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My Family

Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Cathedral City Taste Test

The Taste Test

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to do a taste test with Cathedral City cheese. Being the huge cheese lover that I am, I gladly agreed. Here's what I had to test:

You’ll find the nation’s favourite Cheddar in one of every two households in the UK. Made with a traditional West Country recipe, it’s matured over many months to produce its distinctive smooth, rounded, mellow flavour. As well as tasting great, it’s also a good source of calcium and is suitable for vegetarians.

This is my Favourite cheese EVER! Its so flavoursome and so delicious. It comes out on top every time for me no matter how many different cheese's I try. Nothing else will ever compare to the Mature taste I adore. I love it on Toast! Mmm just the thought of it is now making me want it. I must finish this post first though before I run off to make some. I won't leave you just yet, that would be very rude of me.

Years in the making, Lighter has all the flavour of Cathedral City Mature yet mellow, but with an incredible 30% less fat. That means you’ll never have to sacrifice taste for a healthier option again. And best of all, unlike other reduced-fat cheeses, Lighter is great for cooking, bubbling every bit as delectably as regular cheeses.

This is the same great taste just healthier! I do like this one but I don't really but it as I always just seem to go for the normal one. Maybe it's just because I'm not on a diet and never really think about using lower fat products. I'm sure there's probably a few of you now screaming at your screens that I should. But if I'm honest, I know I don't. I used this cheese to top my lasagna and pasta bakes. It's a great way to finish off yummy dinner dishes without loading your meal with fatty cheese.

Matured over many months for a stronger, distinctive flavour, Extra Mature yet mellow gives cheese lovers a rich, delicious Cheddar to enjoy every day or savour on special occasions. Whether as part of a home-made recipe or served simply with fine wine and excellent company, Extra Mature yet mellow is sure to hold its own.

I'm not a huge fan of Extra Mature as I find Mature is enough for me but my Dad is a huge fan. He loves it, the stronger tasting the better for him. I did try a little bit, which was OK but I then gave the rest of the block to him. He was more than happy to give it a home. He eats it in chunks just as it is. Or if he's feeling adventurous he might make a cheese sandwich with it. My Dads not much of a cook as you can tell. He just cuts of a chunk as he goes. He's a very practical man, lol.

So overall I had a great time taste testing Cathedral City's Cheese selections. It was lots of yummy fun. The best part though is I still have lots of cheese left to continue my cheese tasting - Yay.

How do you eat your cheese?

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