My Family

My Family

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

What we're getting up too.

What we're getting up too.

I haven't really posted much about us lately as I've been so bogged under with product reviews. Not that I'm complaining all because they really do help us out a lot.

So where are we at and how we're all doing:

Chloe my 8 year old daughter is now in year 4 at school and seems to be enjoying it even though she's having a bit of trouble with some of the other kids because of her eczema. I know it's just kids being kids but the name calling can be so upsetting for her lately. She's very brave and tries her best to ignore them as I've told her its their loss as she has so many other lovely friends to play with.

Last year she did an after school dance club but this year she'd decided to swap groups. She's now taken up the Violin - eek. I wasn't exactly excited if I'm being honest as I'm not great with loud screeching noises lol but she seems to be enjoying it so who am i to say anything. I think it gives her something to focus on, which is a good thing.

She's looking forward to being able to play in the Christmas concert this year if she gets good enough so i shall try and keep you updated on how she's getting on.

Lily my 4 year old started Reception class this year and absolutely loves it! I never have any troubles getting her to school in the mornings. She's so full of beans and always bringing me home drawings or samples of her writing which is always nice. The only downside to Reception so far is the little friends she keeps picking up on the way - ergh. I hate even saying the words as it makes me all itchy and scratchy lol Yep - Head Lice. Its such a pain as she has long hair but we're well stocked up on shop bought treatments that we're always one step ahead. They won't be getting a free ride off my girls. I guess thats just one of the dramas from big school though, nothing too serious that we can't handle. So apart from that Lily's doing well and growing up so fast.

Last but not least we have my Lil man Ryan who is now 16 months old and such a pleasure to have around. He's such a cheeky chappy but so much fun. He's always smiling and playing happily. I never have any trouble with him, well apart from him being into everything. He's definitely a climber, he climbs up onto everything and anything he can now. Even when he falls off he's still there trying to get right back on. He's a live wire who keeps my busy but I wouldn't be without him. His speech is getting better, he says the usual Momma and Dad. His favourite is "All Gone" at he moment which is quite amusing when we play Peek a Boo. Bless Him x

That just leaves me -What can i say? I'm busy busy busy at the moment. It feels like life is moving so fast i hardly have time to think. If I'm not Blogging or entering competitions, I'm being mummy and playing or cooking or cleaning and then i now have a night class back at school once a week.

I've decided to give Adult Education a go and joined a Business Administration course. It's only one night a week for 2 hours but it's a start and so far it's going really well. I really enjoy it and being around some other adults for a few hours seems to be doing me some good.

I'll try and keep you updated on how I'm getting on when i  get the chance. So for now that's it really, that's our life!

Just before i go - How are you doing? Anything you would like to tell me about? If so please do leave me a comment or even come find me on Twitter - @v82chris

I won't bite - Promise xxx

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