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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Samsung #GalaxyNote - The Big Launch Is HERE.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Big Launch Is HERE.

Born from consumer insights, the GALAXY Note utilises the latest and most powerful technology to combine the core on-the-go benefits of diverse mobile devices.
The Note is released in the UK this week (November 17th) and I want you to let you all know where you can buy yours.

It will be available from many high street or online retailers like:

The Samsung Galaxy Note is available from The Carphone Warehouse from as little as £41 per month with the phone FREE.

You can get a Samsung Galaxy Note from Phones 4 U on contract from as little as £36 a month. (There is a fee for the phone on with this price though)

It will be available both SIM FREE and on:


Are you Excited ? Who's going to be getting a Samsung Galaxy Note??

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  1. I cant afford a note but would possibly get one on contract once my iphone 4 contract had finished x

  2. my phone is due to be upgraded next month so I will definitely look at the Note :) x

  3. ooooh the note looks lush! but my upgrade isnt for another year!

  4. ooh lovely @rydertracey

  5. I'll put it on my list - have a word with Santa for me - Ive been a good girl!! ; )

  6. I does look like a gorgeous! I'm confused trying to choose a new! lol You are a Great Blogger sweetie x x