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Monday, 5 March 2012

Wild Science - Lip Balm Laboratory Review

Wild Science - Lip Balm Laboratory

Wow Wild Science  has a Brand New Lip Balm LaboratoryIt allows girls to make their own fruity lip protectors, shimmering balms and most importantly solar lip screens to protect against UV rays. Using industry-standard ingredients, girls can create an infinite variety of custom bases that can be displayed in a real compact. It's aimed at children aged 10 and above and looks pretty cool.

Chloe was really excited when this arrived. She loves lip balms and couldn't wait to get started. She was very interested in how it was going to be made. At one point she did make me laugh, she said "Mum this is like science" I did have to giggle but I just replied "Yes Chloe it is". We had to wait til little man Ryan wasn't around so that we could do this together as he's always trying to get hold of things that he shouldn't.

Here's what inside the box:

You have everything you need to make your very own lip glosses for your very own compact. You can just see the concentration on Chloe's face below.

Here's some of the things Chloe had to do. The steps were very easy to follow. A simple picture guide of step by step instructions which anybody can follow, even me.

We must say, we had lots of fun. It was great learning how something is made and even better is that you then get to use and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Chloe loves her new lip balm compact. She's trying to use it all up really quick just so that we can do it all over again and make some more. Here's how Chloe's first attempt turned out, it's not perfect but I think she did pretty well.

Here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries I gave the Wild Science Lip Balm Laboratory a well deserved 5/5. It's a great activity for all young ladies. Not only does it help them to learn whilst they create but it provides them with an understanding of what they are actually using too.

Wild Science has lots of other great activity sets in their range. Why not check out their products online.

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