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Monday, 12 March 2012

I've Blogged - Chablis wines!

Chablis wine Blogger Challenge

I like a glass of wine every now and again but when it comes to wine tasting and putting my thoughts down onto paper, I'm a complete newbie. When I buy a bottle of wine, I honestly have no idea what to choose or what one is best so I normaly just go with whatever is on offer or is the best price. I'm not afraid to admit it. I was pleasently surprised when I was asked to take part in the Chablis wine Blogger Challenge. I was a little worried at first but was soon put at ease when they said they was looking for normal opinions, not those of professional wine tasters or bloggers. Phew.

First off I was sent two bottle of Chablis white wine. One bottle of Chablis, La Chabilsienne - £9.99 and one bottle of Chablis Premier CRU Brocard - £14.99. Two bottles of wine was way too much for just me to drink so I got myslef a Tasting Panel to help. In my panel of helpers was myself, Granny, Gran Gran and Auntie.

Here's our Testing Results. I've put them into a table to show them easier.


Quite clear clarity
Very Clear clarity

Medium Intensity
Medium Intensity

Very Light Gold colour
Golden colour

Clean smell
Smelt very clean and pleasant

Light Intensity
Light Intensity

Slightly fruity Aromas
Wood Oak and Flower Aromas

Off Dry
Medium sweetness. Not too dry

Very High Acidity
Medium Acidity

Light Bodied
Full Bodied

Unsure of flavours as too acidic to taste them
Smooth Flowery flavour

Very Long lasting after taste. We had to wash it away with water
Medium length of flavours that lasted in your mouth

Very Acidic and not a wine we would drink again.
A very pleasant wine.

We had a great time tasting the two Chablis wines. We all agreed on a firm favourite which was the Chablis Premier CRU Brocard . It was the nicest tasting of the two.

Our second challenge was to decide what we would serve these wines with? At the time we were eating our Sunday Roast but I deffinatley wouldn't recomend you do this.

The first bottle - Chablis, La Chabilsienne. I came to the decision that the wine was very acidic and very dry so it would definatley need a flavoursome meal to balance it out. One of my favourite meals that would be the perfect partner for this wine would be Lasagne. Its packed full of flavour and rich and meaty. It would bring out the flavours in the wine and also help to neutralise the acid.

With the second bottle of wine, the Chablis Premier CRU Brocard we decided that it was such an all rounder wine that it would go nicely with pretty much anything you may be eating. I often like to enjoy a glass with some cheese after a meal.

Or even as a late night treat with a bowl of delicious Salted Cashew Nuts. I love a glass of wine with my Cashew Nuts, the flavours of the two together are superb.

I've really enjoyed this wine tasting experience and feel that I've learnt a lot from it. There's so many things I never knew before about getting the best taste from your wines. Simple things like how it should be served, held in a glass. To even which sort of glass it should be drunk from. It's been a truely delightful experience and I hope maybe you've learnt something too.

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  1. WOW, it seems you had a lovely time tasting the wine. Someone's gotta do it! :) x