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Monday, 6 February 2012

Are Schools Right For Pushing Ipads On 9 Year Olds?

Are Schools Right For Pushing Ipads On 9 Year Olds?

My 9 year old daughter has changed a lot over these past few months. She's not the talkative, bubbly little girl I used to know. She now spends most of her time hiding away in her bedroom watching TV on her Ipad. Yes that's right HER Ipad.

There's apparently 4 schools in the West Midlands that are taking part in this charity based Education project. Last year low income families were given free laptops for their homes so this year they decided to go one step further and give them Ipad2 's. They chose Year 4 classes across these 4 chosen schools and brought all of us parents together to discuss what was going to happen. Each child was to be given a Ipad2 at a cut price of just £200 which could be paid over their next 3 years at school. It sounds great but is it?

Yes it's great getting an Ipad2 for such a great price but NO it's not great at all.

Since that Ipad came into my home I feel like I've hardly seen Chloe any more. Yes she has school apps like Maths Bingo or Reading apps but that's not all she's doing on there. She's spending hours watching her favourite TV programmes or music videos on You Tube. Its actually quite scary that she's growing up too fast. I miss seeing her play with her younger sister like she used too. All she wants to do lately is sit behind the Ipad.

I know the school thinks that they are helping the kids but I'm not sure if they really are. There's nothing Chloe can learn from the Ipad that she couldn't on a Laptop or PC. I think it's way too much responsibility for a 9 year old girl to have. She's expected to look after it and take care of it and make sure no one else in her class touches it. She's expected to carry it too and from school EVERY day which I don't like as I worry about it being taken from us.

I'm trying to weight out the good points and the bad points but the more I think about it, the more I don't like it. Yes she does school projects on it, yes she's taken some nice pictures and can read a thousand books without having to buy a single one BUT does she really need it?

I can hear you saying "Why not take it away from her?" Well I do. I check up on her all the time if she's in her room watching something on it. I've restricted the access by changing the parental control settings as much as I can and I do take it away when she goes to bed. She's 9 years old and very opinionated , she knows what she wants. I do try to treat her like an equal but there's only so far I will go. She's only allowed to watch "Official" music videos and TV shows that I've approved but the truth is I can't watch her every minute of the day. I have 2 younger children to keep an eye on.

I'm sorry for the rant but I really wanted to get it all out there and see what you think? Do you think schools should be making children as young as 9 have Ipads? If this trial goes well, they're planning on doing it in a lot more schools through out the country so your children's school could be next!

I can't take the Ipad away from her because it's part of her daily school life now but I can stop her disappearing form our lives behind it. I think an hour at home is more than enough to get done what she wants to do. I don't think I'm over reacting - Do you?


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  2. I agree Chris, I think this is a really serious issue.
    Technology is running amok and taking our kids with it, instead of the government forcing our kids to use this type of item, perhaps they should be concentrating on making sure they leave school being able to read, write and add up!
    I am sick with the onus being put on us parents to teach the things that should be a matter of course.
    The removal of the three R's and home ec are the worst things ever to have happened to education.

    I would be frantic if Evan had to carry one backwards and forwards to and from school, people get mugged for a lot less. What a worry for you.

    I don't have any answers but something has to give, I just want to know when the electric finally goes what will we do then as we are SO reliant on technology we take it as a right and not the privilege it is.