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My Family

Friday, 17 February 2012

A Guest Post - How much do we really appreciate our Mums?

How much do we really appreciate our Mums?

Mum – we’ll always have her support whatever we do. And it’s her love and encouragement that has made us what we are today, but how much do we truly appreciate our Mums?
Experience gift company Buaygift have carried out a survey of just over 500 mums from the UK to find out whether they feel valued, and whether in their eyes, they receive the recognition that they deserve for running around after us.
Interestingly, only a quarter (25%) of the mums surveyed said that they feel 100% appreciated by their children in comparison with 18.1% who said that they never feel appreciated for running around after their kids.
More positively, 55.5% of mums feel that they are generally given due credit for the things they do to support their family.
And the same study also found that just 48.8% of mums regularly get the opportunity to pamper themselves – a hint for this Mother’s Day, surely, because 38.8% said that their ideal days out include spa days.
In addition to this, 40.3% of the survey also communicated that they very rarely get time away from being a Mum. Perhaps treat her to any of the fantastic days out in London or tea for two experiences in the countryside? But whatever it is that you choose to do, make sure your mum has a great Mother’s Day 2012!

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