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My Family

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Have A Happy Easter With Aldi

Aldi's Easter Treats

This Easter why not get some great chocolate treats at a great low price. Aldi has an amazing range of Easter goodies available this year from your local stores. I was sent a small selection to have a look at and I must say. What arrived was pretty impressive.

My favourite of all the Aldi treats is the Choceur Chocolate Bunny which costs just 99p. It's so cute and very delicious. I really enjoy Aldi chocolate, I used to worry that it wouldn't taste very nice because it is so cheap but that's just so wrong. Aldi chocolate is now amongst my faves, when ever I'm near my local store I always pop in and stock up.

Similar to this you have the Dairyfine Milk Chocolate Bunny which costs just 79p and the Dairyfine Beanie Bunny at just 99p. 

The Dairyfine Chocolate Bunny is a hollow milk chocolate treat. It's packaged in foil and decorated nicely with an attractive, colourful bunny character on the front. It's delightful and delicious. It's well worth it's low price of just 79p. I'd grab yours whilst you can before they all sell out. The Dairyfine Beanie Bunny is a hollow milk chocolate bunny but this one is slightly different as it is filled with lots of tiny little smartie like chocolates inside. There's a good sized handful of pretty little coloured chocolates in crisp crunchy coatings. I really liked this bunny, it's a fantastic deal at just 99p. We've eaten ours now but I think we'll have to pop down to our local Aldi and stock up on a few more ready for Easter Sunday. These went down a treat, all three of my children loved this. It tastes great, the price is low and it looks good. What more could we ask for?

There are lots of smaller sized eggs like the Choceur Filled Mini Eggs which cost £1.89 a bag or maybe some Choceur Marzipan Mini Eggs which are £1.49.

Or how about a BIG Egg? Aldi has a Choceur Flame Egg which costs just £2.99 for a lovely 350g egg. It's a touch of luxury, Aldi’s Choceur Flame Egg is a real treat this Easter. Perfect for sharing, the high quality chocolate egg is enclosed in decadent gold foil and has a selection of delicious milk and white chocolates at the centre – a chocoholic’s heaven.

Last but not least for those who fancy a sweet treat but not chocolate Aldi have a delicious bag of yummy Dominion Easter Marshmallows for just 99p. Cute and colourful but most importantly, yummy.

Aldi really does have something for everyone this Easter and at these amazingly low prices, you'd be mad not to splash out (or not) and treat the whole family.

All of these treats are available from your local ALDI store but be quick as they can sell out.

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