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Monday, 26 December 2011

Were The Advent Comps Worth It?

Were The Advent Comps Worth It?

This was my first year entering the Christmas Advent Competitions and I must admit, it was hard work! I must have entered over 100 competitions every single day. I did facebook, twitter, on line and e.mail comps. I must have spend most of December on my laptop. It was stressfull at times but was mainly organised as I followed the Loquax lists.

I kept a diary of everything I won in December to see if all the hard work was worth it. Here's my list:

Dec 1st - A personalised Santa sack
Dec 1st - A child's mattress protector
Dec 1st - A Nano Hexbug toy
Dec 1st - 2 x Jamaican Ginger cakes
Dec 1st - Kasabian Tickets x 2
Dec 1st - 2 packets of Dreamfields Pasta
Dec 2nd - 2 x Tickets for an exclusive gig at Nando's where I met Olly Murs
Dec 2nd - Elegant Touch false nails
Dec 2nd - Adopt a Pickled Onion gift card
Dec 2nd - A Co-Op Winter goody bag
Dec 2nd - A Plastic card wallet
Dec 3rd - A Polka dot serving bowl
Dec 5th - Magners Advent calender
Dec 5th - An "Allotments" gardening book
Dec 5th - Original Source shower gel
Dec 5th - 2 x Bandanna Bibs
Dec 7th - 250g jar of Marmite
Dec 7th - A mini silk scarf
Dec 8th - £10 Clinton's Gift Voucher
Dec 9th - £10 EAT voucher
Dec 9th - Gruffalo book
Dec 10th - M&S Phillips digital photo frame
Dec 10th - Aunt Bessie's oven mitt
Dec 11th - Collection 2000 make up item - lipstick
Dec 12th - X Factor tour tickets for the show next march
Dec 12th - Ipad case and Iphone skin
Dec 12th - Ben10 Goody bag (wii game,ds game,ball and figure)
Dec 12th - Elegant Touch false nails
Dec 12th - Bouquet of flowers
Dec 13th - Magners Gift wrapping set
Dec 14th - 2 x Odeon cinema tickets
Dec 14th - Famous Grouse Xmas cards
Dec 16th - 25% off code :(
Dec 16th - Cars2 on Blu ray
Dec 16th - Foxy bingo Calendar
Dec 18th - Collection 2000 make up item
Dec 19th - Collection 2000 make up item
Dec 19th - BusyBuddy dog toy
Dec 20th - Mothercare Aqua Pad
Dec 20th - Healthy Snacks hamper box
Dec 20th - CooleSwan goodybag
Dec 20th - Toy Story 3 Blu ray
Dec 23rd - Drayton Manor Magical Xmas tickets x 2
Dec 26th - BornFree bottles gift set

It's quite a long list - I had an amazing 45 wins. I'm thinking I will be doing the advents next year as the prizes are amazing but I will be a lot more selective as to what I enter. Next year I will only be allocating maybe 2 hours a day and that's it. I must remember that I have a family life too.

I've seen my friends win some pretty amazing prizes through out December. Although I didn't win anything of my wanted list, I still have my fingers crossed for some late WEMs over the next few weeks.

How did you do on the Advents this year?


  1. WOW!!!!!

    I won 2 club penguin teddies, on different blogs.
    A bionic ear kids toy/spy devie. :P
    and an art set.

  2. wow fab lot of prizes i won nothing after all my effort lol

  3. Aw i'm sure your luck will bring you something fab soon x
    Mine will prob dry out now for a while x

    Chris x

  4. Wow well done, that's a great haul! I got some lipstick from the collection 2000 stuff and also a frame and mama jewels from think baby but that was my lot! Hope 2012 is just as lucky for you:)

  5. That's some list! I did quite well with my prizes totalling about £500. Wasn't sure about blogging it but having seen your list I might just do it! Hubby want's me to win him a car so guess i'd better keep going!!! xx

  6. Wow that's a great success rate. I won 3 or 4 nice prizes but nothing on this scale.