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My Family

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Cuddledry - Colour Changing Bath Mats


& Their Amazing Colour Changing Bath Mats.

Cuddledry have a lovely range of babies and children's bath time products available in their on line shop. Their most famous product being their lovely cuddly bath towels. They are know for their great quality and lovely styles. Their unique hooded apron towels make bath times safe, simple and snug - for you and your baby! Cuddledry have now came up with another fantastic product for using at bath times. The NEW amazing cuddlemat magic colour change bathmat.  

They make getting out of the bath just as much fun as being in it!
Make your mark with this new, fun and funky bathmat from Cuddledry. These super soft bathmats, are available in a lovely aqua colour and change colour with your body heat. Neon yellow footprints appear like magic when hot little feet, fresh from the bath, land on the mat!

They're hours of fun for all the family - and no more problems getting the kids to get out of the bath! Hilarious, funky and fun!

We were kindly sent our very own mat to try a few weeks back and must say they really are great fun. We use our every bath time now. The kids love it. They retail at £19.99 and are worth every penny as the super soft mat is very good quality. My little man Ryan found it so funny, he spent ages running around on it just to see the colours change. Even my eldest daughter who is 9 found it amazing. She didn't admit it but I found her making foot prints on it too.

The cuddlemat magic colour change bathmat is a great product. It's fun yet useful and very practical. We would definitely recommend it to all our friends. We scored it a fantastic 5/5. We wouldn't change a thing about it. It's perfect just the way it is.

I even had a go at doing a hand print test too. I'm not too old to play.

You can get your cuddlemat here.

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