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My Family

Saturday, 3 December 2011

I'm Taking Part In The Kodak Christmas Crafts Challenge

I'm Taking Part In The Kodak Christmas Crafts Challenge.

After joining in the #Britmums Christmas crafts Twitter challenge a the other week, I now feel really inspired and excited about what Christmas crafts I can make this year. Unfortunately I don't have a printer but I do have access to one over at Grandma's house. I'm looking forward to making some lovely creative Christmas baubles with pictures of my lovely family members attached to them.

I'm planning on doing 5 in total. One for Mummy, Daddy, Ryan, Lily, Chloe + One for Garfield ( our cat )

It's been a really hard choice deciding which pictures to put in them, but here's what I've picked out as my favourites so far:

I love this photo of Ryan, my gorgeous little man playing in the garden. He has quite a pout on him lately, he doesn't get that from me.

I love this photo of my girls, it reminds me of the good times when they're not annoying each other.

This is my Fave of our Garfield. He was such a gorgeous little thing. He's still gorgeous just a lot bigger now.

I have so many lovely memories that I'd love to print out for our Christmas decorations but I won't show you them all as we'd be here a long time.

There's so many things you can do with your printed pics, what will you be doing with yours this year?

I'm Taking Part in the Kodak Christmas Photo Craft Challenge


  1. Making decorations from pictures is a great idea! I love the picture of your kitty. Very cute.

  2. What a lovely little kitten, I love them at the fluffy, crazy stage! Holly x

  3. Bauble are a great idea. Lovely pics!

  4. They are fab! Even the kitten is cute! x

  5. Aw Thank you ladies x My kids are deffo not camera shy :) x