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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Review - Cathedral City's kids snacks.

Cathedral City's New Kids Snacks

I Love Cathedral City cheese, it's one of my all time favourites. So when I was asked if I would like to try some of their new and exciting products from their new kids range, I was delighted and jumped at the chance.

Meet the Chedds , the 3 brand new lunch-box sized snacks made with real Cathedral City cheese.

There are the Nibbles : The mini bag of bite sized cubes that kids will just love. My little man Ryan loved these, they were the perfect size for him to enjoy. Each big bag you buy contain 6 mini bags which are perfect for popping into your child's lunch box for a school dinner treat. Each mini bag approximately contains 30 little cheese pieces. That's plenty to share if they choose. My girls seemed to manage a pack each without any problems, they're like me and love cheese. Almost too much that I have to hide a bag at the back of the fridge just for me.

There are the Cheese & Toasties : Which are mini slices of real Cathedral City cheese served with little slices of Melba toast. This yummy cheese on toast combo is really fab. This variety is one of my faves as it's such a fun little snack for everyone to enjoy. The yummy cheese and the texture of the crisp Melba toast go really well together. These are sold in a box of three individual packs which each contain 6 slices of cheese and 6 pieces of Melba toast.  Another fab idea for your child's lunch box or even great as a treat at lunch time like I use them. My girls love building cheese and toast towers with these. They really are a fun way to get your kids to eat cheese.

Last but not least there are the Bricks : These are as the name suggests. They are little bricks of Cheddar cheese. Great tasting little bites of cheesy goodness which are fun to stack and build with too. Again these ones were perfect for Ryan, he really enjoyed having a try of these. He's not a huge fan of cheese like the rest of us but with fun little pieces of cheese like these. He was willing to try them at least which is all I can ask of him at this age.

So that's the new Cathedral City Chedds range. They all taste great and as well as that each pack of cheeky Chedds has got a fun mouse on with a fab fact or funny joke for your child to enjoy or share.

I love these great snacks and I'm sure you'd agree if you try them too. They are available in most big supermarkets and cost around £1.99 per multi pack.

Cathedral City's Chedds get a huge thumbs up from all of us here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries.

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