom - Bears to try for the purpose of this review for free but this does NOT effect my views as all opinions expressed are my own.


Silent Sunday

Welcome To Woolenstocks

Introducing Woolenstocks & Woogo

Woogo was in search for comfort and healing for his sore feet in the Himalayas. He came across a tribe of merry people who were dancing around a little house in their village. They were wearing the most colourful and delightful slippers he had ever seen.
The tribes-people saw Woogo with his painful feet and provided care for him. They got their group of skilled artisans to stitch up a new and special pair of slippers for Woogo. After a few days of hand-crafting the slippers, and hours of love and attention invested in the making of the slippers, they placed them onWoogo’s feet. He immediately began to feel better and the next day, he too, joined in the festive dances. Woolenstocks, the slippers, had nurtured him and he was grateful for this unique discovery.
Woolenstocks are 40 hours of pure love and effection. They are all hand made and very unique. Specially crafted with wool and fibres to keep your feet warm and cosy. There's so many wonderful designs and styles to choose from, for adults and children alike.

These are the beautiful "Little Woogos Donkeys" They are 100% Felt wool and fake fur made by hand. Each slipper takes 40 hours to make. The colours and stitching will always vary as they're all made unique. This is great if you're looking for something special and different, these are a real one of a kind which makes them so amazing. Ryan was sent a pair to try out which are so cute. I think they are really adorable, the little donkeys are so sweet and fluffy. They did make me smile. Ryan on the other hand was a little wary, he's not used to wearing such decorative slippers and so he thought they were a toy. After getting him to wear them for a while, he did get used to them and soon learnt they they were in fact made to be worn on his feet. He wore them indoors, around the house and they kept his little feet nice and warm and snug. I think he actually quite likes them now that he's got used to them.

Woolenstocks don't just make slippers, they also make outdoor boots. These are a pair of Adult ones that I was sent to try out for myself. First off, I loved the colour, they're so pink and girlie which I really love. They have a solid base and beautiful embroidered patterns up the side. The cute flowers on the front are also a great added girlie touch. There are loads of Adult boots to choose from, there really is something there for everyone. You might not like bright pink as I do, but fear not - there are lots of more neutral colours for you. I wore these out to show them off the day that they arrived but unfortunately it rained and I got all wet. I had no idea if my new boots were going to be waterproof and keep my feet dry but I soon found out. These ones aren't waterproof, my poor feet soon became very soggy and wet which was a shame as I was enjoying the warmth from the wool, keeping my tootsies toasty. They are lovely boots, very unique and really different which I like as I like to stand out from the crowd. I put my boots on top of my radiator to dry out which they did after a few days and I've learnt I won't be wearing them outside when it's raining again. 

I love the styles and the concept behind Woolenstocks boots and slippers. I gave Ryan's Donkey pair a fab 5/5 but unfortunately I scored my adult outdoor boots a 3/5 as the whole soggy feet thing really put me off. I had imagined that the warm,cosy outdoor boots are meant for winter really which normally consists of lots of rainy days here in England. So it's just a shame that I can't wear them all winter long as I would have liked. Something as beautiful as these should be shown off all year round.

You can check out Woolenstocks on Twitter @Woolenstocks or Like them on Facebook.

I was sent a pair of each of the slipper/boots that I reviewed above for free for the purpose of this review but this does not in any way influence my review. All the opinions and views expressed are my own.

The Land Of Sometimes ~ Review & #Competiton

Join The Magic Journey of The Land Of Sometimes

Over the ocean, far away, there is a magical place called 'The Land Of Sometimes' where four seasons pass within one day, and everyone who lives there has a song...

What an Enchanting little CD, It's fun filled with amazing songs and melodies where you can tag along with Alfie and Elise on their Magical journey.  Whether you like  Reggae or Disco, Irish Folk or Jazz. This CD has it all! Each song tells the story of one of the adorable characters, The main characters are the Dreamy Elise who loves Sandcastles but hates tomatoes, She's a make believer and joins her best friend Alfie on this magical adventure. Alfie is your typical boy, he likes catching spiders and playing outdoors in the grass. He really dislikes the smell of boiled cabbage ~ ewww. The pair are wonderfully illustrated and really come to life throughout this story. It's enchanting and dreamy, just what every child loves.

