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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Valentines With Hotel Chocolat

Valentines With Hotel Chocolat

Valentine's Chocolates - Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts

They've made a big and bold return to the golden age of romance this year. Valentine's Day is a time to sweep people off their feet make love even more glamorous. You can set someone’s heart racing with gorgeous chocolate hearts, satin ribbons, hidden love notes and more – let true romance begin!

There are so many gorgeous Valentines Chocolates to choose from this year. There really is something special for everyone. I received a very pretty Head over Heels selection through the post last week and I must say the chocolates are to die for. The mouth watering flavours and soft centred truffles were truly delicious. There is a selection of both non alcoholic and alcoholic truffles. I must admit the Champagne ones were my fave. Such generous dashes of champagne giving them a strong but very nice flavour. There are 19 delicious chocolates in this box and all are so pretty. You can see just how much love has gone into making them. The presentation is just stunning. They arrive is a cute white box with a pretty pink ribbon. You simply loosen the ribbon and let the true romance begin because there’s something for everyone to fall in love with inside – from silky soft truffles with champagne, mouth warming amaretto and fruity raspberry, to melt-away praline and mellow milk chocolate mousse. This box retails at a very respectable £25 and in my opinion is worth every penny.

Hotel Chocolate has a huge selection this year. There's something to suit every budget. From just £5 you can choose from cute little Hearts Choc 4 :

Or maybe a £14 box of sweet Love Notes :

For the big spenders there are huge gifts like the £160 The Signature Cabinet which looks amazing :

Whatever you choose this Valentines Day - Why not check out Hotel Chocolate's - Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts. 

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