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Saturday, 31 December 2011

I'd Love To Get Fit With Davina

Fitness fanatic DAVINA McCall teams up with Next

"Launching in time for Spring 2012, Davina For Next provides the ultimate workout and post work-out clothing along with a range of innovative everyday shoes which feature dual density mid-sole technology to reduce stress on joints. From aerobics to running, power-lifting to Pilate's – all in great modern shapes, fabulous colours and outstanding fabrics, there’s something for every activity."

It all sounds very exciting and the new range looks fab. Being a mum of 3 young children I could really do with getting fit in the new year. My youngest child is 18 months now yet I still have a loose tummy which is not very nice. I've never been very big in size, I'm only a 10/12 but I'm so unfit its unreal. My 8 year old daughter could beat me in a running race any day. It's very embarrassing. I used to attend the Gym before I fell pregnant with Ryan, which I used to really enjoy. In the new year my plan is to start up again. It's time this mummy got rid of her tum and became a yummy mummy again. My plan is too get my tight,toned tum back in time for my summer holiday of 2012. It's a tough task but I think it will be a fun challenge.

The new Next Davina range includes so many vibrant and trendy looking clothes, trainers and pumps to make anyone look good. One of my favourites are these gorgeous Patent Ballerinas. Who said gym shoes had to be boring. They're so pretty, I think I'd actually where these all the time. They're so lovely and very girlie. Just the injection of colour I could do with.

I love the Davina Racer Back Vest in Pink. It's so bright and pretty. It looks so comfy with it's built in bra area and would make me look fab in the gym. I'd be the eye of every ones workout in this trendy fitness top. I would love to team this top up with these Charcoal Cuffed Joggers. Together I would have the perfect workout outfit. I think in Davina's new fitness clothes I would actually look forward to working out, just to get into them. Well, who wouldn't?

So, I found the perfect trousers, pumps and top that I'd love to wear but I'm missing one key item. My outside training shoes. I fell in love with these gorgeous Sports Trainers in white. They look so comfortable yet very stylish. They're almost too good just to wear as training shoes. I'd be tempted to wear them all the time. Or at least go walking or running more so that I could show them off. They're simply stunning.

That's my fitness outfit now complete. I would love to test out these fab looking items to find out if they really are as good as they look. Do they fit nicely? Do they wash well? Will they fall apart on me after a few uses? These are all things I'd like to find out.

The new Next Davina range seems fab but I know I'd love to find out more. Who knows, maybe if I'm lucky I'll be putting them through their paces and telling you all about my new fitness plans in the new year.

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