There are 31 songs on this CD, that's a lot of lovely music to listen too. Perfect for those rainy days or even something different for bed time. Recommended for ages 2 - 99 it's suitable for everyone. No ones too old to enjoy this, I'm sure you'll all be singing along in no time. Just like we did. Lily adores this CD, The Land Of Sometimes is really different to any of her other Cd's. It's a real delight, a pleasure to listen too. Even I enjoyed it. Their Website is also delightful, It's bright and engaging and full of fun things to do. You can learn about all your favourite characters and check out the map of the Island. There's also pages you can colour in, in the Things To Do section. If your children love stories and listening to music then this CD is the perfect combination of the two and could be ideal for you. It's available to Buy for £8.99.

We will treasure our Land Of Sometimes CD for many moons to come. It's a magical adventure that the whole family can enjoy. We love ours and know you would too which is why we have a copy to offer one of you. Yes, that's right. You can win your very own Land Of Sometimes CD. 

The Giveaway: Simply use the Rafflecopter form below.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Sainsbury’s Bank Family Blog Awards

Sainsbury's Bank Family Blog Awards
To celebrate the launch of Sainsbury's  blogger network, they're looking to find some of the best family blogs - If you think I could be one of your ten favourites I'd love it if you could spare a quick vote for me. I wouldn't normally ask but after attending Blog Camp Uk last weekend I've decided I'm going to stand up and be proud of my blog and put it out there more.

Any votes for my blog will be very much appreciated but please don't feel like you have too. It's completely up to you but Thank You in advance for those of you that do.

You can VOTE from here.

Thank You from Mummy Of 3 Diaries.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

All new FleaClear - effective & affordable

All new FleaClear - effective & affordable

If I told you that cats and dogs catch fleas – you would not be surprised. If I told you that FleaClear uses Fipronil, the same active ingredient as Frontline, but costs a fraction of the price – you would be! 

FleaClear, launched by pet healthcare specialist Bob Martin, is as safe and effective as those products available fron the Vets or Pharmacies and can easily be purchased as part of the weekly shop at major supermarkets and pet stores.

Spot on is very convienient as it has an easy to use pipette which can be opened one handed which is great when you have a wriggly pet like mine. The solution should be applied liberally at the base of the neck and between the shoulder blades. It's very easy to do and then the fleas will be kept away for 5 weeks for cats and 8 weeks for dogs. We've used FlearClear for cats on our beloved moggy Garfield and he's now flea free and happy as you can see for yourself below. 

He sleeps inside on our settee most of the time but I don't mind any more as after using FleaClear, I'm confident that there will be no fleas left behind. 

A flea free moggy and a flea free home - yippee.

Pickle Pie Frames

A Smile with Pickle Pie

A few weeks back I received a lovely gift from a company called Pickle Pie, I was asked for a list of my 10 favourite things and told I'd be sent a small gift soon. I had no idea what to expect as I'd not heard of Pickle Pie before so when a lovely little frame turned up I was pleasantly surprised. My 10 favourite things had been put into a cute little frame just for me. How lovely, my own personalised little frame just for me.

Pickle Pie is where you can create your very own personalised prints - unique gifts literally jam packed with love! You simply tell them some nice things about the person you want your gift for, memories maybe or fun words that are special to you. You then pick a frame , size and colour and wait ... not very long but long enough for your frame to be made with love and delivered to your door. They're very cute and make really sweet gifts, Get you precious memories placed into a frame and keep them safe forever. 

Disclosure: I was not asked to write this post, It was a gift that I liked and I simply thought I would share with you.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Father's Day Gifts With The House Of Marley

The House Of Marley ~ Perfect gifts for your Father this Fathers day.

If your Dad likes music with a bit of bass then he'll love these funky new headphones to listen to it on. The House Of Marley offer superior sound quality, they're made with durability in mind. They're made for active people to fit in with their constant motions and fast flowing lifestyles. They're Earth Friendly as they use natural, earth friendly and renewable materials in all of their products and packaging: such as sustainably sourced FSC-certified woods, organic cotton and recyclable aluminium. 

Marley products support 1Love, the Marley family charitable organisation. This global movement is dedicated to supporting youth, planet and peace. The House Of Marley offers a fantastic range of headphones suitable for every budget. If you're looking for a pair for Fathers Day then I think that the House Of Marley Smile Jamaica In Ear headphones could be perfect. They're priced around £20 and look great, check them out for yourself.

They may be small but they make big noise. With the Smile Jamaica in-ear headphones, what you see is what you get. They've stripped the in-ear headphone down to it's essence and built it back up by using natural materials and recycled plastics. The music shines through crisply and even though it's small, the bass vibrates. 

They are available in 4 different coloured designs and have a 52" fabric covered code which helps to reduce tangles and are specially engineered to cut down on static so that you get a clear sound. All the colours are great, they're bright and vibrant and very stylish. They're made to be noticed, so if that sound s like your Dad - why not treat him to a pair this Fathers Day.

