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My Family

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Lily has a new pet - A Pillow Pet.

Mookie Toys are bringing the original Pillow Pets to the UK this spring!

Pillow Pets are a new premium quality plush toy made of ultra-soft and cuddly chenille but with a clever twist. When a hidden strap is released underneath, the cuddly creature transforms from a toy into a soft pillow, making the Pillow Pet a perfect travelling pal, naptime buddy and all round snuggly friend.

We received our very own Pillow Pet for the purpose of this review. It's now Lily's new pet! Meet Lily's new Pet Panda - Polly.

Lily LOVES her new Panda Pillow Pet. It's super soft and just so cute. She snuggles up to it all the time. When she's in bed, when she's watching TV on the settee and even when she's supposed to be getting ready for school. I must admit these Pillow Pets are so soft and cuddley that even I have sneaked in a few cuddles when Lily's not been looking.

They are priced at £19.99 and are available from Toys R Us and Amazon. I think personally that they are worth every penny! My daughter Lily loves it and even I think that these are a great idea. They're a great soft toy and even better soft sleep time pillow. The quality is superb and really great value. We give Pillow Pets a HUGE 5 out of 5 as they deserve it. We'd give them a 6 if we could.

There are eight super-cute Pillow Pets available exclusively from Mookie Toys. The range includes: Billy Monkey, Playful Penguin, Comfy Panda, Snuggly Puppy, Magical Unicorn and Wiggly Pig, not forgetting Ms Ladbug and Bumbly Bee! And especially for Easter, Cuddly Bunny, Thumpy Bunny and Fluffy Bunny.

You can check out all the Pillow Pets Online.

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