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Monday, 27 February 2012

Review - Bobux Children's Shoes

Bobux Children's Shoes

The original baby & toddler footwear that combines nature with nurture. From birth to three, little feet undergo an enormous amount of change. Whether crawling, toddling or walking, a a child's footwear needs to support healthy, natural development.

Bobux is a leading New Zealand innovator in children's footwear. They draw on both science and working with globally renowned specialists and natural health researchers to create eco-friendly footwear that allows unrestricted development as babies and toddlers grow.

Bobux offer three ranges of footwear based around the philosophy that children do better when they're comfortable, happy and free to develop as nature intended. Each shoe is designed to support key stages of a child's development from crawling to walking.

The shoes are so cute too!

Ryan was sent his very own pair of gorgeous Bobux shoes for the purpose of this review. We chose the lovely i-walk navy sports shoe which retail at £29.99.  I was very pleased with them. First of all they arrived in a lovely box which came in a very sweet gift bag.

The shoes are gorgeous. Very stylish and great quality. You can smell the new leather when you open the box, which I loved. I made the mistake of ordering a size too big for Ryan but that's OK as he will soon grow into them and I can't wait to put them on him. They really are a lovely looking pair of shoes. There are so many lovely styles too choose from on their site. Trendy boys and beautiful girls shoes, there really is something for everyone.

There will be a fantastic Competition coming real soon to my Blog where you will be able to win your very own pair of Bobux shoes for your child. The Spring/Summer range is coming soon and as soon as it does. The competition will go live, so please keep your eyes peeled for when it does. You won't wanna miss this competition.


  1. Lovely shoes! I will be checking your blog as I would love to win a pair for my little boy! :) x

  2. So cute!! I love kids shoes... there just so sweet and tiny :D

    Nicola xx

  3. It’s a good thing that they come up with this idea. I bet that this will be loved by many moms who wants comfortable shoes for their toddlers.