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Monday, 5 March 2012

Xia Xia Interactive Hermit Crab and a Confetti Cottage Review

 Xia Xia Interactive Hermit Crab and a Confetti Cottage

Meet Xia-Xia the interactive hermit crab. Character’s new Xia-Xia range has already entered girls’ hearts and taken the UK by storm! With Xia-Xia girls can enjoy the super-silly, skitter-scattering hermit crabs whilst encountering a new world of micro collectibles.

There are four Xia-Xia in the initial collection each with its own detachable hermit shell which houses a micro collectible friend. The shells can be moved from one character to another, with eight additional shells and friends to collect to build a girl’s Xia-Xia collection. Xia-Xia is fun and unpredictable; with just a squeeze to their pincers, these cute crustations will scuttle along and at quite a pace. If you’ve ever tried to catch a crab at the seaside you’ll know what we mean!

Xia-Xia live in a carnival world of playsets too. Choose from the Confetti Cottage or experience the Rio de Trio Village with its kooky under-the-sea styling! Alternatively, try the CopacabaƱa Playset, Its big enough for a whole family of Xia-Xia to live in and has lots for these inquisitive little crabs to explore! 

We were sent our very own Xia Xia Crab and Confetti Cottage free for the purpoe of this review. Lily, my 4 year old daughter was delighted when it arrived. She loves toys that she can carry around so this little playset was perfect for her as it has a nice big handle on top of the Cottage which means it can be carried around easily.

It's aimed at girls aged 5 plus and these interactive skitter-scattering crabs are ideal for little girls who love collectables and micro toys! There are  4 Xia Xia crabs in the initial collection and each crab has an interchangeable removable shell that can be changed from one character to another. Each housing a micro friend too. These fun, cute crustations live in the Confetti Cottage in the Caribbean and will scuttle along like a real crab. You simply tap their claws and off they scuttle, forwards and backwards as they bump into things. They're actualy very cute.

The crabs are very bright and colourful. Lily really likes them. I wasn't too sure at first as too me, the little playhouse is just a room with a door, not much else really. Lily on the other hand seemed really pleased with it. She carries that little playset around the house with her like it's her new handbag. Any toy that makes my Lily happy, makes me happy. She's one tough cookie to please as she has so many toys that she gets bored very easily. She's had her Hermit crab and Confetti cottage for over two weeks now and is still playing with it which is a good sign. She hasn't managed to break it yet either. Lily is quite rough for a little girl so most toys don't usualy last very long in her accident prone hands.

Lily loves the Xia Xia playset even though she doesn't quite know how to pronounce it. She referes to it as her Pinky Crab now lol

You can check out all the new Xia Xia Pets on their cute website.

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