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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Review - Flexibath Bath Toys

Flexibath Bath Toys

The Flexibath Toys include a small table which can be attached to all bathtubs by means of the specially designed suction cups. The set consist of a coffee/tea making set with colourful cups, jugs and a funnel. The toys are soft and fun to play with, they're made from the soft TPE plastic also used in the Flexi Bath. They retail at £13.95 and are available from thousands of  Stockists which can be easily found using their website.

We were sent our very own set to try out last week because we love bath toys in our house. My kids simply just can't get enough, they're real water babies. Ryan couldn't wait to get his little hands on this bath set.

I loved how soft they cups felt, they're really squishy and really nice to hold. The colours are super bright, really attractive to the eye. There's different coloured cups of different sizes. One has a lid and one is also a funnel as it has tiny holes in the bottom. I think the funnel one was Ryan's favourite.

He really loves seeing water fall and spent ages just filling up the cups and then tipping it back out. He had lots of fun. The idea behind these bath toys is so simple yet really works. Ryan seemed to be enjoying himself in the bath with just the Flexibath Toys to play with. He was happy enough and didn't need anything else. They kept his busy whilst I gave him a good wash.

Ryan loves his bath times and now loves his new Flexibath toys too. He gives them a well deserved 4/5. The colours are great, the texture is lovely and the shelf is very handy. Overall Ryan had a very enjoyable bath time as you can see.

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  1. Gem (my LO) absolutely loves these bath toys. I would truly recommend!