My Family

My Family

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Valentines With Clintons

Valentines With Clintons


Romance made easy with Clinton's

The romantics out there need look no further than Clinton's this year to ensure their darling feels loved this Valentine’s Day. With a range of gifts, wrap and cards available at affordable prices – even the most hopeless romantics will be sure to find what they need at Clinton's the one stop shop for love!

To help your money go further, Clinton's is offering wannabe love these fantastic offers:
 Amazing Value Mugs – only £2.99
Spend over £5 in store and receive Valentines Bear for £4.99

50% off Paintball for Four, normal RSP £34

          50% off Photographic Memories, normal RSP £39

          50% off Model Makeover, normal RSP £37

       50% off Pamper Indulgence Day, normal RSP £119

Me To You Bears was £50 now £25

Boofle hot water bottle and plush gift set was £30 now £15


Send a card to the one you care about with a range to suit every relationship with Me To You (£4.99), Boyfriend (£2.99), Husband (£2.99), Fiancee (£7.99) and Wife (£2.99).

And wrap all your gifts in these stylish and affordable romantic gift wrap: Animal Print (£2.50) Medium Bag and Hearts Box (£3.50).

This Valentine's Day - Pop down to your local Clinton's and pick a bargain for your loved one. I know I will be. You can also check out all the great offers on line right here.

Valentines With Hotel Chocolat

Valentines With Hotel Chocolat

Valentine's Chocolates - Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts

They've made a big and bold return to the golden age of romance this year. Valentine's Day is a time to sweep people off their feet make love even more glamorous. You can set someone’s heart racing with gorgeous chocolate hearts, satin ribbons, hidden love notes and more – let true romance begin!

There are so many gorgeous Valentines Chocolates to choose from this year. There really is something special for everyone. I received a very pretty Head over Heels selection through the post last week and I must say the chocolates are to die for. The mouth watering flavours and soft centred truffles were truly delicious. There is a selection of both non alcoholic and alcoholic truffles. I must admit the Champagne ones were my fave. Such generous dashes of champagne giving them a strong but very nice flavour. There are 19 delicious chocolates in this box and all are so pretty. You can see just how much love has gone into making them. The presentation is just stunning. They arrive is a cute white box with a pretty pink ribbon. You simply loosen the ribbon and let the true romance begin because there’s something for everyone to fall in love with inside – from silky soft truffles with champagne, mouth warming amaretto and fruity raspberry, to melt-away praline and mellow milk chocolate mousse. This box retails at a very respectable £25 and in my opinion is worth every penny.

Hotel Chocolate has a huge selection this year. There's something to suit every budget. From just £5 you can choose from cute little Hearts Choc 4 :

Or maybe a £14 box of sweet Love Notes :

For the big spenders there are huge gifts like the £160 The Signature Cabinet which looks amazing :

Whatever you choose this Valentines Day - Why not check out Hotel Chocolate's - Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts. 

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Crazy Soap Winners

My 4 Crazy Soap Winners Are :

Entry #253 Phyllis E.
Entry #26 Nikki M.
Entry #297 Tracy B.
Entry #294 Kate B.

I have e.mailed all the winners - Well Done x

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Guest Post - Choosing the most suitable car insurance for your family

A Guest Post - Choosing the most suitable car insurance for your family.

The family car is a workhorse that is hard to do without. So when it comes to choosing car insurance for this most vital of family possessions, it’s essential to get cover that’s both dequate and good value. Remember, not all policies are equal.

Third party - This is the minimum level of insurance required to comply with the law, covering only damage to a third party vehicle in the event of an accident.As with all car insurance, what isn’t covered is just as important to understand as what is. In the case of most third party insurance, if the accident is your fault, you will have to pay for repairs to, or the replacement of, your car. Crucially, you will not be protected from medical claims made by occupants of other vehicles involved, or from passengers in your own vehicle.

Third party fire and theft - As implied by the name, this is similar to a third party policy but you are also covered if your vehicle is stolen or catches fire.

Fully comprehensive - This covers the cost of all damages and injuries sustained by you or your passengers and those of the third party, regardless of who was at fault. It also covers the cost of damage to your vehicle in case of fire or theft.

Read the details - As is the case with all car insurance policy agreements, always take care to read the small print to ensure that you get what you think you are paying for. Let’s now look at some of the optional extras that make some policies stand out from the crowd.

Breakdown cover - Check to make sure that the cover offered is appropriate to your circumstances. Is it roadside assistance that you need or a full relay service? Does the cover apply to the policy holder only, or named drivers too? Many other financial products offer breakdown cover as an enticement so do make sure that you are not duplicating your protection.
Courtesy car - For a busy family, a courtesy car can mean the difference between business as usual and total chaos. Again, check that the cover offered lives up to your expectations.

