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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Review - Bob Martin's Natural Vitality Treats

Bob Martin's Natural Vitality Treats

Pet health care specialist Bob Martin, which has been caring for pets since 1982 has added a new range of Natural Vitality Treats for cats and dogs to its diverse product offering. They are packed full of goodness and derived from a careful choice of ingredients. Every product in the Nature Vitality range has a minimum of 70% meat/fish.
A few weeks back I was kindly offered to test out some New Vitality Treats from Bob Martin. I love both cats and dogs but only have a cat at the moment as we're much too busy to have a dog. Our Garfield is very loved in our home and we doesn't go without his lovely treats. He's one of the family.

Bob Martin's Cat treats collection included Flexi-Joint Salmon and Top Coat Fish to keep your cats skin and fur coat healthy. There is also Peak Performance Beef to support strong muscles and bones. I found that Garfield loved them! He gobbled them down without even giving them a second sniff. He really seemed to enjoy them as when ever I put a few into his bowl after dinner time, they were never there very long. I only gave him a few a day but I know he loved every bite. I can happily speak for Garfield and say that he is now a huge fan and could happily eat these all day long.

I was also sent some Dog Treats for the kids Granny's dogs to try. Jess and Flo are treated like princesses in their home. They really are treated like one of the family. They enjoy long walks every day and even go along on their family holidays every year. They're two lucky dogs. The dog treats collection comes in three varieties to support their healthy diets and lifestyle. The range includes Salmon treats to help support supple joints and healthy skin and coat. Lamb and Rice to support a healthy digestion and Chicken to help maintain oral health. Jess and Flo loved the Bob Martin treats. They happily ate them all and were happily wagging their tails hoping for more.

Natural Vitality treats are available in supermarkets and pet shops across the UK
The Cat treats should cost around £1 per bag whilst the Dog treats are around £2

I definitely have to say I will be buying them again as they were such good quality treats for the low price. My pets loved them which means a happy pet and a happy owner.

A fab 5/5 from Mummy Of 3 Diaries

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