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Thursday, 29 March 2012

New Anti-Stress Q-Link Pendant

New Anti-Stress Q-Link Pendant

Being a mother can be a stressful job, juggling a career, household chores and kids can be tough. When I was told about the Q Link Pendant I wasn't quite sure what to make of them. Would they really work? How could they combat stress? I thought I might as well give them a try as I had nothing to lose. First off I'll tell you a bit about them.

Q-Link is designed to balance and strengthen the body’s energy system to give greater focus, less stress and aid restful sleep for better performance and productivity every day.

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Brand new to the UK the Q-Link range of well being products from specialist distributor SMG Europe, use proprietary “sympathetic resonance technology", or “SRT-3”, to balance and optimise a person’s natural energy or ‘biofield’, which helps them to regain control of their lives. As well as improving quality of life, the stylish range of pendants will complement any outfit and are already a huge a hit in the US with celebrities including Madonna, Simon Le Bon and Jerry Hall. 
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With more than one million products sold throughout the world, Q-Link pendants, bracelets and attachments for mobile electronics are perfect for anyone who uses a personal electronic device. Rigorous independent tests have shown Q-Link helps users to combat stress and improves concentration and performance by naturally improving their body’s energy system and enhancing the body’s resistance to external stressors.

Available in six stylish colours, the Q-Link Acrylic SRT-3 Pendant (SRP £79.99) is a bevelled-edge triangle with a dual-tone design. The Q-Link Silver Pebble SRT-3 Pendant (SRP £274.99) is a polished hand tooled pendant crafted from solid .925 sterling silver and features a vibrant mirror grade finish. Both pendants can be worn as signature pieces, dressed up or down, helping you regain control of your life and aid restful sleep.

 I was sent a pretty Pink Q-Link pendant to try out for myself. It's nice and bright too look at on a simple black corded necklace. It looks very simple yet it's wearable. The bright colours and cool shaped design makes it quite trendy so it won't look like you're wearing something odd.
 I've been wearing my pendant over the past 6 weeks and I do feel a lot calmer. I wear it from the moment I get up ( around 8am ) until I get into bed ( around 11pm ) Once I have it on I actually forget that it's there, it's very light weight so you rarely notice it. I used to be a very stressful person, I'd get upset and worry over the silliest of things. Over these past few weeks I do feel that I'm a lot calmer in myself and maybe a little less tired too. I will continue to wear my Q-Link pendant because I feel that it is helping me and I quite like it. I cannot say to you that this pendant will 100% work for you too as I don't know if it will. The only thing I will say is that I feel it has helped me, I may not be sure of how it works but I'm happy to wear mine with pride.

What do you think??

You can check out some testimonials, videos and US press coverage visit Q Link Products or to see the full Q-Link collection visit Q Link Europe

Q-Link retailers in the UK include: Amazon & Peak - Nutrition

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