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Friday, 2 December 2011

Review - Zapf Creations Dancing Danni.

Dancing Danni grooves onto the scene.

" Dancing Danni just loves bopping away to her favourite music! This exciting new doll from Zapf Creation will provide hours of playtime fun for music loving children who can Boogie along with this dolly.  Dancing Danni comes with her own pre-recorded music, which has been carefully chosen to inspire children to dance. She responds to the beat of the music by dancing away just like a real toddler – moving her knees, waist and body in time to the music. Plug in your MP3 player to Danni’s heel and she will also dance along to your child’s favourite songs. Identifying the frequency of each melody enables her to get into the groove and dance differently to each song.

Dancing Danni is suitable for children ages three-plus and prices start at around £39.99. The dolls are available at all good retailers nationwide."

We were lucky enough to be sent our very own Dancing Danni a few weeks back for this review. She's a delightful little thing, full of fun and great company for my youngest daughter Lily. It's like she has a new best friend. When Danni arrived my little man thought she was for him, bless him. But as soon as Lily arrived home from school she was taken away. I don't think he realises that dollies are for girls just yet and I don't mind, he can play with dollies if he wants to.

Dancing Danni comes in a nicely designed box with a clear see through panel to see her in all her glory. Lily couldn't wait to get her out of it and get her going. We inserted her 4 x AA batteries really easily and was ready to play. Dancing Danni has her own music that she dances along too by simply pressing her belly button. You can also connect 20her up to your child's MP3 player or PC like I did. The short wire comes in the box and is easy to use. One end inserts into Danni's foot and the other into the device you wish to use. Danni's dancing moves are really great, she does lots of different movements depending on the beat or music she is dancing to. I'm a grown up and I really enjoying watching her boogie. Lily loves her! I took a short video of Lily and Danni dancing together, please excuse the background noise and Lily's singing hehe.

Dancing Danni is a really pretty doll. She is a really pretty doll with big brown eyes and a gorgeous smiling mouth. She's sweetly dressed in blue trousers with little flowers at the bottom and a pink top designed to look like a jacket. She a great size, not too big that she'd fall over but not too small that you couldn't interact with her. I think Lily has found a dancing partner for life.

I think Dancing Danni is great and such an entertaining and interactive doll for the price. I'm sure every young girl would love one. I think she'd be great for all those little girls who have no brothers or sisters to play with or even for those like Lily who do have them but never play together.

We gave Dancing Danni a huge 5 out of 5 because we think she's great. She's fun, charming and truly delightful.

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