Replacement car seat - Some insurers offer replacement child car seats in the event of an accident. Car seats are expensive and should not be used again if you’ve had anything more than the most minor prang, so this cover is well worth considering if you have young children.

Cover While driving abroad - If you intend to make one or more trips abroad for family holidays then check that your insurance policy offers you sufficient cover for your needs while you are away.

Choose wisely - When choosing the best car insurance policy for your family, price is only one factor to consider.

By cutting back on the level of cover, you might be able to reduce the cost of your car insurance but make sure it’s not a false economy. Similarly, if you are willing to pay a higher excess then your premium will be reduced, but will it really be affordable if you have to make a claim?

Monday, 23 January 2012

Recipies To Make Your Warburtons Exciting!

Want to try something new with your Warburtons?

Check out these 2 simple yet delicious recipe ideas for you and your kiddies.

Chicken & peppers or Cheese, tomato and Rocket Pizza

· 2 Warburtons Square-ish Wraps
· Tomato puree
· Cooked torn chicken
· Char grilled Aubergines, Red and Yellow peppers
· Cherry Tomatoes
· Mozzarella Cheese
· Mixed Herbs
· Rocket Leaves 
(Serves 2)


· Spread a thin layer of tomato puree on both Wraps
· Top one with chicken and vegetables and the other with cheese, tomato and herbs.
· Cook in a hot oven (200oC/400oF/Gas Mark 6)
· Garnish with Rocket leaves.

Sausages and beans on Warburtons White Toastie loaf (Children’s brunch)

1 slice Warburtons White Toastie loaf
1 sausage (g)
100g baked beans
3 cherry tomatoes (approximate 20g)
(Serves 1)


§ Grill the sausage until cooked through and golden brown and slice into 2cm pieces
§ Heat baked beans in a pan and simmer gentle for 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally
§ Place cherry tomatoes under the grill alongside the sausages for approx. 3 mins or until slightly soft
§ Toast 1 slice Warburtons White Toastie loaf, cut into triangles and position onto a plate
§ Pour the beans on top of the triangles
§ Layer on sausage slices
§ And garnish with cherry tomatoes

You can even try the adults version by doubling the quantities.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Review - Regis Designline Products

- Designline by Regis

I was sent a gorgeous Blogger Gift set to review following my recent new hair do courtesy of the fantastic Regis company. They sent me some products to help me maintain my new look. I received :

Designline Colour Care Shampoo
Designline Colour Care Conditioner
Designline Fiji Therapy Styling Oil
Designline Powder Boost

I must admit I had already bought myself some of the Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner whilst I was there on recommendation of my lovely hairdresser. So I have been using these from the very start. It has been several weeks since I had my hair coloured but it still looks great! At least I know my colour is more likely to now grow out rather than wash out. They are fantastic.

The Shampoo and Conditioner retails at £8.49 a bottle which I though was a little pricey but you only need to use a small amount which means they do last a long time. The Shampoo smells gorgeous and is so thick and creamy. It makes a rich, luxurious later and really makes washing your hair , a very enjoyable experience. The Conditioner is also rich and creamy so a little goes a long way. Using these two products have made my new colour last so much longer. My purple is still purple and still shining bright. My hair always smells divine after using these and is so full of healthy shine. It's like I've just stepped out of the salon all over again. If you are dying your hair and want to keep your colour looking better for longer then these are defiantly one to buy.

The Designline Fiji Therapy Styling Oil –  You just apply sparingly through wet hair to hydrate, heal and protect while adding shine. I found this very nice to use, I added a tiny bit and ran it through my hair whilst it was wet. I then blow dried it and did notice a shinier result. Not too shiny that your hair looks greasy but healthy looking.

The Designline Powder Boost – You just tap a small about over the root area and massage in with your fingertips for instant volume and texture. Be careful though because a little goes a long way! I tried this once but didn't like the texture it left my hair. It kinda like using Talk. It definitely does give your hair a boost and would be perfect for when you need added volume for those bigger hair styles. I prefer my hair flat and soft, just simple so I shall be saving the rest of mine for special occasions.

The Designline  products have been specially created to meet all of your hair care needs. Designline shampoos and conditioners are uniquely formulated to bring out the best in every hair type and texture whilst our styling and finishing products give you all the tools you need to create the salon-inspired looks and styles you've wished for. Designline is only available in Regis salons nationwide.

