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Monday, 24 October 2011

Review - HABA Mail Box

HABA Mail Box

The HABA Mail Box toy comes in a very sweet little metal box.It's very pretty, nicely decorated with cute pictures of a donkey character. This set retails at £13.99 and contains 50 sheets of paper, 20 post cards and 20 envelopes, 2 wooden stamps, 1 ink pad and 150 postage stamp stickers. It's quite a lot really for such a little tin.

My girls love to write and draw so this was a perfect choice for them. HABA sent them this for free to see what they thought about it. Chloe enjoys writing letters to her school friends where as Lily just likes drawing pictures for her Granny.

Today I gave them just 2 sheets of paper, 2 post cards, 2 sticker sheets and 2 envelopes each to let them play and do what ever they wanted with them. I set them all out on our dinning room table along with the ink pad and wooden stamps and left them too it.

I think this toy is great for the price, it really kept them busy for a good hour and that was only with 2 of each. So with 50 in total, there's so much more fun still to be had. Chloe loved the letter paper and envelopes so now she can write her silly notes to her friends on pretty paper with pretty envelopes to match. Lily loved the stamp stickers, almost too much as she stuck them every where lol Lucky for me they peel off easily ;)

There's nothing at all we would change about the HABA Mail Box toy, its cute and perfect just the way it is. We would definitely recommend it too other mums as if your kids are anything like mine, then I'm sure they will love it too. We gave it a very well deserved 5/5.

The HABA Mail Box toy is perfect for both girls and boys as the tin is bright yellow and there's mutual colours throughout all of the design.

Here's what Lily made for her Granny, I think Granny is going to love it.

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