Disclosure: I was sent a set of Smile Jamaica headphones for the purpose of this review. It does not influence my views in any way. All my opinions are my own and I am no way influenced by this.

It's Bath Time With H&A

Bath time adventures with Disney's Cars and Spongebob!

H&A is bringing a three-strong range of toiletries to the market which is sure to get kids diving into the bath tub at lightning speed. The New range features a Lightning McQueen wash buddy, a 500ml bath & shower gel, and for the first time, a fun ‘build your own car’ to encourage co-ordination and creativity during bath time play. Prices range from £2 to £4 with products being suitable for children aged three-five years.

The Lightning McQueen Wash Buddy costs £4 and will be available in all leading supermarkets. You can Race around the bath tub with this plush Lightning McQueen Wash Buddy Made from water friendly soft fabrics that doubles as a fun wash sponge.

The Build your own bath time Cars costs £3 and is available since March in Available in  leading supermarkets. This ‘build your own bath toy’ product, aids coordination and creativity with pop out foam pieces which can be slotted together to create a floating car. 

Last but not least the Lightning McQueen Bath & Shower Gel costs £2.00 and will be available from May. It's a specially formulated and subtly fragranced bath and shower gel perfect for livening up the everyday wash routine. The 500ml bath and shower gel is mild and gentle enough to be used every day and suitable for all ages.

The shower gel is nicely decorated and produces lots of fun filled bubbles. It smells nice but not too strong and is very gentle to the kids skin. Ryan loved the Lighting McQueen bath buddy, It's a great little bath time toy. It's like a plush teddy that you can take into the bath with you. It's fab and for the low price it's a bargain. Building our own car was fun but didn't last long as my little man Ryan is a rough little thing. He pulled it apart a bit too hard and tore it, I think he's settling into his Terrible Twos a little early. Oh well, It was fun while it lasted.

 H&A is set to also please SpongeBob fans with three new, novelty washing and bathing products. The new range features a SpongeBob Sponge, a magically expanding facecloth and a 500ml bath & shower gel which are sure to delight little faces. Prices range from £1.70 to £2 with products being suitable for five – seven year olds.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Fun Bath Sponge costs £1.70. The sponge, which is presented in eye-catching, novelty ‘Square Pants’ packaging is sure to provide lots  of fun washing and playing in the bath tub. It's brightly coloured and asda little fun into your childrens bath time. 

The SpongeBob SquarePants Bath and Shower Gel costs £2.00 and will be available from June. Again it's a specially formulated and subtly fragranced bath and shower gel perfect for livening up the everyday wash routine. The 500ml bath and shower gel is mild and gentle enough to be used every day and suitable for all ages.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Marine Madness Magic Facecloth costs £2.00  and is available from April. It's a novelty cube shape facecloth featuring the many faces of SpongeBob! The new design magically expands when placed in water to make cleansing more fun.

We had great fun with all of them, the expanding facecloth is very cute and great to watch as it's first opened. The bath and shower gel is bubbly, nice smelly and kind to skin which is all of the things I'd expect it to be. The sponge is bright and eye catching and also very useful, It makes getting my little man to wash his face that little bit easier.

All of these products have been brought to our favourite supermarkets by H&A.

Disclosure: I was sent a selection of the above as samples for the purpose of this review but it does not affect my reviews. All my opinions are my own and written of my own free will.

Squeeze & Stir With Heinz

Squeeze & Stir With Heinz

Heinz Squeeze& Stir is the first range of instant cup soups to offer one of your five-a-day and can be created simply and quickly, providing real soup goodness in an instant. They are different to traditional cup soups, as Heinz Squeeze & Stir is made from concentrated purees to create a thick and delicious soup that’s packed full of flavour and vegetable goodness. 

There are four varieties to choose from: Cream of Tomato, Minestrone, Mediterranean Vegetable and Cream of Tomato with Basil. They all contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. All are low in fat and unlike any other instant cup soup on the market, provide one of your five-a-day. And the best news? All you need is boiling water, a mug and spoon!

We were sent 3 delicious soups of our own to try out and I must say I quite liked them. They are easy, quick and taste good. I couldn't ask for anything more. These are perfect for popping in your bag for a nice warm lunchtime treat at work, on a trip to nanny's or even just at home when you fancy something quick and easy. Heinz Squeeze & Stir soups are yummy, a lip licking thumbs up from me.

Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 is Coming!

Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 - May 3rd

There's only 11 days left until the Latest Galaxy device will be UN veiled. Are you as excited as I am? I love my GSII so much and really can't wait to see what Samsung have come up with to beat it. No one knows what the new Galaxy phone will be called yet, It might simply be the GSIII or it could have a whole new name altogether. It's all so mysterious at the moment. There's been several leaked videos and plenty of fake ones too but no one knows for sure what it's going to be like just yet. If you want to hear and see all the latest news and teasers first then you can check out Samsung Mobilers new Unpacked site, TheNextGalaxy.Com I've registered already and can't wait for the next video and I'm sure I'm not the only one!

Who wants to see their Teaser Video? You can check it out right now!

It's a pretty dramatic video and doesn't really give us any clues yet but it has me hooked. I'm now counting down the days until I finally get to be a part of this BIG event. As a Samsung Mobi!er I will be there on the day - I'm very privileged and also very excited. So stick with me and check out the updates for yourself, I'll try and keep up :)

Cillit Bang Winners

The 5 lucky winners of a Cillit Bang Starter Kit each from my Cillit Bang Competition are:

1 - @joanna_kow

2 - @gholmes724

3 - @dawncosten

4 - @7hippopotamus

5 - @linziwoopp

Congrats To All 

Either Email me your address at


DM me on Twitter @v82chris

Sunday, 22 April 2012

My New & Exciting RMA Williams Jewellers #Competition

I LOVE RMA Williams Jewellers! I bought my very own Thomas Sabo charm bracelet from the very store. The store itself is run by a lovely couple and I can't recommend them enough. They're stylish and contemporary and most importantly they offer a friendly and very helpful service. They have a very wide range of products on offer but my fave has to be their extensive Thomas Sabo collection, It's amazing! I'm a huge fan of the Thomas Sabo jewellery as It's so much fun, It's fresh and unique and really looks great on my wrist. Thomas Sabo is widely available on the net but I found that  RMA William Jewellers offered very competitive prices. I couldn't find them lower any where else, they even have sales on sometimes where charms are sold off for almost half the reccomended retail price! I'm constantly watching their site for their fantastic deals.

Isn't this just gorgeous? This Thomas Sabo Pearl Bracelet is being kindly offered as a prize for one of you lucky, lucky readers. I'm so jealous of you all, It's an amazingly beautiful prize! Who wants to win this cultured pearl bracelet? The bracelet comes with a branded Charm carrier which can carry up to 3 additional charms, but what would you choose when there's just so many wonderful charms to choose from.

Would you go for a Good Luck Charm like I do? This Horseshoe Thomas Sabo Charm 0376 is beautiful.

Or something simple and pretty like this Thomas Sabo Pearl Charm 0558 ?

Or how about adding some Bling to your Pearls with the Thomas Sabo Butterfly Charm 0455 ?

They're all Beautiful! If you would like the chance to win this Gorgeous Thomas Sabo Pearl Bracelet from the lovely RMA Williams Jewellers ~ You can enter by using the Rafflecopter form below. Please do give me a shout if you get stuck or need any help, I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on this amazing opportunity to add to your own Thomas Sabo collection or maybe help to start yours off.


Silent Sunday

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Make it, Wear it, Share it with My Clippy

An exciting and stylish new addition to the Flair Create portfolio is My Clippy. Inspired by designer Calypso Rose and her stylish plastic pocket bags and accessories, My Clippy allows girls to design and create personalised cards that can be displayed in the clear pocketed accessories provided in each set. Each product comes with a different theme, from vintage to disco, allowing girls to mix and match themes between sets to create their own unique look!

For spring, fashionistas can pick from a range of accessories to display their card designs, choosing from a bag with a removable strap which can become a pencil case with the Bags Of Style Kit.

The My Clippy bag can be a handbag or a totally YOU pencil case. We love being unique! The brighter and louder the better. Create fantastic My Clippy art cards with these cool papers, templates and embossing tool. For extra style add your own photographs and pretty bits to the cards - no two will ever be the same. Share and collect your My Clippy art cards and customise your My Clippy bag. Keep your bag looking cool and stylish by changing it every day!

Priced at £14.99 you get a fab box full of creative goodies to keep your budding designers entertained. My Chloe is 9 years old now and she loved this. It's lots of fun and really easy to use, she managed to create her bag all by herself. No adult help was needed which was great for me as I could just leave her to it. I've never heard her so quiet, she sat at the table and got stuck in, it was rather nice to get some peace. The only problem was, I only had one kit which meant my 5 year old Lily threw a big tantrum because she couldn't have it. We were kindly sent a Clippy Bags Of Style kit for the purpose of this review and must add, that were so pleased we were. It's a fab little toy and well worth the money. Not only does it help your children to be creative but it's also lots of fun and you get to show off what you've made at the end. The bag is designed so that you can create new looks over and over again so the fun doesn't have to end.