I love my Designline products and will continue to use them. Have you tried any of their products before? I'd love to know if you have as I'm always looking for what other ones I could use.

Review - Flexibath Bath Toys

Flexibath Bath Toys

The Flexibath Toys include a small table which can be attached to all bathtubs by means of the specially designed suction cups. The set consist of a coffee/tea making set with colourful cups, jugs and a funnel. The toys are soft and fun to play with, they're made from the soft TPE plastic also used in the Flexi Bath. They retail at £13.95 and are available from thousands of  Stockists which can be easily found using their website.

We were sent our very own set to try out last week because we love bath toys in our house. My kids simply just can't get enough, they're real water babies. Ryan couldn't wait to get his little hands on this bath set.

I loved how soft they cups felt, they're really squishy and really nice to hold. The colours are super bright, really attractive to the eye. There's different coloured cups of different sizes. One has a lid and one is also a funnel as it has tiny holes in the bottom. I think the funnel one was Ryan's favourite.

He really loves seeing water fall and spent ages just filling up the cups and then tipping it back out. He had lots of fun. The idea behind these bath toys is so simple yet really works. Ryan seemed to be enjoying himself in the bath with just the Flexibath Toys to play with. He was happy enough and didn't need anything else. They kept his busy whilst I gave him a good wash.

Ryan loves his bath times and now loves his new Flexibath toys too. He gives them a well deserved 4/5. The colours are great, the texture is lovely and the shelf is very handy. Overall Ryan had a very enjoyable bath time as you can see.

My Readers can get 15% off if you enter the code PLAY15 when ordering online HERE.

#SilentSunday - 22/01/2012

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Sunday, 15 January 2012



Jumbo Games are delighted to introduce iPieces which use innovative technology and interactive counters to allow up to six players to play family favourite board games such as Snakes & Ladders and Air Hockey on the iPad. These brand new products promise to entertain the whole family as iPieces activates amazing special effects on your iPad. iPieces has been developed alongside the downloadable app, bringing each game to life through stunning visual animation and entertaining sound effects. These games can be enjoyed at home or on car journeys, making iPieces the perfect addition to any iPad.

No time for missing pieces and dice? iPieces are easy and practical to transport, making them the ideal travel companion. Taking the classic board game to a whole new level, iPieces brings games back around the table. They are Suitable for children aged four plus and priced at £9.99 (RRP), iPieces include a free downloadable game application and are available in WHSmith Travel, The Entertainer and online at, Firebox and from January 2012.

In this Game of Goose, players progress around the board using the goose iPieces in a challenge to be the first to reach the centre. Inside the box you get 6 goose pieces, each in a different colour. A set of instructions on how to download the Free App which is very easy. It tells you what to search for within the App store and only takes a few seconds to download. Here's a picture just to show what you get: (the ipad isn't included, that's mine)

We played our game after our Sunday dinner and really had a great time. It's a simple game but lots of fun. The animations are lovely, there's a lovely bright board with 39 spaces on it to move around with your goose piece. The dice is a touch to roll feature which is very clever. No more losing your dice with this game. I played with my two daughters and Grampy the first time. It really is suitable for all ages, both young and old. We loved the pop up features when you landed on certain spaces. Some sent you forward, whilst others sent you back. You could get too roll again or even miss a turn. We had lots of family fun, it was a great way to get us all together and so simple to play.

We gave the Jumbo iPieces games a huge and very well deserved 5/5. They're great fun and fantastic value for money. At just £9.99 I will definitely be looking at getting some of the other games in their range very soon. There is also Snakes & Ladders, Fishing and Ice Hockey. They all look great. I wonder which one we shall buy next?

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Cuddledry - Colour Changing Bath Mats


& Their Amazing Colour Changing Bath Mats.

Cuddledry have a lovely range of babies and children's bath time products available in their on line shop. Their most famous product being their lovely cuddly bath towels. They are know for their great quality and lovely styles. Their unique hooded apron towels make bath times safe, simple and snug - for you and your baby! Cuddledry have now came up with another fantastic product for using at bath times. The NEW amazing cuddlemat magic colour change bathmat.  

They make getting out of the bath just as much fun as being in it!
Make your mark with this new, fun and funky bathmat from Cuddledry. These super soft bathmats, are available in a lovely aqua colour and change colour with your body heat. Neon yellow footprints appear like magic when hot little feet, fresh from the bath, land on the mat!

They're hours of fun for all the family - and no more problems getting the kids to get out of the bath! Hilarious, funky and fun!

