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My Family

Monday, 12 March 2012

A Parenting Dilema - Am I over reacting?

Am I over thinking things?

Today has been a STRESSFUL day! All was well until I picked my girls up from school. Chloe, my 9 year old daughter has been talking about a boy in her class a lot recently. Saying things like "He told me he's got a crush on me" It's got me a little worried and really on edge.

Well anyway, Today - Chloe comes out with this boy and puts me on the spot asking "Can I go to NO NAME house today?" The boys Mum was standing there next to me saying Yes , sure that's fine but my head was screaming NOOOOOOO! I totally panicked and told Chloe that we were busy and she couldn't go today but maybe another.

Once we got home I completely lost all sense and told Chloe she's NEVER going to go to his house as I don't want her in boys houses. I feel like I may have completely over reacted and dealt with this whole situation completely wrong.

I know she's 9 but I just don't want her alone with boys in their houses at this age. Am I being wrong or thinking too much into it? Kids these days are always talking about things that they really shouldn't. I don't want my little girl growing up too fast.

What would you do, would you let her go? I would love your opinion on this matter. It's really stressing me out as I know she's going to ask again soon and next time, what am I going to say?


  1. I think it is very harmless hun, I remember beth used to play with boys and girls, and did actually have a bf in junior school, so to speak, it was really friends. If chloe wants to see the boy after school again, why not have him to your house, where you can keep an eye on things and monitor the situation. You will see how they play together and then take it from there.

  2. I see your point hun, your a much calmer person than me. I can't believe I totaly freaked out. Maybe it is just innocent, I could arrange a day next week and invite him over to ours. He only lives across the road you see. Thanks for your help Cathy x I really do appreciate it x

  3. I can see why you reacted the way you did huni. I think it's a very good idea to invite him over to your house and that way you can keep an eye on them and see what he is like and how they interact together xx

  4. Thank you Nicola, I have calmed down a lot today and guess I can see it from the other side now. I'm thinking of inviting him over for dinner one day next week. I'l let you know how it goes lol x