The My Clippy Bags Of Style kit got a huge thumbs up from my girls!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Green Science - Windmill Generator

Windmill Generator

You can build an amazing wind turbine and learn about renewable energy with this Windmill Generator kit! Watch the LED light glow as it is powered by free energy from the wind. Earning the Teacher's Choice Award 2009 in Learning Magazine, the Windmill Generator is a superb gift that makes learning fun. The Make a Wind Turbine kit includes an experiment guide for making a Windmill Generator that lights an LED lamp. Get some high voltage inspiration with a science game that kids will learn from and love. The science experiment contains a rotor, tail, toy motor, housing, LED lamp, screws, fun facts and detailed instructions. Learn about how we can produce wind power through wind turbines, without the need for batteries!

The picture above is what's inside the box.
The picture below is what it should look like once it's all put together.

It's a pretty cool way of getting up close and personal with science and seeing how it really works. A great family activity that also helps your kids learn at the same time. I must admit I generally avoid toys / kits like this as I'm simply just not very good with them. But from  experience I've found, It's always the toys I don't like, that the kids love. This was no different. To me it was fiddly with lots of odd pieces but to my kids it was an exciting new challenge. It doesn't cost a lot to buy, it's available on line from as little as ten pounds which isn't a lot really for the hours of amusement you get out of it. If you're kids like building and creating, or simply love to see how things work. Then this is the perfect toy for you!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The ghd Peacock Collection

The ghd Peacock Collection

The ghd Peacock Collection is the very latest hair styler from ghd and is available in three colourways: deep amethyst purple, rich emerald green and dazzling sapphire blue. Each Peacock collection features a ghd Gold Classic styler with coloured plates and accents and a protective plate guard, along with a luxe storage bag and roll mat. They're Gorgeous!

My Fairy (Hair) Godmother Regis have waved their magic wand and granted my very own set of Purple Peacock ghd's. I am in ghd heaven!  From the moment they arrived, I was in love. I've never seen such a stunning set of ghd's in my life, they are so lovely. I used to straighten my hair just once a week but since these arrived I must admit I've been doing it a lot more often. Well, I just can't help myself. Any excuse to get them out is well worth it.

 The new Peacock ghd's feature:

Professional Finish
Smoother plates
Cooler, lighter body
Ceramic heaters and contoured plates
Sleep mode

I loved my old Original ghd's but no where near as much as I now love my new Purple Peacock ones. They make my hair so soft and shiny and super straight in just seconds. My hair is long but that's no problem for these, they just glide straight through. I'm in total awe of them, they really are stunning!

For £119 you can get:  these ghd Purple Peacock Limited Edition, a Protective plate guard, a Embroided Heat Resistant Roll Bag and Free delivery is available online. 

The ghd Peacock Collection is available from Regis Salons and you can 
find your nearest salon HERE

Making Lunch Time Fun With Heinz Moshi Monster Pasta Shapes

Heinz launches Moshi Monster Pasta Shapes

As well as containing one of your five-a-day Heinz Moshi Monster Pasta Shapes offer a versatile, no fuss mealtime solution. So whether they’re topped on toast, covering a jacket potato or as a side accompaniment to a classic kids’ dish, Heinz Moshi Monster Pasta Shapes are a handy, healthy option. They're one of your Ive a day too!

We were sent a sample which arrived this morning just in time for lunch so we decided to give them a try. The tin is cute, decorated nicely with a picture of the newest craze Moshi Monsters. I emptied my tin into a saucepan and heated slowly for just over 5 minutes until it was all warmed through. The pasta shapes went into the pan looking great, funny monster shapes with real character designs but I'm afraid they didn't quite look the same when they came out. I did stir them quite a lot which meant I accidentally broke all the shapes up but not too worry, they still taste the same. I served Ryan his lunch, Sausages, toast and Heinz Moshi Monster pasta. Yum, he looked pleased.

They went down a treat, the perfect (easy to make) Monster lunch for my very own little monster. Ryan was happy enough, his lunch was all eaten in no time and this Mummy is now happy that he's full up until dinner.

Heinz Moshi Monsters Pasta Shapes will are available in Tesco, Morrisons and Asda from March and have an RRP of 49p. I think this Mummy needs a trip to the supermarket.