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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Review - Build A Bear & Pudsey

Build A Bear & Pudsey

Today we had an amazing day. We visited our local Build a Bear store in the Bullring Birmingham. We were kindly invited for the purpose of this review and was generously provided with £30 credit per child. We were a little nervous but was soon put at ease once we were greeted by our lovely helper Laura. She took us through the Build a Bear workshop process and doted upon my 3. They were spoilt rotten. I'm now gonna walk you through it step by step.

First off came the hard bit, the "Choose Me" stage where they had to decide on which bear they wanted. With so many to choose from, this took a while. The bears range in price from £7 up to £18 depending on which you choose but they're all clearly marked up so it's easy to see. Chloe decided on the gorgeous Lil' Bunny Big Ears. whilst Lily went for the obvious choice, the Pink Sweet Cuddles Teddy. Ryan was a little harder to please as he wanted them all but finally stuck with the very cute Marble Monkey. All the bears were gorgeous so I really didn't mind what they wanted to choose just as long as they were all happy with their bear.

With their Bears picked we then moved onto the step 2 - The "Hear Me" stage. This is where we got to play with a huge voice box machine to see if they wanted to add a voice or sound box into their bear. There was lots to choose from, "I Love You"s and Lullaby's, Laughs, Growls and Giggles.

After pressing them all to hear what each would sound like it was time to decide. Chloe went for a simple yet very sweet "I Love You" whereas Lily went for the Girls 6 in 1 voice box which says 6 different girlie phrases. We chose for Ryan as we thought the Boys 6 in 1 would suit him best as it had more variety of words for him to learn. The sound boxes cost just £2.50 which for such a little price actually added a great feature which brings their bears to life.

Step 3 was the "Stuff Me" stage which is where our bears got stuffed full of the fluffy stuffing from the big machine The bears were gently put onto the end of the Stuffing machine and they then got to press the foot pedal to fill them up until they were happy with the cuddliness of their bear.

Chloe kept hers soft and squishy whilst Lily just wanted to keep pressing the pedal so went for a more firmer bear. The stuffing machine looked very magical. I was a huge rotating machine full of fluffy goodness. I could have watched it spin for ages, it was quite relaxing. Lily loved the foot pedal as you can see. We had to actually lift her off it in the end as her poor bear was going to pop lol

We then added in our Magical Wishing Hearts. They each picked a little red satin heart from the pot, gave it a big kiss (which made us all giggle) and made a wish. I have no idea what they wished for as it's a secret but I'm sure what ever it is their bears will know ;) The heart was then placed inside their bears and stitched safely shut.
They then went over to a sweet little counter which had a foot pedal controlled hair dryer feature and
brushes to groom the bears. The girls loved this and quite happily crouched down playing for a few minutes.

Step 4 was the fun bit, it was the "Dress Me" part. The girls were both very excited and rushed off to have a good luck at all the gorgeous outfits that they could choose. There was such a huge variety it took a while but it was nice to see the excitement on their faces as they stood gawping up at the shelves.

All of the Clothes are lovely,there are some very sweet dresses, cosy pyjamas and fun dressing up costumes. There really is something to please every one. Lily fell in love with the very pretty Disney's Sleeping Beauty Costume, whilst Chloe choose the equally pretty  Pastel Tulle Dress. She finished off her bears look with a pair of funky White Gem Faux-Fur Boots lol Ryan was too little choose an outfit so I chose for him. I went for the gorgeous Disney's Cars PJs which I think fitted him perfectly. Ryan has a cute cheeky monkey in pyjamas - not quite bananas in pyjamas but close enough.

The final stage in our journey was the "Name Me" stage. This is where they named their bears and entered their details into a big computer which then printed off a Birth Certificate for them. It was kinda sad coming to the end as we'd had so much fun. We were in the store a total of 45 minutes and enjoyed every minute of it. My children are all so happy with their new bears and I'm sure they will treasure them for months to come. Ryan cuddled his new monkey friend named Jake all the way home. Lily named her bear Tinkerbell lol and Chloe named her Bunny Laura after the lovely lady who looked after us during our visit.

Build a Bear workshops have teamed up with BBC Children in Need this year to give it's guests the opportunity to build their very own Pudsey or Blush bear.
Pudsey and Blush fans are able to make their very own BBC Children in Need mascot at any of 55 Build-A-Bear Workshop stores across the UK with £5 from the sale of each PudseyPudsey with his busy fundraising schedule, lending him a well needed paw when he needs it. Blush loves to have fun and comes with magnetic paws to help her cover her rosy cheeks.

New for this year is a furbulous Pudsey, who has been re-designed to feature a beary cute spotted heart, a t-shirt with an all new BBC Children in Need design and a bear-illiant pair of Pudsey slippers and pyjamas. Blush has had a make-over too with a beary pretty new pinafore dress. An additional £1 from the sale of the t-shirt, slippers, pyjamas and dress will also be donated back to the charity.

Pudsey Bear retails at £15; Pudsey Bear t-shirt at £5; Pudsey Bear Pyjamas at £10 and the Pudsey Bear slippers at £4.50 each. Blush Bear retails at £15; Blush Bear t-shirt at £5; and the Blush Bear dress at £10 each.

You can support the cause by purchasing a Pudsey or Blush Bear from any Build-A-Bear Workshop store nationwide or from the company’s website at

We had a Fantastic day today and I wanna thank Build a Bear so much for making my kids so happy. Here's us before we left:

And here's one of our lovely helper Laura with the kids:

We are all now huge fans of Build a Bear and would definitely recommend that you visit one day if you haven't already. It's not only a fun experience but a great way to get your child involved in the making of their new bear.
We give Build a Bear a HUGE Thumbs up from all of us here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries and look forward to visiting again real soon.

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