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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Review - Bazooka Candy

Bazooka Candy

Bazooka  kindly sent me some of their lovely Candy to try out last week. We were sent 4 Ring pops and 4 of their new Snap Its. Both looked very interesting, I must say.

The Snap it is a fab new lollipop that's comes inside a flip open case. It's great for the kids, not only does it look cool but the kids loved the fact that they could lick their lolly and then put it back away to save some for later. No more sticky mess from leaving their lollies on the sides or table. They simple flip them out and back in as often as they want. We tried a Blackcurrant, Strawberry and Cola flavours which were all delicious. Snap it's got a fab 5/5 from all of us. A huge thumbs up for their great taste and fab design.

The Bazooka Ring Pops come in a wide variety of lovely flavours and interesting colours. They're very bright and eye catching. Great for the kids. My girls loved these, what girl doesn't like pretty rings? These are fantastic, they taste so sweet and yummy and fit nicely onto your finger which is a lovely novelty idea. My youngest Lily loves lollipops but chops them away very quickly until they're all gone. Even though this lollipop is on a ring, its still completely edible and is quite easy to get off. My Lily is only  and she managed to eat and enjoy every last bit. Chloe my eldest likes to make hers last a lot longer and sucks it so slowly it could last for days. Which ever way your child likes to eat their lollipops, Ring Pops are a lovely little treat. We gave them a great 4 out of 5for their great taste and pretty design. Now if these came in a ring case, they'd have got a huge 5 as somewhere to store them once they've been licked would always come in useful.

Here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries, we loved the Bazooka candy.

What's your favourite Bazooka sweet?

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