We were kindly sent our very own mat to try a few weeks back and must say they really are great fun. We use our every bath time now. The kids love it. They retail at £19.99 and are worth every penny as the super soft mat is very good quality. My little man Ryan found it so funny, he spent ages running around on it just to see the colours change. Even my eldest daughter who is 9 found it amazing. She didn't admit it but I found her making foot prints on it too.

The cuddlemat magic colour change bathmat is a great product. It's fun yet useful and very practical. We would definitely recommend it to all our friends. We scored it a fantastic 5/5. We wouldn't change a thing about it. It's perfect just the way it is.

I even had a go at doing a hand print test too. I'm not too old to play.

You can get your cuddlemat here.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Ryan Does The Silliest Things.

What Happens When You Give Ryan A Bowl Of Crisps?

Bless him. He's so funny. He put it straight on his head!
How could I do anything but smile. My little man's a little nutty sometimes but he's a lovely little thing.

You do make me laugh Ryan x

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Competition & Review - Crazy Soaps

 Crazy Soaps

A few weeks back we were send some Crazy Soaps to try out for ourselves. My eldest Chloe was a little too old for them so my youngest Ryan and Lily stepped forward to be my testers. I haven't published any pictures as our bathroom is the one place I don't use the camera. The kids got on great with them. The one thing all us mums worry about is "Does it was off?" well you'll be glad to know the answer is Yes, it does.

Crazy Soaps are great fun. Good, clean mess. There's foams and paints and a gooey gel too. They're all easy to use and won't cost you very much. The range consists of:

Crazy Soap Foam - RRP £2.00 225 ml. It’s soap in a can that can be squirted, moulded and bounced into any shape. Get everyone to use their imagination and try making elf hats or Father Christmas beards before using it to get squeaky clean. It comes in White and Green.
Crazy Soap Body Paint -  RRP £2.49 150 ml.

It’s a soap that’s a paint and it’s available in blue or red. Try painting one hand blue and one hand red and then rub together to make purple before washing off to reveal clean skin underneath. It comes in Red and Blue.

Crazy Soap Bath Goo - RRP £2.99 250 ml.

It’s soap that looks like yellow goo. Scoop it and squidge it under running water and turn it into fruity fragranced bubbles for Christmas fun that cleans kids as they play.

We love Crazy Soaps. They're so much fun and really don't make much mess. I was worried about using paints on my kids but it's all really easy to wash off and doesn't stain. I'm no longer scared of using them and even let them use them by themselves now. I think Crazy Soaps are a great idea. Good Clean Fun.

Would YOU like to win some? I have some Crazy Soap goodies for you too!

Simply enter using the Raffle copter form below.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

Bring On 2012

Well, we made it. Goodbye 2011 and Hello 2012. I don't know about you but 2011 has been an amazing year for me and my family. I feel like I have achieved so much in my life. I have now been blogging a whole year and have a lovely following. I became a Haba Toy Ambassador, a Samsung Mobiler and worked with some huge brand names. When I originaly started Blogging, I never dreamed that it would turn out like it has. I'm actually quite proud of myself. I feel like i might have found something I'm quite good at. I've always loved writing but now I have so many great topics to write about.

I started a Business Administration evening class which I am really enjoying. I'm about half way through my course right now but I'm really enjoying it and can't wait to get back to work in the next year or so. Ive loved spending time with my little ones, don't get me wrong but I can't wait to get a little adult interaction back into my life. There's only so many children's conversations I can deal with.

My eldest daughter Chloe turned 9 a few weeks ago, time really does fly. She's doing well at school and has a 100% attendance again this year. She's a handful at times but at least I know she can look after herself. No one will be bothering her at school.

 My middle monster Lily is now 4 and a proper little madam. She's only a little dot but seems to have had a growth spurt this year. I feel like I'm constantly having to replace her wardrobe, she goes through more clothes than me.

Last but definitely not least there's my gorgeous little man Ryan who's now 18 months old and a right cheeky chappy. He's not much of a talker yet but he clearly understands what we're saying. He says the usual Mum and Gaga (our cat) He says Chocolate and Chicken too. He's learning so much all the time and really is coming along great. He's growning up so fast though that its scary. I wish I could keep him little forever. He's such a little sweet heart and my little man.

I had an amazing year comping in 2011 and I'm hoping that 2012 will be just as good, if not even better. This year my dream wins are a Holiday and a 3D TV. I'm going to be trying my hardest to win these two things. I'm going to remain positive and go get them.

I'm gonna wave my fairy wand and wish us all lots of MAGIC for 2012. Lets hope its a fantastic year for all of us!

Happy New Year